Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm With Stupid

One of my favorite sayings I have seen on a T-Shirt is “I’m with stupid.” Therefore, in honor of this saying, I have outlined several things that I have seen observed that would want me to stand next to a person that does or says the following:

1] Spending time in clubs, bars or on the corner instead of being around to provide for your family and nurture your kids

2] Locking your keys inn the car, with the engine running, and a baby in the back in a car seat to run i9n a store and get a lottery ticket (saw this on TV).

3] Thinking that a married man who offers to furnish another woman’s apartment is not expecting sex or anything in return.

4] Letting you cell phone get cut off after receiving a text message from the company two days before for a bill of 50$.

5] Letting your electricity be cut off because you are too lazy to go to the mailbox, check the mail, and get the bill.

6] Expecting a person to sign over private contracts obtained 7 years prior to being employed with a company, because you did not ask a person in a higher position for permission to secure the contract. When you did not work for that person at the time of employment by some 6 years (going through this as we speak).

You tell me what u think about these and give me some more I am with stupid actions. Blog will be back in full force this week.


Shai said...

1] Spending time in clubs, bars or on the corner instead of being around to provide for your family and nurture your kids

Amen! The same ones complain about child support are the same ones spending money on folks they don't know to get sex. SMH


1. The mistress getting mad because her "man" is with his family at night, on the weekends adn holidays.

2. A man whose wife has a 9 to 5, cooks, cleans, takes care of the children while he chills at home at work only to get mad when she is knocked when he wants sex and wonders why she tired. SMH.

3. A person keeps picking a crazy mate and comments on how all the ones THEY pick are crazy.

Mizrepresent said...

lol Shai, great list...

The man who has dated my sister, or friend, and then when you breakup, you try to holla at me.

Carmen said...

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Girly_Girl said...

I love this post.

Stupidity is a real pet peeve of mine.

dc_speaks said...

hahahaha..too funny

1. Asking for a ride to the cornerstore to pick up a few items and then asking to go to 3 supermarkets when they get in the car.

2. Acting surprised and complaining when you get a ticket for driving in the car pool lane

dc_speaks said...

@Carmen for coming in here hollerin about PSU...GO BUCKS!!!! bad T..I had to get that one out!

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