Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The magic Negro needs to pimp slap the fat white Saltine

I guess it is hard times for a radio pimp, especially the far right-wingers, the ultraconservatives and the neo-cons of the grand old party (GOP). If you have not heard it, the drug addict, prescription pain killing consuming, narco himself – Rush Limbaugh has done it again. Seems that this recovering addict needs to enhance his listening audience and will do what ever it takes to bring additional bigots to his audience. I guess that is why he released that song about Barack Obama called "Barack the 'Magic Negro.'

Now, it is nothing major if you ask me, but it seems that after the Imus situation, any talk-radio pundit would crack a forty, smoke some kill, and squash all commentary that borders on racist bigotry. I guess for Limbaugh referring to Barrack Obama and Halle Berry "Halfricans", or even slipping and calling Obama “Obama bin Laddin”, makes him feel better than the next man or may even serve as his belief that the white race is supreme and will rise again. Some folks take it that the term was used to describe the aforementioned as being less or half African American given their light complexion. I on the other hand belive it is a indication of him thing that we as a people are still three-fifths of a white person in America.

I was proud that Obama laughed at Mr. Limbaugh when he went on his show and brought up the song. It was as if he wanted him to get mad. Like I said, I was proud, but I would have been happier if he had just pimped slapped jones and loosened a few teeth.


Anonymous said...

public enemy called it years ago; FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET!

that's all it is...nothing new

Ri said...

RDB, your election fever is heating up - and its in 2008, isnt it?

JustMeWriting said...

AGAIN, WELCOME TO CRAZY WORLD!!! The white sheets are about to rear their ugly heads with a black man vying for control of their fair country and it's about to get a lil spicy up in here. I totally agree with anon, on the FEAR OF THE BLACK PLANET...YES, and rightfully so.

I posted info about Barak's visit to Philly this month... and I'm going to try my BEST not to miss him...it's going to be something else.

p.s. I'm proud he laughed and didn't slap him too...it's nothing like being controlled in the presence of the enemy.

Drea (Brownsoul) said...

well that's what the land of the free and the home of the brave is all about.

funny how we try and pretend with the rest of the world...

Rose said...

Today I heard Barack was given secret service protection. I knew he would need it but not this soon. We are about to see the ugly head of racism at full force. A black man in office, Rush and others will do everything they can to make a mockery out of Barack and other African Americans, to make sure he never step his foot in the White House as the PResident.

JWooden said...

T, I can remember back in our hometown of Memphis years ago, my brother had a bootleg 8-track tape of Richard Pryor doing impromptu. He said once when he was doing his standup, a white heckler told him to go back to Africa. And he replied, "I can't, the ship only sails one way with N-words!" But he continues to say that damn right they want the Black man to go to Africa because they are afraid we may actually take over this country one day. Hence, a Black man in the White House. FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET, indeed!

I think Barack was prepared for the Rush Limbaughs of the world, but I'm not sure he was ready for some of his own people saying he is not Black enough. I hope all goes well for him, because he is indeed a viable candidate with a great chance of winning. He needs our support! The rabid dogs are already circling the wagon...lol.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Aint thet the truth John

dc_speaks said...

Excellent post, brah. I'm almost offended that in your post referencing the attempt to incite anger in MR. OBAMA you typed:
"I was proud that Obama laughed at Mr. Limbaugh when he went on his show and brought up the song."
Giving rush the respect to even call him Mr., pisses me off.

I heard that crap and saw it for what it truly is...journalistic sensationalism at work in the mind of a lost fool.

By the way, say what you want about the CLEVELAND NATIVE HALLE BERRY---she is fine as hell..sorry I had to get that out.

CapCity said...

loving this post & the comments! white sheets haven't gone anywhere, sistah JMW - many of with skin color like ours simply have been lulled by all the "goodies" they've been allowed to purchase & move into:-).

jwooden, i don't think Brother Obama is surprised by the 'lashings' of his own people...most of us have been slapped around by our own, haven't we? I don't see him as a naive man...with HIS FINE Self!
I think he & the Mrs. make a PERFECTLY Beautiful Power couple - both are visually attractive & SMART as ALL get OUT! THAT's SEXY!

Rich in the Stl said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Good coverage. This one definitely slipped by me.

Racquel said...

this is terrible....and unfortunatley rush aint goin no where... he is being backed by folks with loooooong money, a ridiculous amount of purty white sheets and want nothing more than to keep things stirred the hell up..

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