Tuesday, October 19, 2010

helmet to helmet - humbug

America has been increasingly falling down the global ladder of intellectual sophistication and astuteness. From our schools to our politics, this is a self evident truth. No more real is this observation than the aforementioned is what is observed in the world of Professional sports.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love sports, but I must admit, it is more than apparent that from the new proposed rule changes in professional basketball to the attempt to change the contact ethos in football, that these organizations are run by imbeciles who do not have any knowledge or understanding of science math, physics or physiology, or worse, that they themselves ma have skipped a few too many classes while in school or had the old noggin cracked one too many times.

I state this for two reasons albeit the latter will be my main focus. In summary, you cannot legislate obviate natural occurrences via technical fouls (as in the case of emotions and fouls in the NBA) or the mechanics of physics or physiology (as in the case of the NFL with respect to helmet to helmet contact).

It appears unbeknownst to those in professional football any knowledge of the Potassium Argon Theory of Bilateral symmetry. This defines why the human body of Homo sapiens sapiens is the way it is, or in other words why what we have on one side is on the other as well as why we walk up right, lead with our head and walk on our feet. Yes, Homo sapiens sapiens, which translated means “man wise wise”. But you cannot tell these from idiots who think they can make rules that are contra to human anatomy, physiology or the natural laws of physics.

As a creature with bilateral symmetry, the fact is that man, when using his complete body as a projectile, will always leads from his head, for force originates from acceleration from our feet in relation to the ground and gravity. This is proven factual from the entire known math in the world as postulated from Euclid, to Pythagoras to Einstein. Since perpendicularity originates with the understanding of right triangles, when mass and force are added, we end up with corresponding positions with motion – these are called vectors. Vectors are mathematical objects best explained by physics; however I will attempt to simplify it for the commoner.

A vector is characterized by a direction in space like a Safety on a football field hey are They begin at an Origin “O” which is a starting point like the feet of a Safety on the field. It leads from that initial origin “O” to another point “P” in space. “P” is the end point. This is why vectors are symbolized by an arrow, because al force from an origin is targeted to the end point f the head just as an arrow from the string of a bow. All vectors eventually intersect the target plane (Ball Carrier) and are called projections. Projections end up translating all of the force obtained by the mass of the particles push from the ground to an end point (Ball carrier).

This is why we have the concepts of momentum, energy and elasticity – since the velocity of a particle in motion has direction and magnitude. Plainly stated, the momentum of a particle with velocity and mass is a vector. The elasticity of these resulting forces acting between colliding particles (ball players) is reinforced in Newton’s laws of mechanics. Otherwise we would have inelastic impact, or where the two particles hit each other and stick together.

The point is if men play football in our gravity and they start on the ground, and project with mass and acceleration, it is both physically and mathematically impossible for the human body not to lead with the opposite end where the energy transfer started (the head). No matter what we do, humans by anatomy and symmetry will always lead from the head whether it is walking forward or standing up. The only way to change this I football is if you allow folks to drop kick each other because all the rules in the world they come up will never refute the laws of mechanics.


nicki nicki tembo said...

I get sexually aroused when you talk math and science, DAMNIT!

neshia said...

torrance why you always trying to make me have wet dreams

Anonymous said...

Good ish folk. The NFL & NBA head of whatever needs 2 read this article as well as many sports writers. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good ish folk. The NFL & NBA head of whatever needs 2 read this article as well as many sports writers. Good stuff. Notty Dred.

poopsie said...

And you know what folk? They can't just start at the professional level. It will take YEARS of re-indoctrination, since anyone who has ever played knows, when you first get your 'pads' in pee wee league, you are taught to crush a runner!