Tuesday, October 20, 2009

not post racial but rather neo-reconstructive

Now a while back I penned an essay called Negro comfortable up in here. The tractate expressed both my concerns and reservations of the various assumptions that folk, in particular African Americans, would develop as a function of having Barack Obama as the President of these United States of America. Prior to that I wrote two that expressed a comparative concern from the other extreme: From Tobe to Joe Six Pack and Red Rum. But outlined what the election of the first African American President would like yield in disposition for a large portion of WASPs.

I recant vividly the number of threats, even an anticipated terror plot being foiled by Secret Service and FBI with respect to a group in Kentucky. All the time as the home of dixicrats, the South rumbled about how his election would be a representation of socialism that would destroy America as it “used to be.” Now I took that for meaning several things which are not that important for they all focus on fear and privilege – even white privilege. Even on the top end, we have seen South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson’s angry outburst, calling Obama a liar to his face (and a national audience). But what can one expect from a card carrying member of the Son’s of the Confederacy whose Confederate "Catechism” advocates:

"The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South's decision to fight the Second American Revolution. The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These attributes are the underpinning of our democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built."

The current climate appears to be one on a continuum of two extremes. The first of which is one of elation, high expectations, balloon boys, Real House Wives of Atlanta and the BET hip hop awards. The next being one of White Student Unions forming at major Universities, Ministers praying for the death of Obama, Nazi symbols being cut on golf courses, a 400 percent increase of death threats to the president, and I will not mention some of the folks with the Tea parties (for I think they were like this before Obama). These are the two ends of the continuum which for me are dangerous for they are not balanced.

And just recently, Georgia’s Republican Paul Broun compared the President to Hitler after referencing a July speech given by Obama sayings “That’s exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it’s exactly what the Soviet Union did….when he’s proposing to have a national security force that’s answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he’s showing me signs of being Marxist.”

Now I am as hard on Obama as the GOP, if not harder. However, I deal with facts and policy not the person or individual. I feel that instead of a “post racial” America as many offered, we are instead in a “Neo-reconstruction” period similar to that during the Andrew Johnson Administration. It started a new Southern identity of white aristocratic supremacy which were mainly supported on racist viewpoints and prejudice that lead to the establishments of organizations such as the KKK. Today we see this same locution, one fueled by the fear of difference, which is often manifested in hate. Instead of the KKK, now we have white supremacist and the Tea Parties. People it has only just begun so hold your horses, we aint seen nothing yet. Remember reconstruction came about because of the emancipation of slaves and Black folks being able to hold elected political positions. But none of them were President. And as said in the post "Red Rum - such folks will do all in their power to make certain he fails.


newilli said...

Hey Dawg - I'm with the neo-reconstructive term, mainly because it seems that we are witnessing a groundswell of resentment & anger from conservatives masking some (note: NOT all!) of their latent bigotry as revolutionary thought & speech. During the Civil War reconstruction period, resentment over their losses simmered until social/economic setting was right to reverse most, if not all of the gains of former slaves. I have real fears that, given the right incubator, we could face a similar situation.

Anonymous said...

I answered your worthless, Negro-centric comment on my blog, AK-boy. But I guess you're too busy stuffing your fat face with KFC right now.


White America is rapidly getting sick and tired of your big mouths complaining 24/7/365. Once the Race War breaks out, I'm personally coming to pay you a visit.

Got that, Jackass?


nicki nicki tembo said...

Torrance, you got KFC and ain't sharing? LOL

But uh yeah, a new day is dawning which is good the bad part is that it's always darkest just before dawn.

neshia said...

torrance, can you bring me some kfc and sides lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


are u still threatened by me and making threats. Take your geritol and stay off that viagra - u really lost now u dumb fuck bigot, come on down, cause if u ever round me or my seed i wuill play you azz like a taliban captive - now take your hate as i pray for you not having me to burry u or your car

nicki nicki tembo
lol well said

U silly

Lovebabz said...

