Tuesday, January 19, 2010

eleventy seven reporters reporting on nothing

As you may have noticed I have not posted a blog in more than a month, not that I was not writing or thinking but because I lost my grandmother a few days before Thanksgiving and my aunt, my mother’s eldest sister, who lived with my granny a few days before Christmas – add that to trying to keep my business opened, I have been extremely occupied. However this week, while at a restaurant, I was able to see the news coverage regarding Haiti. I also saw some of the coverage while over my daughters God parent’s house.

Now it is a very sad conundrum, the aftermath of the Earthquake. Seeing people dead in the streets, maimed, injured and dying is enough to make ones flesh crawl. It was devastation that I could not imagine. Now with that said, I don’t want folks to take this the wrong way albeit I don’t care – but what good is relief and news coverage if it only parades folks for the purpose of individual attention and ratings. What little I saw gave me this opinion and this as a man who has worked in places all over Africa stopping infectious disease pandemics in small rural communities. When I see news folk broadcasting, all I can think is that they may be sorry but really don’t care and that they really acting, just like the major relief groups as well. Unfortunatelly our government places more importance on getting military troops on the ground than physicians. And then there are the media pundits.

They ask questions as if the folk in Haiti could have dealt with this not recalling that the last Earthquake to occur was some 200 years ago. Then they stand over folks and as opposed to presenting news they present commentary. Figure if they really cared they would be sleeping in the fields with the folk they covering instead of hotels, and being out removing rubble instead of taking pictures and showing make-believe I care faces. Then there is the issue of not know history. Reporters never speak of how Woodrow Wilson and the US occupied Haiti in 1915, or how we basically killed folk on site, or how Bill Clinton continued the same Progressive political approach of Woodrow Wilson. And yep, I’m not in support of progressives for around the world they feel that folks can’t solve their own problems and prefer to interfere and mess things up and ex post facto blame the targets. We forget that Haiti was made poor by the French and even US who did not even recognize them as a sovereign nation on until 1862. We neglected them then for years and now we blame them and don’t even see how we made them or accept that we made the one of the four poorest nations on the globe. And I won’t even mention all this talk about orphans and having folks in America on TV looking sad because they can’t get the kid they wanted to adopt – when these same folks don’t even want to adopt black kids in their own backyard.

Yep, this is why I don’t watch TV news – they will pass anything over as objective information and we are too ignorant to see that what is presented is neither objective nor information but rather conjecture empty of historic perspective. Cut your TV folks, they making you make yourselves slaves. We should see that there is enough research on Earthquakes and their impact historically to act as if this is a new thing and we have to study to help folk on the ground – humbug. I wonder what else is really going on in the world, cause it aint being covered given eleventy-seven news reporters are all occupied with Haiti.


The Bear Maiden said...

Hey, been a while, and I HAD noticed you hadn't posted. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I remember you writing about her. My prayers are with you and your family.

And with the exception of Anderson Cooper, I completely agree with you.

I'm a brown chick and he's gay but he's hot and I love him.

But you're right... right now I don't have TV and I don't miss the endless parade of horror stories that are only paraded for ratings, not cuz they REALLY care... and I too wonder what sneakiness is not being covered cuz everyone is in Haiti.

M. Rigmaiden said...

Sorry to hear about your familial losses. I pray for your spiritual health during the time of grieving. As an aside, I haven't really watched media coverage of Haiti because I don't have a television. In some sense I feel blessed. The only thing I KNOW is that people are suffering due to a natural disaster. It seems like everything else is spinning bullshit. Hope your business does well in this economy, best wishes:)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

The Bear Maiden
anderson cooper the main one - only reason i respect him cause he a jeopardy champion

thanks, and dont watch aint missing noth read the papers instead

msladydeborah said...

Hey T,

I was on a television fast the earthquake hit. I watched just enough coverage to see what had happened. Three videos later it was a wrap for me. Not because I do not care about the people of Haiti. I can't take all of the pain, death and destruction.

Could Americans really stand the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Haiti? I don't think so.

Curious said...

