Wednesday, October 06, 2010

God Loves Stupid People

I was once told that God loves stupid people because he mad so many. This is no more evident than what is said and seen on television news. For some reason it seems that many pundits don't have the capacity to think freely.

Take for example the coverage recently regarding the gay student Tyler Clementi whose roommate allegedly streamed video of him with another man making out. The experience was so troubling to him that it supposedly led him to drive an hour from Rutger's University to a bridge over the Hudson River and leap to his death, prior to which he left a update on his face book page.

No in all seriousness this is a tragedy. But I cannot see how many, especially CNN can make the leap to homophobia and bullying without any substantial evidence. It is very hard for me to see this as an example of bullying or homo phobia, but more so a behavioral function of the age of instant media and cellular telephony that we live in. From what I understand, there was no indication that Clementi's roommate, Dharun Ravi had anything against homosexuals.

In fact, I would argue the opposite, that it was all about entertainment in this age of Internet celebrity, seeking followers of face book and twitter, and a media culture that justifies the use of hidden camera's more than accuracy, fact and objectivity.

The truth is that this is a YouTube culture for most youth today. From celebrity sex video's to street fights, most are insensitive, or even worse, not concerned about the personal orientations of the people they use as vehicles for entertainment than their race or sexual orientation.

Shows like cheaters have lead the way, not to mention the assorted media and hidden camera stings that flood the airwaves from the sting of Acorn to main steam media outlets tracking any political figure.

This has nothing to do with bullying or homo phobia but rather is a reflection of a culture that has been desensitized to any rights of privacy or respect for common decorum. I bet if some one killed themselves after being on cheaters for being outed or caught, we would not call them a bully?

Like I said to start this essay, God must love stupid people, because he made so many and seems to have placed most of them on cable television news shows on CNN.


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