Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perez Hilton is engaged to Mark Sanford

Now if you read me on the regular you know I have a penchant for satire. In addition, if you happen to follow me on twitter, you would have noticed last week and I admit that I initiated a #unfollowperezhilton trend. Also because he is neither Latino (Cuba is in the Caribbean) nor a hotel; because his momma so nasty she pours salt water down her pants to keep the crabs fresh; because he tints his hair with Paas Easter egg dye; and lastly because he doesn’t eat pu##y.

One which I am ashamed to admit I forgot to mention was because he is engaged to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Yes this is not slander, it is tru. They are a perfect match for they have provided me with the real definition of dumb fcks. They have completely redefined it. . With respect to Perez, I found it funny that he would call a man a faggot and get mad and cry when said person or an associate would drop a two piece dark meat snack on his head. And of the dear Governor, well what person in his capacity would think they could disappear for five days and no one would miss him being gone.

It was funny to me that when Jones got back from Argentina, that he confessed to 8 years of banging a-broad (intended-lmbao)when confronted by reporters in Atlanta, he mentioned the name of State Senator Tom Davis as much as he mentioned his wife. Don’t know what he was thinking but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did think that the Appalachian Trail was in Argentina, or even that they were the same thing after all they are both proper nouns of locations that start with the letter A.

Now some may not find this funny but I do, and feel obligated like an intercellular anaerobe to break that Perez and Mark are engaged. They tried to hide it but I broke the story. I mean I remember 10 years ago when the Holier than thou governor rode bill Clinton on his head escapades like a surf board, as well remember how Perez rode Miss California. Just come out the closet Mr. Governor, and Perez, you too, for we all know a real woman can fight.


My name is Marenda said...

u crazy Raw Dawg lol

Anonymous said...

They certainly deserve each other.

Law said...

Let's just attribute such to the actual and real cause of this whole Sanford & Perez phenom.. Its "White boys thinking they can get away w/schit but call others out for doing the same damn thing" syndrom... Perez needs his ass whooped & Sanford! Well, the media needs to ride his ass like a donkey!! When he bucks, get off his back & kick him in the ass again! Just keep on doing the same... back & forth until you can't ride that ass no more!

The Socialite said...

ha loved it! Def made me laugh.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Like I said before, I could be a Hell of Politician. They would catch me doing shit and i would still blo kush daily lol.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Like I said before, I could be a Hell of Politician. They would catch me doing shit and i would still blo kush daily lol.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

having worked with Perez and met his mother I would say to leave folx mother's out of their personal business..

However wrong Perez was for calling someone a faggot it's too bad and Wil and his crew weren't smart enough to walk away.

A wise man never fights a fool in the streets.

I can't advocate hitting someone because you don't like what they wrote either, if that's the case it's open season on bloggers.

Carla said...

Thanx for this post. Made me laugh.

RIP Michael and Farrah!

Assertive Wit said...

A.u.n.t. Jackie, Perez didn't get hit because of what he was writing or intended to write; he got hit because he was being a rude ass. LOL

404 said...

LOL......kinda like that bitch Bethpage Black huh???


Harp's on me!!!!

A. Spence said...


C.S.Stone said...

what cut diamond did he get? wait... whose the female in this arrangement?

Professor Tracey said...

LOL! This is good!

rainywalker said...

He should have stuck with the story that him and his Johnson were running naked on the Appalachian Trail. I could have bought that story and it was funny. But at least his wife threw him out of the house before he headed off south of the border. It has to be something in the water in Washington. Come to think about it. When I was younger and lived in Washington for 24 weeks I was always horny. Well some of the time.......

msladydeborah said...

You are really very silly

clnmike said...

Oh I find it funny alright I have been having a good laugh at the republicans expense and never did like that hypocritical ass called perez. Both of them had it coming.

Nikki Wadley said...

Ahhh! so it was YOU who started that unfollow thing for Perez? Good!

Anonymous said...

Wazzup Raw Dawg Buffalo; this is Marcus bro and I have new spot over at Given our history for comment exchanging, I have added you to my blog roll over there as well. I will be relaunching my other blog in the near future.

Anyway, yeah, Stanford and Perez deserve each other because they are both hypocrites. They both speak out about wrong doing, but they are the two main culprits in doing wrong. It makes one shake his or her head.

Zombie Mom said...

Nice post- first time visitor. Hate the hypocrisy of Perez - hatin on him hard.

Anonymous said...

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