Saturday, November 15, 2008

thought amnesty (11.15.2008)

First wanna say good look to my folks at There ….Already for giving me the Superior Scribbler Award. I wanna pass it on to: Rich, averge american patriot, Love Babz, Kelso, Slappz, Ms Lady D, Curious, The Rippa, Boss Mack, Buelahman, 12kyle, Zack, monroe anderson & the Glamazon.

Now. Was thinking, After November 4th, 2008, my most historical memories in my life outside the birth of my seeds – my order hear goes.

1] Martin Luther King Jr. Assignation – I was there.

2] Obama election – would have, or maybe would have been number 1 if I was there.

3] Planes flying in the twin towers (was teaching class at Emory at the time. Cut TVs on in class and saw second plane fly into 2nd tower. They cleared school reports were one was heading toward the CDC. My building was next to it.

4] Hurricane Katrina (can’t say I expected to see in America, what I have only seen in Africa)

5] Falling of the Berlin Wall (Amazing is all I can say).

6] Million Man March (speechless)

7] John Thompson winning National Championship in 1984

8] Rodney King Verdict (Can still see that coward throwing a brick into the head of Mr. Denny and raising hands like a touchdown.

9] Arthur Ashe winning Wimbledon (I will never forget that Sunday - July 5, 1975)

10] Tony Dungy winning the super bowl (really two African American coaches paring off in the Super Bowl).

So what are yours? Full life, ey?


Sista GP said...

hubby went to MMM; he was moved too

1. (1976/1977) Almost falling out of car on highway, seven/eight yrs old
2. 9/11/2001 - feeding son when hubby called. saw immediate coverage of second plane. worried for days, bro-in-law worked at pentagon. aunt worked at CDC
3. 3/30/1981 - Ronald Reagan shot
4. 1/28/1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger explosion
5. 1995 - Immediate reaction of manager after OJ verdict, obviously holding back true emotions
6. 11/4/2008
7. 1/20/2009

life not done yet, leaving room for mor

Pajnstl said...

1. Literally living through hurricane katrina
2. Obama's presidential campaign/win
3. Collapse of the Claiborne bridge in the lower 9th ward. Lost a couple of friends.
4. 9-11
5. There's more but they are more personal than I care to leave in your comments :)

James Tubman said...

keep reminding them son

keep the peoples memory on things that really matter

congrats dude

maybe i can stand to learn a thing or two

Lovebabz said...

Thank you. You have included me in fine company.

Jersey Girl said...

1. The birth of my daughter

2. 9/11 - went from the waiting room of the radiology place where I saw the second plane hit, to seeing the heartbeat of my child that they thought I might lose within a matter of 15 minutes. Bittersweet in every way. Thank God they were wrong, and she's in the next room.

3. Challenger explosion. Was cutting class in college and watched it happen on tv in my dorm room. Very surreal experience.

4. 2/1/03 - Up early to watch Columbia land. Saw it disintegrate instead.

5. Election of Obama as President of the United States.

Those are the top 5 thus far.

Dope Fiend said...

Life still has more to offer me so I can honestly say that there's only one for me so far

1. Watching my god daughter come into this world.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

1. 9-11 (scary)
2. Obama being elected (wonderful)

There are more but those are at the top.

TheDad said...

1. Obama's 2009 Inauguration (I know it hasn't happened yet but I'll go ahead and put that in the books)

2. Obama winning the election

3. 9/11 - Rolling out from work and trying to track down my mother who was working on a military site right next to the Pentagon

4. Million Man March - very moving

5. OJ being found not guilty and my HBCU dorm errupting in applause including some dude running through the halls yelling "The Juice is Loose"

6. Challenger explosion

hottnikz said...

besides the birth of my son and death of my father..

1. 9-11 - horrified

2. 11-4-08 - Obama

3. 8-29-05 - again horrified, Hurricane Katrina

4. 4- 19-05 - Oklahoma bombing - i remember i was pregnant & crying all day long for those babies in the daycare...

5. 2-11-90 - elated that Nelson Mandela was freed.

6. 1995 - OJ, the reaction

7. 3-9-07 - Biggie's death, very shocking

8. 9-13-96 - Tupac's death, equally shocking

9. 5-13-85 - MOVE bombing - our city's first black mayor drops a bomb on a house and burns down an entire city block and kills 11 people

10. 10-16-95 - Million Man March

Curious said...

