Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tea (Total Extermination of Aliens) Party

If one listens carefully, what is said is often not what is meant. I have come to this conclusion with respect to the ubiquitous Tea Party movement. Sure, pundits and the like would assert that it is a movement aimed at pointing out that people are taxed enough already, but I would disagree. If such was the case they would have reared their ugly head earlier for example, during the first G.W. Bush administration but they did not. Instead they waited until it was evident that a man of color without a traditional European name was elected president of these United States of America.

Even if one accepts the conditional that the origin of the Tea party returns one to the colonial roots of America, it does not past the smell test, historically that is. For their presence in North America began with conquest through violence and disease and a sort of self-righteousness that began with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Hernando Desoto, Bartholomew de la Casa and General Amherst.

Everywhere in the new world the descendants of the Tea party touched,overwhelmingly ended in destruction, death and disease. This is their true order, not taxes. Research supports the contention that the Tainos people living on Espanola when Columbus first arrived number near 8 million but 20 and 50 years later they were down to 28,000 and 200 accordingly. Most of which died from disease brought from Europe and the intentional slaughter by the ones who called themselves conquers. The same is true for the Carib of what we now call St. Kitts, where in 1626 English and French soldiers backed 4,000 into a deep ravine, now called Bloody Point where they were brutally slaughtered and killed.

Such actions are those of individuals afraid of anything different and reflecta collective emptiness in one that parades the conscription that one culture is superior and better than the other. This is the central tenant of the present day Tea party. The representation of culture that hunts for sport and not survival, which live by the concept that nobility, is defined as being the conqueror. Even as late as 1893, when Queen Lili’uokalani was overthrown by US military might and made to give her kingdom of Hawaii to United States, this practice defined this premise and continues presently.

Even their hero’s from Ronald Reagan to David Crockett are suggested as such mainly because of this psychopathy and belief orientation. After all, the battle against Mexico and Santa Anna for the Alamo was really a quest, based on fact to take Texas from Mexico to institute slavery in the state. But it can only be expected since they left a world of intolerance, disease, famine, greed and the plague. They used their good to justify the actions of folk like King Leopold of Belgium to bring Africans to do work they could not do or were too lazy to do for themselves. They made treaty after treaty after treaty with the people who were here before them they referred to as savages who taught them how to survive in their new and strange home. And with each treaty came more death, slaughter and murder, for with such it is easier to steal what is not theirs, fail to recant that one cannot discover what other already subsist upon.
Yes this is the history of the so-called Tea party. This is what is meant when they say they want to “take back America.” It is code for getting back to basics and their roots. They do not feel it is a nation for aliens – people from other nations who were here before they came. It is not a nation for men similar to Barack Obama who have names and skin colors they are uncomfortable with, or Mexicans, Muslims or Arabs as their vehement vitriol enunciates.

The tea party is not about taxes so do not let them fool you. They are no different than the sheep with new clothing. They live by the same credo of those they call terrorist but see themselves as being different even though in their history are of men that bomb churches and kill little girls while attending Sunday school. They are those that persist upon majority and mob rule, who send attack dogs on people and batter them with the force of water from hose. They say that the majority do not desire a Mosque near Ground Zero in New York; the same majority that did not want blacks to attend school with whites or have equal rights or the rights to vote. This is the Tea party. Throw away the “taxed enough already” for just as the Klan can become the Council of Conservative Christians, they really mean the “Total Extermination of Aliens” – period. For the reality for me is that I could not pick a current member of the Tea party out from one of the colonial era if they had sheets over their heads.


rainywalker said...

Your blog comments here are well thought out and truthful. My feeling on the Tea Party based on a considerable amount of research during the past 20 or so years tells me they really don't understand what they are doing. They really do not see the real problem they are protesting. Some do as indicated in your blog. Many know that there is a change needed in America but that they have not put their finger on the real problem. You have blogged about it and so have I. The country is broke and if we loose our reserve world currence status you might want to start buying plywood to board up your business in Atlanta. If it turns out at some point they are just the same old wolf in sheeps clothing your blog was well made.

analee said...

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Anonymous said...

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