Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party Aint racist - they just hate Muslims, Hispanics and Blacks

In theory the Tea party is supposed to be a grass roots organization. It obtained its name from the historical time period in which the British Politician Charles Townshend , implemented some Acts for the colonies, in an effort to boost his political career (sounds familiar). This was the time after the Stamp Act. See the Original colonist objected to the Stamp Act saying it was an unneeded form of internal taxation. So Townshend decided to develop another tax that would be external that they could not possibly be against. As a result, the Townshend Act was passed in England which imposed taxes on selected produced that was imported to the colonies, one of which was Tea. Add to that a few years later the British Parliament also passed the Tea act which was designed to help the East India Company make some loot and form a monopoly on Tea around the world. To make a long story short, folk didn’t like this, especially Samuel Adams and his Sons of Liberty. Now the rest is history.

If you did not know The Tea Party is all the rave this season. There is so much to go through that I will only name a few with brief bullet points and then make my comments.

Carl Paladino: This cat may take the cake. First he admits to sending or should I say forwarding emails with bestiality and racist jokes to his boys, for some strange reason I don’t see being Muslim, Black or Hispanic. He is best known for the photo shopped images of President Obama and the First Lady “dressed” for a White House ball as a pimp and bottom bitch. Then there is a December 2008 email showing a video of African tribesmen performing a traditional dance. The video is entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal." I could go on but just in case you want to you can find the emails here. And of Course Paladino states for the record he is not a racist. But what can you expect from a man who looks up to Grover Cleveland - a self proclaimed, staunch racist and supporter of white supremacy.

Tom Tancredo: During the Tea Party National Convention , which was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel , this former Colorado Congressmen took the lead talking about Immigrants and Obama – which seems to be the hip thing to do nowadays. He is remembered for asserting that many of the people who voted Obama into office “can’t even spell the word vote or even speak English.” He also spoke on what he called the “cult of multiculturalism” which is “aided by leftists.” Lastly he placed emphasis on letting the group know that “our culture is at stake” a culture “based on Judeo-Christian values whether people like it or not!” Tancredo also announced that he was going to be working with Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA (an anti-immigrant group with strong ties to white nationalists) . In 2005 Tancredo suggested that that it would be OK to wipe the Muslim holy city of Mecca off the map in response to al-Qaeda.

Sonny Thomas: Thomas is the founder of the Springboro Tea Party. It is obvious that Twitter gave him more balls than he really had., when he tweeted “Illegal’s everywhere today! So many spics makes me feel like a speck. Grrr. Wheres my gun!?” on March 21 of this year. Thomas, is an uncontested candidate for a seat on the Warren County Republican Party’s central committee in Ohio.

Now I don’t really care about these folk. All I do know is that they seem to be both unknowledgeable of American History and civics and intolerant of others. They claim to be patriots and proponents of liberty but likely couldn’t tell you about William Penn – the most tolerant patriot of the new world. The man for whom liberty and especially religious freedom, were lived and observed in his every word and action. But most Tea party folk wouldn’t know about that. And don’t take my word for it – ask Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain. She said not all but a good portion display various forms of “innate racism.”

I find these troubling times in America, and even reflective of a time when anything other than white was attacked, lynched and dismembered. The Tea Party may not be racist. I do know they hate being called racist but at the same time hate Muslims, Hispanics and black folk – Heil Hitler. But dont trip, I just had a revelation, maybe Floyd Mayweather is a Tea Party Support - afterall he a racist too.


Ensayn1 said...

Absolutely the truth, bruh. The Tea Party is truly the new face, accepted face of what would have been the Klan back in the day. Even funnier, or should I say strangely enough they have enough Negros on the team to claim they are not the modern day followers of N. Beford Forrest, whose statue sits right there off Union in M-Town.

ish said...

Awesome post. Followed a link from JMG here.

Is it not bizarre how the teabaggers are getting away with the idea that they are not "social conservatives" just people outraged about the economy?

You might enjoy my own blog.

CordieB said...

We need a black tea party....with a twist of lime. Hatred and ignorance in America is really revealing its ugly face, in places I never thought it was hiding. So sad, so ignorant. But, you warned us, didn't you Raw?

Peace, Light and Love, C.


Nice post...
btw wanna exchange link? I'm from Indonesia PR4.

Reggie said...

Excellent post.

That picture of our POTUS and the First Lady is hysterical.

LafememmeIngie said...

As usual very insightful and interesting.

I hope you are doing well folk

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