First, I would like to thank the Academy for...I seem to be in good company. I read about 30 blogs a day but I leave only about 4 or 5 comments for one reason or another. In other words, I've read most of group listed and when I'n not trying to steal their ideas or their writing styles, It is an honor to be considered among them.

The most historical memories in my life huh? Well that leaves out stuff like 1st ejaculation and other stuff since I was alone and I guess it wouldn't historical then. But in no particular order.

1. Death of Bobby Kennedy - I remember hearing my father say he was a good man and it was then that I realized there was a world that existed beyond my block and my family and that I may or may not get a chance to see it.

2. Neil Armstrong landing on the moon - Probably not as significant to me as it must have been to those who were older but it gave me sense of awareness that there was an adventure out there.

3. Nixon resignation - I didn't know why but everyone seemed to be so happy, so I was too.

4. Roots - Do I need to say more? It didn't tell me anything that I didn't know already and looking back it seems kind of hokey and soapy but it told the story of my ancestors that people were either ashamed or afraid to talk about.

5. Seeing the WTC not for the 1st time, but seeing it when the top of the buildings were shrouded by cloud cover in the fall and realizing how damned tall those buildings really were. To misquote Reagan who got it from someone else, tall enough to have touched the face of God.

6. Speaking of which, the Challenger explosion - I remember pulling over in my car to hear about it on the radio midday and then shivering and hugging my girl at the time when I saw it on the news at home.

7. The OJ murder trial verdict - The 1st time I ever realized that there was a such a social divide in the US that one side could actually smell blood while they were waiting for the verdict that they wanted. And yet these same people would say nothing when Beretta (Robert Blake) got the same call.

8. 911 - I finally understood what people must have felt when they heard about the Titanic, a ship that couldn't be sunk. My sister called me at work and told me she saw the towers collapse on TV and said she was crazy. The towers couldn't collapse, everybody knows they were built to withstand and airplane crash.

9. Barack Obama - This may be the most historic point in my life, but I may have to get a few years in between now and when I look back to really appreciate it, my jury is still out. For now I see him as the culmination of Mayor Harold Wilson in Chicago and Governor Doug Wilder in Virginia and all the other black politicians who paved the way for a man of color to reach so far.

I guess I'm kind of wishy washy because he has a chance to be a really great man and do things that only great people do and that excites me, or he can just be a footnote in history with an asterisk by his name saying he was the 1st and somehow for me that's not enough.

rainywalker said...

Good feelings here. ongratulations on the award and keeping your eye on the ball.

CapCity said...

Congrats on the Superior Scribbler Award! But, I'm mad that MEETING CAP when Bloggers took over ATL this past summer did NOT make your historic list! LOL!

To be honest - other than:
This past election: 11-04/-05/08 (I was up all nite into next morning:-) & 9-11-01 (one month after my move 2 nyc) - most earth shaking history in MY life has been VERY personal like graduations, births, deaths of loved ones, reconnecting with dear friends, meeting admired authors, meeting bloggers & publishing with them...

God Willing, So MUCH more will rock my world: the inauguration of President Obama, marriage, child-birth, publishing more books, modeling for Essence's annual Age Defying Sistahs, etc. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jones mane, number one is a killer. Nothing can touch that not even obama

your home boy

PS u heard back from that bich nigga who closed his site - we was on jones mane, we had him, why u call it off

KELSO'S NUTS said...


1) Yeltsin On Tank
2) November 4, 2008
3) Nelson Mandela/Fredrik DeKlerk handshake, affirming majority rule
4) Gorbachev returned safe by coup plotters
5) Fall Of Berlin Wall
6) Game 6 1986 World Series Mets beat Red Sox down 3 with one out remaining
7) Reagan/Gorbachev meeting at Hofdi House in Reykjavik
8) Final US troops leave Vietnam 9) Nixon Resigns
10)Camp David Accord


1) Assassination of JFK
2) Assassination of Dr MLK Jr
3) Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
4) Tienenemen Square Massacre
5) Operation Just Cause in Panama
6) 1998 House Vote To Impeach Bill Clinton
7) 2001 Bush v Gore ruling
8) Discovery of bodies of Andy Goodman, Mike Schwerner and Jim Chaney
9) Murder of John Lennon

SjP said...