I've seen Anderson Cooper talk about his story. He started out as a thrill jockey going from war site to disaster site and doing stories on his own dime, or should I say his mother's dime, until he got hired by CNN. He does this because that's what he likes to do and not so that he can live the high life, he could do that all by himself on that Vanderbilt money he has. I have nothing but mad props for him doing what he likes to do in life. The rest, I don't know about, except that by doing the story maybe they are helping to bring in help and awareness that all the people of Haiti need at this time instead of just helping the 2 people they might save by digging in the rubble themselves.

Condolences on your loss. I haven't been reading much of anything since around Thanksgiving so I was unaware of your tragedy.

So now it's just you, your kids and your parents and yes I do mean both parents. Don't let those kids not share the relationship that you had with your grandparents with the ones they could have with their own.

BuelahMan said...

Glad you're back, T.

And you nailed the TV Sheople maker thingy.

It seems almost transparent that we have invaded Haiti, instead of sending medical and relief workers. Its always the same... Send the Big Guns.

Problem is that America is awakening (albeit slowly) and the rest of the stragglers are finally starting to catch up to where we are.

If we take your advice (as I have been doing for a very long time... ie, not watching the Boob Tube and gathering your info from more trusted sources) We see the Military delaying deliveries of medical and logistics equipment, making sure they have thousands of boots on the ground first.

However, those godless heathens from Cuba are sending hundreds of doctors and medical personnel and they are actually healing the people.

We have all this shit and we couldn't even drop supplies down on them for a fucking week.

No, we are in the middle of another god damned invasion... spreading our tentacles even more throughout the world (after we have been instrumental, already, in fucking over Haiti, as you point out).

It is the ulitmate power/money grab going on right before our eyes, folks. We are headed for doom.

BuelahMan said...

See this report:


Shai said...

It's been a while since I stopped by. thanks for being so open and honest with your thoughts...as always. My condolences on the points of light (family) you lost in the tragedy. I always read the international papers. Stay away from the US commercial media.

If you have time check out my new blog. It's a group project:

Rock said...

Nice post... btw wanna exchange link? Your link is already there in my blog

Alyssa Jacob said...

My sorrow for your lost; my joy for the experiences that will live on as your memories forever.
Thank you x 10! I had the same gurgling in my stomach as I watched the coverage. The ABC News feature of would be adoptive parents crying and waiting for news while ABC knew the entire time the family's baby was alive and well was beyond exploitative. It was down right sickening. When Pat Robertson and ElRushbaugh made their asinine comments, I too thought of the culpability of the power nations in Haiti's current status. I also thought of the Clinton years of sending Haitian's back while allowing Cubans entrance...wet foot dry foot.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I was please to note that everyone in the dissident or libertarian or socialist camps of anti-war all used the same phrase for Haiti: SHOCK DOCTRINE IN ACTION

Anonymous said...

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Angel said...

Im annoyed with people just taking the kids from Haiti that they were not intersted in before the earthquake.

Sorry about your loss


Ensayn1 said...

Peace to you and your fam T with full understanding. Glad to see you back.

Val said...

The news coverage from Haiti is the same news coverage we got after Katrina. So the news media didn't learn a thing and I'm not surprised.

Oh and this is my first time hearing "eleventy seven". I've heard "fifty-'leven" though. Lol

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Mom in Apt. 10b said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! MY 16 YEAR OLD HAS BEEN MARCHING AROUND OUR HOUSE SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING! I roll my eyes every time I see Anderson Cooper and the like "reporting." They make me sick! I thought I was the only one.. Was beginning to feel guilty about that, too..


My condolences for your loss.. Many blessings & much love to you and your family!

T.C. said...

Its definitely been a while, i agree with your assessment hence the reason i only reason i watch the news is to see what is being said so i know what i am up against on a daily basis...especially when where i work in some offices places FOX news 24/7 so i also need to know who i am working with...

secondly, many peaceful thoughts for you and your family, there isn't much that anyone can say when you experience such loss back to back but i definitely eant you to now that you and your family are in my thoughts

Glo said...

My condolences!! Stay strong.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

May the God's be with you.

rainywalker said...

MY condolences. Grandparents are more than just familly.

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JackiesMagic said...

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