Monday, July 25, 2011

The New paradigm shift – the Christian fundamentalist European nationalist terrorist

I just finished reading the 1492 pages of the 2083: A European Declaration for Independence compiled by Anders Behring Breivik. I Spent two days dissolving this dictate. I wanted to examine, from the perspective of a behavioral scientist, what went on inside of his mind. In most cases, one does not have such a wealth of material to study.

This past Friday, I was listening to right wing radio as usual in the afternoon. They were speaking about the bombings and shootings that occurred in Oslo earlier in the day. I tweeted these occurrences earlier that morning myself personally.

The show was hosted by Rusty somebody. I called in after he stated that he was 1000 percent sure that it was an Islamic extremist responsible for the heinous carnage. He added that although he was Nordic by description that it was obvious he had been converted to Islam. I could not get through. All I wanted to do was outline the possibility that he was an ultra-nationalist void of Islamic extremist given the recent increase in nationalism and anti-immigration movements in Norway, Germany, and Finland. He said I was incorrect and that I should call another talk show.

One thing for certain is that the level off scholarship and astuteness evinced in the tractate many have called a “manifesto”, reads like something the esteemed emeritus of History from Georgetown University Carroll Quigley would have peened, or the punctiliously classic Dr. Chekih Anta Diop.

Obviously well-read with a disquisitive knowledge of history, sociology and chemistry, I hated to admit that this was not the work of some psychopathic Tim McVeigh copycat. I was even impressed with his thourogness as a scholar yet equally dismayed by his use of idealogy to take the lives of those he disagreed with.

He really desired, as he wrote: “Perhaps the strongest force for true academic reform is that which seeks to defeat the ideological depredations of political correctness by winning the war of ideas. Moreover, some colleges and universities continue to swim against the ideological tides of our time. From quoting everyone from Edmund Burke’s to the father of deconstruction, Jacques Derrida to Antonio Gramsci, Breivik, from his pen believed he was fighting against “a quiet revolution propagating a European hate ideology with the goal of destroying Western civilization and which was: anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-nationalist, anti-patriot, anti-conservative, anti-hereditarian, anti-ethnocentric, anti-masculine, anti-tradition, and anti-morality.” Even asserting that this was the “very condition” Judge Robert Bork describes as “modern liberalism,” or “radical egalitarianism’ (equality of outcomes rather than of opportunities) and ‘radical individualism’ (the drastic reduction of limits to personal gratification).”

Lead him to corrupt philosophical materialism to justify his actions to combat his perceived “feminization of European culture” and “political correctness as engendered by cultural Marxist (particularly those of the Frankfurt School.

Even historically, I was not able to find any inconsistencies regarding his recantment of history. His presentation of the Russo-Turkish War and likewise, his discussion of [3], the Islamic Ottoman, Congress of Berlin and the Eurabia Code (Euro-Arab Dialogue Symposia conducted in Venice (1977) and Hamburg (1983)) and the events in the early 1990s in Bosnia-Herzegovina were rather factual but there was a tendency to over emphasize all he considered personally wrong as being extreme without recognize his own polarity. In essence he incessantly uses history to criticize Islam, other non-European cultures and those who do not harbor hatred based on ethnicity or culture, yet ignores his own equally obvious biases in an effort to support his personal belief orientation of supremacy while at the same time noting “Chinese, Indian, Korean and other Asian Universities are graduating millions of motivated engineers and scientists every year, Western Universities have been reduced to little hippie factories, teaching about the wickedness of the West and the blessings of Barbarism.”

It is lucid that Anders Behring Breivik believed that "Muslims want autonomous territory, not better intergration," eventually becoming "Eurabia. “

This document is both exciting and frightening. It should be required reading for all students in any discipline and studied to the hilt to demonstrate what scholarship is on the one hand, and what megalomania unchecked can lead to ideological on the other. Breivik lives in a dichotomous world view null of harmony. He states that “the extreme Leftists have tended to get away with their violence because it has been directed against the despised right-wingers. Now, their violence is increasingly aimed at established political parties and state institutions, too.” Even using “the outcome of the Aboriginal and Native American struggle” to support his supposition “that the indigenous peoples of a specific territory have undisputed exclusive rights in their own lands,” and that this should be the case for Europeans in Europe as well?

He concludes “that the cultural Marxists, anti-nationalist humanists and globalists outright refuse us the same basic human rights prove without a doubt that they are in fact the racists, that they are the fascists and Nazis of our time.”

This THEY are who this psychopath targeted and history will remember him for his actions and Norway and creating as Kuhn would say a paradigm shift – the Christian fundamentalist European nationalist terrorist.


E.Payne of MakesMeWannaHoller said...

Thanks for sharing bro. I am enlightened that much more today by your diligent study of the world beyond our borders.

millie fink said...

This SHOULD be a paradigm shift, but I can't see that happening. Powers That Be find too much utility in the notion of Muslim terrorism, and next to none in a notion that fits their own beliefs and methods all too well. So, they'll keep the current one in play, and by next week or so, most of us won't be talking anymore about Anders Behring Breivik.

muebles pinto said...

It can't really have effect, I believe this way.

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