Here are mine, in no particular order...
1. JFK assassination
2. MLK assassination
3. Malcolm assassination
4. RFK assassination
5. 911
6. Rodney King Verdict
7. OJ Simpson Verdict (the first one)
8. Viet Nam
9. Gulf War (Bush 1)
10. Iraq War (Bush 2 - the beginning)
11. Roots
12. Obama Nominated
13. Obama Elected
14. My Alma Mater winning the IAA Football championship

I think that's enough. Sure hope my future historical memories are better than the first few listed here.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Wow... the ones I remember I really WAS NOT there for like King or Malcolm or even Aurthur Ashe I was all of two.

So here is my list in no particular order

challenger explosion
Berlin wall coming down
Rodney King Verdict
OJ verdict (the first one)
WTC bombing (the first one)
Election 2000 (FL FL FL)
Hurricane Katrina (I was in BR the weekend before it hit)
Hurricane Ike (wasn't there but my home was!)
and 1/20/2009

Thank you SO MUCH for the little scribbler award. I feel SO HONORED!!


mp1 v.8.0 said...

thats quite a life thus far....

Still young, I can only hope to see half of that

The Bear Maiden said...

One day you have to expound on being there when MLK was killed (if you have already point me to it). That must have been deep.

For me.. I guess the number one thing I'll remember will be 9/11. I was almost down there that day... I used to work in 2WTC. I was watching TV when the second plane hit and then I realized it was no accident and how evil the world can really be. The silence... my God the silence was deafening as I walked down to the beach to watch the smoke plume after the towers fell. Going to get my dad from Sarah Lawrence College so he could stay with me cuz they'd closed all the bridges. My sister driving downtown to retrieve her daughters.

2.) The Obama election. I'll never forget them calling it on MSNBC and Chicago erupting into cheers. I just kept saying "Oh my God Oh my God he WON HE WON!!!! HOLY FUCK!" LOL.

3.) The Blackout in August 05. Of course we thought it was 9/11 all over again. I had just come back from Family Court and was completely freaked.

4.) The Challenger explosion. I was taking a recording arts class and we all gathered in the cafeteria to watch it unfold on TV.

5.) Reagan's assassination attempt. I was in High School.

3.) Lennon's assassination. The white kids in my school were devastated.

5.) The Rodney King riots. I was living with a white boy in NJ and he couldn't understand why I was so devastated. Broke my heart.

6.) The OJ Chase. I sat in my living room alone, watching the chase unfold on TV. The next day I found out a friend's baby was shaken to death around the same time.

7.)Two days after Katrina hit, realizing the horror that was unfolding in the Terrordome. I was, until that time, having a wonderful vacation on a beautiful beach in Fire Island, NY. The contrast will stick with me forever.

8.) Oddly enough, the end of the Vietnam War. My mother talking about it. We lived in Jamaica then, far far away from it all.

Of course by far the greatest most historical thing that has ever happened to me was the morning my peanutbutter burst forth from my loins, shitting, and looking around calmly with his big dark eyes. Like "Oh, Ma, THAT'S what you look like!". LOL. That and watching my nephew be born. Way cool.... Or my sister having a building fall on her and my niece (not cool) and sis cursing out Mayor Dinkins in the ER cuz she was in trauma, or realizing how close to death my father was the morning his kidney's failed... or when he suddenly and for no apparent reason completely lost his short-term memory (it came back).

Monroe Anderson said...

1. The election of Harold Washington as Chicago's first black mayor.
2. The 1968 police riot in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention.
3. The murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
4. The murder of Malcolm X.
5. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Artist In Me said...

9/11 -living in MD at the time going to UMCP. Saw the plane crash into the second tower. Remember thinking about those that I loved at the Pentagon and those that had loved ones that were affected by the ordeal.

Voting for Obama - Cried as I walked into the voting poll. "A Change is Going to Come" by Sam Cooke played on the radio.

Riots in Cali - 1st time I saw race as an all out issue, and the nasty things it will make people do.

Of course plenty of personal ones that may not mean so much to others.

Be blessed!

msladydeborah said...

Thanks for the award T! It was a nice surprise. I do like to scribble a little bit. And when I grow up I want to be able to scribble like you do. :-)

My list:

1. Seeing the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam in person.

2. Seeing Queen Mother Audrey E. Moore and her entourage enter into a conference. If you don't know who she check her out on Google. Queen Mother Moore was awesome!

