Monday, May 02, 2011

Body Blow: How Obama killed the Bin Laden, the GOP and Neo-Cons with one Punch

Strange how things come full circle. Cartesian mathematics could not have had a better postulate for the circle than Obama’s terse maneuvers to take out the aging and dialysis requiring Osama Bin Laden. During the election, Obama made it clear that he was not opposed to all wars but rather Iraq was not a battle that targeted Al Qaeda. He made it clear that, if elected, he would focus on both Afghanistan and Pakistan. John McCain ridiculed him for adding Pakistan as his main focus.

Obama’s announcement that Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, occurred just two years into his Presidency, successfully keeping his promise to capture and kill America’s public enemy number one.

Obama has always been underestimated by the GOP even when for 8 years, Bush falsely elevated terror alert levels to provide a fake penumbra the safety of America was priority number one. Especially when we consider that the Bush administration was warned by the CIA on Monday, August 6, 2001, that this attack by Al Qaeda was imminent and that he did nothing about it. The GOP incessantly suggest that Democrats are “soft” on terrorism, while the bloodiest attack on this country since Pearl Harbor happened on the GOP’s watch. Also recall how the Bush administration, swiftly flew members of the Bin Laden family out of the country before they could be questioned. Yes, how quick we are to remember that OBL was a member of the Saudi Royal family. I will not even introduce how Bush pulled our military out of Tora Bora when they were within an inch of capturing bin Laden.

Obama has even taken it from the left when he vowed to escalate the fight in Afghanistan – a tactic that placed more pressure on bin Laden. He alone directed Panetta to make it a priority to get Osama and personally authorized the hit.

Although a great week (he has put the birther movement to shame, visited the tornado ravaged south, and was a star at the Whitehouse comedy gala this past weekend). Yes he has been vindicated. The query now is if he will use this to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and cut our military budget, and save Medicare and our economy?

I hope note, the first part that is and would like to see him use this model in Yemen to get American-born Anwar Al-Awlak. The president has demonstrated that actions speak louder than words. While Trump and the birthers were looking for birth certificate and threating to close own the federal government, Obama looked for and found bin Laden and kept it a secret with his stellar poker face.


Anonymous said...

Have you lost your mind or let someone else take over posting on your blog?

Kelso said...

We'll have a lively show this Thursday,that's for sure!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

@buelhman no but if he gonna claim democrat and be republican he needs to go all the wAY LOL


rainywalker said...

The president is to be applauded for the action he has taken and in keeping with what a good leader can do, has fulfilled a promise he made.

mobiledevelopment said...

Yeah, I do like that poker face of him it makes me think whats he's next move. I would be better for him to aid some medical care for the south victims though.

Anonymous said...

we both know that he is neither and that there is virtually no difference between the two, anyway.

I don't get it. The GOP and Neocons are falling all over themselves celebrating the man, so I miss the point you are making in the post.

The is no defeat, just one big love fest.

As for OBL: how does one kill someone already dead?

Kelso said...

Yeah, buddy, I'm as baffled as B'Man is. This could have been written by the DNC or OFA. It's partisan, bellicose, blood-thirsty and full of the American Exceptionalist credulity we've been fighting against each week for three years.

Best to leave the punching to Floyd and the poker face to Dwan, sí o no?

You know there's nothing but love among these imaginary "GOP" and Democrats , the neo-cons, this clown Trump and Obama. Trump's job was to make Obama look good by comparison. Obama is a neo-con, and I'd lay a big price it was a wax figure they dumped in the water on May 1st.

Chávez, Correa, Morales, Fernández de Kirchner, Rousseff, Hu, Patil, Medvedev, Putin? Who's on the INSTITUTION's fantasy hit-list for the next dip in the polls?

Are K-Street, the Fed, the banking-cartel and masters-of-war now GOOD because you've "seen the light" about the greatness of some POLITICIAN?

I can't gripe about a man changing his mind for any reason or no reason at all. That's every person's right. I can't get too mad at you for exercising you natural rights, even if it's for lucre.

Just know I STILL think the whole system is revolting no matter which elites are in charge and who is out there as head-of-sales.

Your man couldn't put down Correa last September because the people were united and BRIC had his back. So, forget Chávez and Morales. Doubly forget Hu, Putin, Medvedev and Rousseff and we know those are the USA's REAL ENEMIES. This Demopublican/Republicrat thing is a joke. Or does Bilderberg no longer exist?

And to finish up by getting back to B'Man's point, when exactly did you forget about the Benezir Bhutto letters?

An old mentor who was an un-repentent commie, who taught me my trade when I was a boy, told me "I've been trying to sell out for years, it's just that nobody was buying!"

I hope at least you had better success than he did, but always remember Wreckless Eric's words: "take the cash, don't let them pay you in kind."

nicki nicki tembo said...

As tersely as I can put it - Fuck Obama!

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