Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Booty Women and VIP: Why Black Students Can't Finish High School

Tatiana Reina wanted to graduate in the worst way — and she did. Ordinarily, a student's graduation would be applauded and presented as an achievement and symbol of perseverance, but not in Reina's case. The 21-year-old Reina was enrolled at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., for six years. Her grades and attendance records were abysmal, replete with missing classes and failing grades. In 2007, she even faked her graduation, sneaking into the commencement line panoplied in cap and gown.

Although she had ample time to complete her high school graduation requierements, Reina did not hold up her end of the bargain. She did not attend the majority of her classes. The standard for graduation is to attend at least 90 percent of one's classes. Even when she was confronted with "aging out" or being too old for the school system this year, she received another chance and still did not attend the required amount of classes.

Yet Principal Jacqueline Boswell still allowed Reina to graduate.

According to the New York Post in June, Reina showed up for the last five days and was given some health and chemistry assignments in the guidance office," where "She sat at a computer and Googled her answers." The Post also states that "teachers were pressured into giving Reina — and a half-dozen other failing students — minimally passing grades of 65, the equivalent of a D, to get the credits needed to graduate."

In Knoxville, Tenn., incoming top 100-freshman receiver Da'Rick Rogers was charged and detained after an early morning bar fight that left police officer Robert Capouellez unconscious on the street. Witnesses have alleged that while the officer was down, Rogers and others repeatedly kicked the officer in the head.

It is strange that people — not all, but some — do not appreciate the value of an education nor put forth the effort to maximize opportunities when proffered. Reina could have easily gone to class and studied just as Rodgers could have valued a scholarship to a major Division I school. However, neither exhibited behavior that indicated appreciation, but rather acted as if it was their right to graduate in the former case or attend college in the latter.

We often point fingers at the institutions rather than the individuals. The fact is, many of us spend more time chasing or being the big booty girl in the VIP section of the club, than studying, helping our youth value education, or assisting our kids with homework.


Bahama said...

I don't know. You can't lead a horse to water you know, kids have to WANT to learn. I think on a whole society's problem is folks not being held responsible for their actions. The girl that had a chance to graduate but chose to miss class, there should have been no way she should have been abale to graduate.

Being an informed individual is slowly becoming extinct. How to fix it though? That I don't know.

T.C. said...

to me as cliche as it may still sound, it definitely still starts at home! my parents taught me that education was important and emphasised it on a consistant basis...parents and the community have to step up and think of new ways to keep young people interested in learning...this generation is one of instant gratification and so we have to adjust with the times and meet them where they are...and not give up on them

msladydeborah said...

In my home town Tatiana would be in major trouble. If she was allowed to stay past her 18th birthday there is a test that is given to seniors. If she didn't pass it-she would not receive a diploma.

This situation is not going to benefit her in the long run. There are some things you just cannot fake until you make it. That diploma is not based on solid academic work. It is a get the hell out of school pass.

This is a mutual blame situation in my opinion. It is also a situation that should not be happening.

Tera said...

Wow...all I can say is wow! One thing is for in my home is NOT optional. I know in Ohio, you are not allowed to graduate if you can't pass proficiency tests, and there are still some that have gone K-12 and still don't have a diploma for this reason. We do our kids a dis-service when we pass them anyways.

P.S. What's shakin' Baby? ;-)

bang zul said...

obama, oh please deh...

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