3. The assassination of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK. Each one of their murders changed how I perceived this nation to be.

4. The bombing of the church that killed the four girls. That made me realize that there were some very dangerous people in this nation. Especially since they were not afraid of God either.

5. When Ali refused to be drafted into the military.

6. The chaining and gagging of Bobby Seale. I never thought that would happen.

7. The end of the Viet Nam War.

8. Meeting Obama and being a part of the Health Roundtable in Columbus.

9. Seeing my grandbabies for the first time.

10. Reading my family's autobiography and purchasing a copy for my mom.

Anonymous said...

For me the things that come to mind are not necessarily "historical" in the sense that you'll find them in a history book (although some are), but more that they are moments burned into my soul, for good OR bad reasons.

*Challenger explosion--Was waitressing at the time, another server asked me if I'd heard about Challenger, I said no, she said "It exploded", and I told her that wasn't something you should EVER joke about. If only it had been a joke.

*Apollo landing in the ocean--Dating myself here, but I remember thinking (as a 1st grader) that it was would be so cool to land in the water as the Apollo astronauts did. Seems that stuck with me more than the actual walking on the moon. Hey, it's the way a child's mind works. ;)

*Hurricane Katrina--I am still instantly disgusted, disheartened, and dismayed whenever I think back on the images of my fellow US citizens dealing with what they did. I'm ashamed beyond belief of our government for their pathetic NON-attempt at handling it all, but am proud of how Americans rallied behind those in need--even for the animals. ;)

*OJ Civil trial outcome--On a whim, when living in LA and returning from dropping someone off at Union Station, I opted to continue on the 10 into Santa Monica instead of taking the 405 back to Westchester. This took me to the chaos that was outside the courthouse as everyone awaited the verdict--I was mesmerized. Such an energy that permeated the diverse crowd, and such impromptu movement by them following along behind the Goldman family to the hotel...weird stuff, weird stuff. Odd thing is that one of my big memories from that day is that I totally ruined a pair of pants which kept dragging in the mud. ;)

*9/11--Will always remember my radio alarm going off and it taking me quite some time to register what the morning show host was saying. Totally unfathomable, even more so when I got up and joined my roommate who was glued to the TV. And seeing the 2nd plane hit live--still gives me the shudders.

*Oklahoma Federal building bombing--Had anyone but a white US citizen done that, do you KNOW how Americans would've reacted? Oh wait, let's see, that's how their ignorant minds reacted to Muslims after 9/11. Double standard, double standard.

*PSA Flight 182 crash in San Diego--was in high school at the time (damn, I'm dating myself again! ;)) and I remember all of San Diego county being in shock that it all could have happened, especially in our town. Still are.

*Northridge earthquake--Ex-hubby and I were scheduled to take Amtrak up to Seattle that day, which obviously was delayed, but only a day with busses taking us part of the way. On our return trip I'll never forget the train slowly going past the area where that mall collapse was. It was nighttime and they were working with industrial lighting shine down on the buildings--very surreal. To this day I still worry when I'm stuck in traffic under an overpass for fear of an earthquake striking and having the car flattened to a pancake.

*The death of my maternal grandfather whom I idolized.

*Having to make the heartwrenching decisions to put down my beloved dogs, a few years apart.

*A good memory is being part of the spontaneous, massive influx of well over 60,000 Chargers fans upon Jack Murphy Stadium (I'm old school...some call it Qualcomm ;)) after they beat the Steeler in PA '95 to advance to the Super Bowl, with everyone in the most joyous, lovin' each other mood EVER! Of course we promptly got our fannies spanked by SF in the big game.

And on that football note I'll end this entry (which is probably longer than yours, Torrance! ;)) by congratulating you on your Titans...10 and 0, way to go!

Shy said...

7/27/00-My baby brother was born, ending my 12.5 year streak as an only child...My life has since forever changed, lol.

9/11/01- The Terrorist attacks. I was in the 8th history class/homeroom...called into sanctuary (went to private Christian school)...remember screams of horror...sad day...

05/22/06- I graduated from hell hole... i mean high school. One of the best days of my life.

11/04/08-voted in my first presidential election EVER! Barack Obama becomes 1st Black president-elect!

