Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congratulations it’s a boy

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called when her idol is superhead. Today I’m gonna write about us men, not that is an indictment against all men, but some. And ladies, this is not for the real women, those women who understand their part in a relationship. Those women who understand that a man desires and needs the comfort, compassion and passion of a woman to be complete. Those women who know how to treat a man, and know that a man desires a woman that can take care of them, and most importantly, know how to keep a man.

1] He prefers to spend his time in strip clubs and bars rather than being with you and acknowledging that you desire to be comforted in his arms and embrace.

2] He expects you to do everything for him, even all things that he asks for, but doesn’t do much if anything for you and may even complain when you ask him to do something.

3] For those married or engaged, he will lose or never wear his wedding band and think it is no big deal, and maybe even fuss at you for expressing how you feel about him loosing or never wearing his ring.

4] He is super insecure and jealous. He will go through your phone and if allowed will check you email and hate to see you talk to any other man, when in fact he talks to other women, on the phone or at clubs all the time.

5] He is 35 and wants to be a rapper and hates to work. If he has a job, he will voice his displeasure and say he is working on his rap career.

6] He goes out and collects numbers of women without a thought of whether it is appropriate or inappropriate behavior, although he will be the first to say he is in a committed relationship. When you do the same, talk t other men, he loses his cool, wants to fight and will spend more time on trying to contact the man than give you that attention.

7] He cannot see or realize your value and as such, cannot see that other men may be interested I you, yet misses that maybe the are willing to do things that a woman as their queen deserves, still he does nothing to show his appreciation for you.

8] He still remains in contact with a past lover or ex-girl friend or some one that he was sexually involved with but would flip if you did the same. To remain in contact with a former sex partner and talk to them regularly is in appropriate and disrespectful and shows that he has no understanding of commitment and value for you as his partner.

9] He does nothing if anything to assist you in the daily burden of providing but at the same time feels that he has earned doing nothing because he is selfish, self-centered and only concerned with himself. For he says that he loves you but does not show it. Such is akin to saying I want my job but never going to work and being late al the time – end result is job termination. Which mans he was never serious about his job because we do in practice what needs to be done, not what we want to be done.

10] He lives about 5 or 10minutes away and calls to say that he misses you, but not enough to come or drive over and see you – which means he didn’t an to see you in the first place, or he would spend more time with you than with others.

11] he brags on you being an engineer and a good cook, a dr or a lawyer but dosnt brag about you the person, the individual and if he has a myspace page, he will not even have a pic of you and him on it.

If you have seen or experienced any of the aforementioned, congratulations it’s a boy and not a man. A man will provide and take care and focus and express is love to his woman through actions. Otherwise, ask yourself, if he is a man, let alone your man.

pls feel free to add others


ATLcutey said...

AMEN to all that! if i had said it, guys would think i'm a "man hater".

dont even get me started on all these 30ish rappers or wanna be rappers. you are not 16 anymore!

Xcentric Pryncess said...

LMBAO -- I know one of the "35 and wants to be a rapper" damn shame

Anonymous said...

why men cannot stay committed ( not necessarily cheating) for the long haul and always blame the women for it? (Men who stay with women for long periods of time but dont marry them, then leave). That is a big question and I would like to hear what you have to say from a mans perspective without the b.s. defense or answers that men give like, we grew apart, she was getting on my nerves, she did this, she did not do that.... but the question is what did HE do to be the man of that relationship and take responsibility for LEADING a conversation about repairing and maintaining the relationship? Why dont men take responsibility for my than just sex in a relationship? I think that men need-- to learn to communicate, open up and be responsible for the other people whose lives they become involved in. This is why you have so many sisters who are broken and frustrated because they trust brothers, invest in them and dont always get the commitment back. I just read

where all of these hollywood types are all splitting after 10 years or so. Seems like the main stream people are following suite and not doing the til death do us part thing. I would really like it if you would throw those questions/ ideas out there and ask people ( men in particular) to respond responsibly.



jd anderson said...

It's a shame....
When will those type of men grow up

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG. My husband is all the above. How crazy is that.

Anonymous said...

Confirmation of what i've known all along and just didn't want to recognize it. IT'S A BOY!

S.K. said...

I love the "It's a Boy"

....but for the sake of positive attraction, I'm still waiting on the post about a good man and good woman.


Gumbo Gurl said...

Whew! I know some! I know some! Man, you nailed it. And I have to agree with atlcutey, if I said that, they would think I've been sipping on some Hateraid.

And what is with the 35 year old in pursuit of a rap career? Oooh I know a few. He better get behind a drum machine and a mixer and make that back door change as a producer.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i have written abut them individually sk cuddle if you canand Lift up Your Skirt and Find Your Balls
. women - Where are the Coretta's? but coming soon

Dee said...

Loved the title and the whole slant of the piece.

Great job!

Recognized a few as I read.


Tony Stringfield said...

Like onyx said,"jam,doo, do, do and let the boys be boys."Don't wanna sound like a hater, however it does get ridicules. I'm older than that and I love to rap but I ain't tryin to make a career, let alone a job, but it's a part of me. Maybe if they rapped for the hell of it, for the love it might be more exceptable. I would love to hear Ghuru or Rahkim make another track because they do it for the love. As far as holdin down the crib. Thats what little boys do. I am a home front type of guy...Peace


dc_speaks said...

excellent post, T.

i loved it!!

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