You do have a charming effect on folks. By the way KFC is bad for the arteries (although those damned biscuits are to die for!)

Law said...

Damn T... Just KFC??!! No Watermelon or Red Cool Aid? Damn man...

Funny how people like to hit behind schit... Anonymous... Ya Serious? Doesn't have the balls to come out from behind his hoodie huh?

So basically this dude is pissed because you've neglected to respond to his lil'comment... WoW! He has delusions of grandeur... WoW!

Truly Amazing...

Hey Buddy... give up the Twitter Acct name... I'll visit ya on a daily basis... you won't like what I have to say...but hell, I don't mind speaking to the crazies from time to time...

neshia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
neshia said...

torrance your face always look good to me lol

Jay Midnyte said...


CharmingDriver said...

Incog ''man''

I'm so sorry your parents were related before marriage. It's shameful what those unions produce.

anodyne2art said...

Torrance! There is just no accounting for stupidity and ignorance we humans seem specially good at.
I hear bullshit like this constantly here in SoCal re: "illegals" and how "welfare mamas" are driving around in cadillacs and taking "our" money that "we" worked hard for.
Underneath a fear,a scarcity mentality...someone's gonna take something from me etc...
At root is based on fear and fear mongering and the idea of the "other"...If you make someone out to be a cartoon stereotype,they become an object and not a human. Witness WW2 propaganda regarding the "Japs." (great book on this called Hiroshima by Robert Jay Lifton. Another by him I highly recommend is The Protean Self which has the deepest analysis of fundamentalist thinking have ever read).
Wishing you the best...Keep on keepin on!

Ingie said...

Damn threatening someone over a blog. Wow, this person must have some serious issues.

A'Jae Dandridge said...

Im wow'ed at the comments above!! I have no words, im just in aw..

RiPPa said...

Neo-constructionsism indeed kinfolk. They say history repeats itself even as much as we are cognizant of it. Life runs in cycles and new damn sure aint old, and vice versa.

The one cool thing about it as evidenced by some of the responses on this blog. Is that with the advent of the internet, "certain people" feel a bit braver these days.

But are they really?

incogman said...

Looking at that fat face of "Rippa" above makes this "certain people" laugh, more than anything else. Time he made a move, I'd have that KFC-waddling African on the ground, toot suite.

Oh, Rawdog, or whatever you now call your skinny Negro ass with a cheap Chinese gun: I noticed how piss-poor your blog stats where on Alexa. haha.

My blog is but 2 years old and gets twice the ranking of your pathetic, convoluted Negro blather. Maybe you should pay or beg me to put you in my braindead links section.


White Master said...

Damn, its going to be great when we Whites send you spoiled negroes back to Africa where you belong. Do you not know that White people are catching on to the JEW (aka, your negro puppet master?) After we take care of the Jew evil, then it is bye bye for you negroes. We'll see whose equal then.

The constitution of the United States was written by White men for White people. Not Jews, negroes, Mexicants, Asians, etc. Order will be restored shortly...deal with it negroes.

incogman said...

"I recant vividly the number of threats, even an anticipated terror plot being foiled by Secret Service and FBI..."

"..I would have to point out how dumb and stupid and ill informed the folks many who may read my blog get they news from (folks on Fox and CNN) really are..."

I sure hope you have someone WHITE editing your books, Rawdawg.

And Joe Wilson WAS right. Obama was lying. You wait. Face the facts, you only like Obama because he's "person of color." As such IT IS YOU who is really racist.

But that's par for the course for all you spoiled, militant Negroes in the US now.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I love you too. No matter what u say and spew in the form of hate and intolerance, you are still a human being - to bad u are not man enough to act as one. I apologize if my intellect offends you but what can I say, we all cant be so astute.