I'm kinda life is kinda blurry...those are the most significant moments in my life to date.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Many thanks, buddy.

It's a personal quirk of mine to reject these things. I've done so in all but two cases.

While I've acknowledged and thanked people who have given me awards before, yours is the first I've posted. Spartacus's is the only other award I've written about and passed along with great care. Fairlane's was the only other I've acted upon in any way. Fairlane listed you and me contiguously for the award which is what brought me here in the first place.

I love the wide range of historical events listed here.

The baseball was the only personal event on my lists but I'd consider the JFK assassination as much personal as historical.

I was only 2 1-2 but it was the first and really only time I ever saw my mother go into panic over a news story.

nicki nicki tembo said...

Your thought amnesty post are more difficult for me than your usual poli/econ/loot post...

*assassination of Anwar Sadat, was in grade school and already keeping up on world events.

* fall of Berlin Wall, watched it being televised on MTV

*1st partial masectomy

*becoming a mother

*death of my father, I'm a daddy's girl so this has probably been my most difficult life event to deal with

*the manipulated California power grid crisis - if this shit didn't open folks eyes, well...

*Sep. 11th, 2001, was getting dressed for my grandmother's funeral, listening to the news coverage I knew this shit wasn't right from go

*2nd partial masectomy, feeling like frankenstein 'bout the breast but they still there

KELSO'S NUTS said...

One other note: I notice the thread that binds all lists are basics beliefs in peace, freedom, social justice, pride (in the good, not sinful, way) and love of one's fellow human being.

I'd love to know what would be on say an Aryan Nation or Jew-Watch blog amnesty with a similar question.

SoulOnIce said...

1. Obama winning.

2. Katrina - Since I'm in Texas, there was more seen, in regards to people coming this way, from N.O. I got to see people who were affected, first-hand, and it was heart-breaking. On the flip side, it was great seeing people come together, and prove we can be each other's keeper.

3. 9/11 - I remember being in junior college, waking up, and turning on Sportscenter (my morning ritual), and Stuart Scott had a long face, and I had no idea why. I didn't realize what happened, until I got to class, and my professor (who NEVER lets us out early) told us we could go home. Once I got home, I turned on the TV, and put it all together.

4. Aaliyah getting killed in a plane accident/2Pac getting shot

I wish I was older, so I could've had been a part of the Million Man March, grasped the significance of the OJ Verdict, the LA Riots, and other events that occured at a time when I was much younger. I didn't grasp the magnitude of these things until later.

Jackie E. said...

Hey, congrats on the award! I was moved by the list of your experiences. I haven't been in the US long enough to have shared many of those with you, but I know of them all and so regardless, I think it's important never to forget what in history has brought us to the point we are all at right here, right now. Good looks!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Sista GP
well have a full life sister

how was that, living through Katrina?

James Tubman
thanks folk

well desreving i think yawl are

Jersey Girl
dang forgot about # 3. and bet #2 was a memory

Dope Fiend
yes it does for us all and thaat was a good one top list

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
well they are good enough for me

well nothing wrong with looking in the future

I remeber MOVE and Mandella

classic - 1st ejaculation - and u earned it folk.

and not wishy washy at all, i remeber the moon walk, and ROTS as u know, never saw Bobby Kennedy

thanks brother - yep we fam

thanks and u will have many great events to live to experience jones

thats squashed -
and KINGs death, well we was in Memphis so I know u know

1 - with vodka is classic, i remeber Vietnam withdrawl too dang we old

on the bad - 8 was a classic too

JFK or KING, explain? gotta love giving love to the old alma matter

OG, The Original Glamazon
2, lol - statutory - lol

any time and like the others well deserved. and FL, well if Gore had won our home state would have been a non issue

mp1 v.8.0
hey man dont worry, u will have Obama to talk about with your kids and maybe living through the great depression

The Bear Maiden
i recall the black out couldnt imagine what it was like - but give thanks to enron, and i have , i guess u see what it meant since i ref him so much

Monroe Anderson
I remeber when he won, and watching it back in 1984 on tv,i was still at Morehouse

The Artist In Me
thanks sister

4 and 5 are classic, and Ali was the last event left off my list.

