Friday, September 08, 2006

my list

I have been told i am a hard man to please. but i only ask for a few things and they are as follows, do I ask for too much ladies?

1] Unconditional appreciation after a hard days work
2] Occasionally surprises like dropping me off a bag lunch at work,

or having lunch with me without me asking
3] A home cooked meal at least twice a week.
4] Being on call for me all the time as I am with you
5] Letting me taste that cat when I want too,
6] equality/fairness and no double standards
7] Treat me with the respect I show and treat you.
8] iniating sex sometimes instead of saying lets do it – try arousing me first sometimes
9] oral sex without condom – that you iniate
10] letting me know honestly how you feel
11] taking showers together
12] reraining from calling me stupid and saying fuck you
13] showing me you love me as opposed to using words with out actions

is this so much, i only need pig ears and neckbones about 6 to 8 times a yr
and i left them off, as well as the hot water corn bread.


recmonet said...

I dont think thats bad,
I think that is great actually.
Especially tasting the cat part, I would never say no to that lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks lil momma u a fool -rwb

Mizrepresent said...

At least you're honest and i ain't mad at ya about your all. Your mama (0r auntie and them) must make some hellified Hot water cornbread!(lol)

I'm not a nice Gurl said...

how can you be wrong for telling ya partner what you want... or how you feel... this list is quite short and fairly easy to maintain.. but once you are in a committed relationship.. here come the obstacles...which can also make the goal much sweeter...

poison said...

Your list doesn't seem to be unreasonable-But in some relationships-even if each request listed is followed precisely---it still won't be enough...

Brownsoul said...

sounds doable.

what you know about hot water cornbread??? I'm young but a country girl none the less.

somemeofbeauty said...

Okay I will cook 4 times a week but you must give up the swine!

Miz JJ said...

I think it's the idea of a list and that you would keep track that may turn some women off.

vanessa said...

The list is cool! I could live with that! More parts than others. :)

I like when a man spells it out -- no second guessing and trying to figure him out. The cards are on the table and I can choose to play or not.

Now that's real!

Mizrepresent said...

R u really looking for answers???

Ri said...

A locksman that eats pork. Well, I am sure there are many. The lady commentators are being nice, I tell you. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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