White Master
I would advise u to just say no. I am sorry for you Achromatopsia (An hereditary disorder of sight due to a lack of cone vision - that type of vision provided by the cone photoreceptors in the retina. I dont know how it would feel to just see one color.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

incog man
like u JOE WILSON is not man enough to reveal he is a racist. At least you do, however still afraid to reveal your name and face.

White Master
I need 6 tickets. I'll be waiting

Law said...

T... this dude can't be serious! Whites send Blacks back to Africa? They've been saying that schit for years... I wonder how the hell the propose to do such... Its a friggin recession... can they even afford to take a collection at their lil'hoodie meetings?

Lets get realistic about the situation... by 2020... whites will be the minority... hence, all this schit he's saying today is 100% bullschit and irrelevant.

He better pray to his God that when Whites become the minority, that the once minority NEW MAJORITY doesn't allow the 'chickens to come home to roost!'

Karma's a bitch... and since we're a country that's all about dollars and cents, those whites who are more about money will see fools like old boy as dead weight... and disposable... Whites with Money will turn on those who prevent them from making money in heart beat...

So just look at what he's doing for what it is... he's scared... angry... and lashing out... Porbresito!!!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: INCOG MAN is a fucking coward. Trouble creeps in on little cat feet and catches you when you least expect it. It doesn´t announce itself.

I´m sorry the show is dead. We were really hitting our stride. One more ONLINE DISAPPOINTMENT IN A SEA OF THEM.

I have some sort of compulsion to write what I know, but it´s really useless when I do it. I guess it´s like a drug and I have to wean myself off it. We did have some fucking great laughs on that show, though, and everything we predicted came true. Didn´t it?

I have come to realize that but for a small handful, Americans White, Black and Chartreuse are really hateful and invidious people who derive pleasure from other peoples´ pain. My identification really has become pan-Latinist and pan-Semitic now.

I can´t force Americans to do the right thing. They´ll always do the wrong thing.

Plan Colombia OBAMA style is going to be the mindfuck and eventually a sea of carnage that will surpass Iraq and South Central Asia.

The only folks right now who are willing to sacrfice something to try to rein America back in is Cindy Sheehan and the good folks at the Black Agenda Report. Aside from you and BuelahMan, most fuckers don´t care.

In the end, I´m glad I discovered what a great economics and finance man Jay Midnyte is and I´ll do what I can to introduce him to people who can get him in the position to make a lot of money.

I´ll stay active with Cindy on anti-war issues and do my own thing. I´ve got three kids down in Bogota that I´m responsible for and that trumps everything. Also, I don´t know how much longer Panama will last as a free country without intervention by Russia.

Aside from all that, I have to get back to first principles. I came down here to work and that´s what comes first. The rest of it is bullshit.

I know theres a lot of respect for Obama here and even though I see him as the face of tyranny, he´s seen as the face of liberation in America. No mountain of evidence is going to change that.

We´ll stay in touch offline and maybe someday we can do a public affairs show again. Or not.

America´s going to fall apart soon. Not as soon as Obama and Kissinger are going to fuck SouthAmerica up but soon enough. I said what I said and I wrote what I wrote. And I told the truth as I knew it to be.

Blogging is important but ultimately it pales in comparison to real work and ones real friends.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I answered your worthless, Negro-centric comment on my blog, AK-boy. But I guess you're too busy stuffing your fat face with KFC right now.


White America is rapidly getting sick and tired of your big mouths complaining 24/7/365. Once the Race War breaks out, I'm personally coming to pay you a visit.

Got that, Jackass?


Yeah incogman has threatened me too...Comments like "we will find out where you live when the time comes etc"...He also bans me at regular intervals but then lets me back on all the while accusing me of changing my IP and "lying".

Truly pathetic...

AKA Another White woman

neshia said...

torrance why is this fool still talking about kfc is momma must cook there lol

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Brown English Muffin said...

I get scared when I read your blog...you always voice the opinions that I'm happy to overlook and too ignorant and scared to take head on and accept that it's real....thanks for keeping me awake with a pin prick that still hurts.

jackquil said...

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