Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Is Obama Becoming Another Jimmy Carter?

Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down.” These are some lyrics from one of my favorite’s songs when I was in graduate school. They remind me unfortunately of our current commander in chief – Barack Obama. Especially given his recent, tail between the leg recapitulation of requesting a balanced approach to the deficit involving increased taxes and cutting spending while dealing with the GOP.

Seems as if Obama is morphing into
Jimmy Carter right before our eyes. Now I know many folks do not remember President Carter when he was in office, but I do. Like Carter, Obama appears to have no conviction and doesn’t practice fighting what you believe in. I know first graders with more gumption and fight than the President. If such was not the case, he would deal with the school yard bully like everybody else who has courage and personal fortitude. Instead he lectures, takes the high ground and acts as if he has to take the higher ground and beg for bipartisan negotiations when we all know the Tea party and GOP would do and will do anything to make him a single term president.

He is in essence too nice. I mean you don’t need to try to make someone sit down who just wants to cut your throat – you cut their throat first. Mr. President, you need to wise up, the days of working hand in hand for the benefit of the people as they once occurred during the times of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan are over. Instead this new breed is set on all but working on the behalf of the people. If you do not know how to fight then call I up and I will teach you how. Or else this will become standard practice in American politics – scorch and burn. These republicans now don’t accept the premise as Bush did, that sometimes you have to what is best for the Nation before the party; self-evident in his deal for
the 1990 budget with the democrats that also raised taxes.

It is impossible to have a discussion from a pragmatic purview with someone who ignores completely that the possibility exists that others may have affective ideas also.

So I suggest to you Mr. President that you start to drop kick some M**** F***** and handle your business. You are too worried about what people think about you in my eyes. Stop this right now and start cutting heads, before the
tea party castrate you and stick your penis in your mouth like the Lynch Mob they really are.

Jones, I mean Mr. President you do realize they intentionally make you focus of the deficit and debt over job creation. That they like using and making artificial crisis like the debt ceiling debate to achieve their partisan goals. Please handle your business: renew payroll tax cuts, keep the unemployed front and center and invest. Even God won’t negotiate with the devil. Republicans will fight anything you do, even if you said they were Gods chosen people, they would fight you. We deserve better so invest in us, invest in America. Fight to the death or don’t fight at all as my grandmother would say.


Anonymous said...

Dr Stephens,

Why is it you act as if this man is just too much a pussy to do his job, when the fact is that he is the criminal-in-chief, doing precisely what he is supposed to do.

Fight them? Are you kidding? You don
't fight yourself, Brother.

I am not sure what has happened to Raw Dawg, but you and I both know that the criminal cabal INCLUDES that asshole.

Stop the political two-party bullshit. It is irrelevant and untrue any more.

Carter had far more conviction than this dude, btw. And he sucked, too.

barcelona said...

I completely agree with everything you have printed here.

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