I remeber flt 182 - history and memopries are facinating huh, thanks for sharing

well as long as u rember sominth and appreciate that graduation date from the hell hole lol

anytime - well deserving as the rest folk

nicki nicki tembo
dang babe u a trooper and i remeber sadat - it was on tv

so true folk, we just need to stop talking over each other lol

Million man march was classic, i could not make it with my 2yr old son, so me and all my boys got together with our sons and watched - great day it was

Jackie E.
Thanks sistwer, how is the inter. dec. bioz coming?

R. Fitzgerald said...

Good look folk. Just in time for me to take my break.

shine said...

congrats on your award--truly deserved.

Tera said...

As you said, aside from the days that I had my young men which were the most beautiful days of my life and a few givens like 9-11...I'll give a few...not TOO, too personal, but a few.

1. The death of comedian Robin Harris

2. October 10, 1993-the day I lost my...well, I'm surprised I remember it, it was so awful.

3. Summer 1994-A local factory exploded...I was outside doing something I had no business, so I thought it was Armageddon!!!

4. June 6, 1996-the day I graduated high school being the only Black person to graduate in the top 10.

5. 1999-the year I first stepped foot out of the state of Ohio...and my first trip was to Canada!

6. February 2, 2000-The day my mother went to rehab...she hasn't had a drink or drug since.

7. Summer 2001 Aaliyah died.

8. May 21, 2005 graduating with my Master of Business Administration.

9. October 1, 2005-the day I relocated to begin my new life.

10. December 2005-finding out that one of my best friends in the world betrayed me.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

statutory? Man I'm 35 now GROWN IS GROWN!! :-)


KELSO'S NUTS said...

Roots in general is an interesting question.

How far back can everyone trace their ancestry?

My father's tried and he can only information and very weak information 2 generations behind him.

My mother can go 3 generations behind her.

Anonymous said...

Lewis Hamilton being Formula One's first black driver and youngest driver and becoming the 2009 F1 champion.

[Mind of Marcus©]

Anjl Marie said...


Dusty said...

The murder of RFK and MLK rank up there for me.

9/11 as well.

Challenger exploding in flight. It changed my life because 8 months later I was laid off from my cushy 60-hour-a-week job as a Project Manager @ Fairchild Space Systems in Germantown MD. Never regained the financial stability that job gave me as the aerospace industry took a decade to recover.

Dusty said...

Forgot one..sorry:

Katrina has affected me as no other anger at our government for letting people die because of the color of their skin will never go away. Nor will the fact that our government has turned it's back on that region for the same reason..the color of peoples skin.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Strong list peoples. Oh and thanks for tha Award, getting metioned over here is a credible acknowledgement to tha fullest.

RunningMom said...

In chronological order:

1. Moving to a new city and new school at age 7 - traumatizing!
2. The day my mother came home from the hospital after her brain tumor surgery. Life would never be the same.
3. The day Barnabas Lekganyane came to my home. Powerful.
4. The day I almost drowned. Resurrected.
5. The day I was raped. Never completely recovered.
6. The day my son was born. Never knew love before.
7. The day I miscarried my second child. It still hurts.
8. The day fear took on a whole new meaning (9-11). Evil has no shame.
9. The day I could say with certainty that I was free from his mental grasp. It was a long time coming.
10. The day I fell in love again. So glad I was finally free.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow, you really stirred some memories.

I remember the King verdict. That mess happened down the street and around the corner from mom's house. I will never understand folks tearing up their own stuff to get back at who?

I remember all yours and a few more.

I remember Bobby Kennedy's assassination too. We had just previously been standing on the street waving at him as his motorcade drove by heading for downtown L.A.

I remember the Watt's Riots, another event close to home because it was near my grandmother and everything they showed burning on t.v. was along roads we took to get to her house. Again, never understanding why folks burn up their own neighborhoods to get back at who?

Big Cheekz said...

i won't add to this long list. you've recalled some very significant moments in history here. just wanted to stop by & say hello. hope all is well.

RiPPa said...

Family, I seen alotta shit that helped to shape me. Probably the one thing I missed was the MLK assasination. I was 2yrs late on that. I often wonder what it would be like or how I would think today had I been born a few years earlier.

MacDaddy said...

Torrance: No time for lists. I'm heading out the door. I just wanted to say congrats for the Superior Scribbler Award. Well deserved. Your posts on financial matters, though controversial, are very insightful. Thanks for filling a much-needed niche in the blogosphere. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

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