Friday, September 09, 2011

Congress has No Job Plan and Obama’s Job Speech: No Substance- No Peace

When I started High School in the tenth grade in Memphis in 1977, my homeroom teacher Dr. Meyer’s was also my economics instructor. Although a public high school, at least a third of my teachers had PhD’s. In his class, according to him I did so well that he suggested I take another economics class as an elective albeit he knew I was concentrating in math and science classes. Thus via a flip of a coin I took microeconomics over macroeconomics. Herein this essay begins, upon a reading of the President’s job speech.

I have come to accept as abstruse as it may seem for some to grasp, that the plausible allure for present day politicians regardless of race, gender and political affiliation, must either be the ability to lie or the scarious inability to see a truth in order to tell it like it is. All because it is clear they do not want to tell us the truth about the nation’s current economic conundrum – that it has taken decades to create this problem, that there is no easy solution out of this mess, or worse that they intentionally vitiate solutions because they have no answers because they have no answers and lack the scrotum to say honestly it will require decades to get out of this mess, that it will be hard and that Americans will have to tolerate difficult times and live within our means to do so.

Telling the truth, no matter how saddening or worrisome lost on politicians even Obama. Not to mention it is difficult for a class of millionaires like Washington, DC politicians the pains economically us regular folks feel. Factually since 1960, there has never been a time in which four straight months of stagnate job growth as we have just seen has never manifested without a recessionary period to follow. Yet politicians on both sides of the aisles quip they have answers and solutions to solve this problem in the immediate future – a bold face lie. They say the recession is over, that we will not experience a double dip recession and that the nation is not in a depression – a bold face lie.

Now as for the President’s speech, it was passionate, but passion and great subject verb agreement does not amount to substance. I disagree with GOP stalwarts who assert a joint session was not the place for such a speech under the auspices it was not an urgent situation. But as I stated prior, for people who are not wealth like most inside the beltway politicians are hurting and the state of the economy is a serious national security issue.

Still with this said, Obama’s speech was more of the same rah rah type. Not that it was bad, but still the same old same old. Only thing missing was a “cash for clunkers” program. Why because it was not specific and talks around what I see and experience as a person under employed who has grown through $300,000 of savings just to keep from losing his home. I guess he knows that in this weak economy his numbers are bad but that the approval for congress is worse. On the ground, those of us without sufficient employment know that things will most likely get worse before they get better and that none of what he proposed even attempts to thwart the impact of the troubles of Europe through its banking and market crisis on the average American citizen, for consumers remain deep in debt and the depression in the housing market has yet to hit bottom.

We in touch and on the ground see the economy is too weak to add enough jobs monthly to even keep up with US population growth. My understanding of microeconomics and math indicates anything less 140,000 jobs a month will only keep adding to the ranks of the unemployed.

The plan had nothing I would consider big or different. He should have [1] offered to implement some sort of profit tax on large corporations that earn more than 20 million annually in profits of around 4 to 6 percent. He should have [2] offered some type of net job creation tax for large and small businesses for about a five year period to serve as an incentive for job creation that would said companies a tax credit that would cover at least a third of their salaries for that time period. He should [3] look at international growth sectors and instituted a re-employment service as opposed to unemployment that focus on industry specific training programs that would prepare the young and poor for skilled jobs.

Nothing in his proposal is punitive. He should have [5] mentioned that the top 100 companies in the US have uprooted around 3 million jobs here in the states over the past decade yet created around 2.5 million jobs overseas. He should have [6] specifically addressed Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and only implement them for corporations making under $200 million annually (I could only imagine the strain and expense on businesses with respect to their legal cost alone to comply).

Lastly, he should [7] reinstate Glass-Stegall, [8] eliminate Dodd-Frank, [9] increase tax rates on short term capital gains for hedge funds for example who create most of the market volatility and lower long term capital gains taxes and lastly – [10] relegalize the sale of marijuana.

This is just what I think, based on what I learned from Dr. Meyer in high school and my subsequent readings since then. It aided me in being able to amass more than $300,000 in investments without the aid of a broker or financial planner; although I have been using it up to stay afloat after my business closed and lost full time employment before then.

Politicians are scared to tell us the truth, do not understand the problem and too busy with the interest of large corporations to really solve or care about us little folk. They are afraid to tell us and won’t tell us the truth, and Obama’s plan is nothing more than the same thing he did the first two years while in office – hum bug.

Neither the congress nor the President can honestly feel what we feel on the ground. They argue about finding funds to provide for simple people who have lost everything due to floods, fires and tornadoes. They do not see that the games they play are not funn for us and look away from the possibility of what has been seen in France, Greece, Italy, Syria, Israel, England and else where in the form of civil disobedience can manifest over here. Nice speech Mr. President. Way to sit on your hands Congress. Just be reminded though – No Substance, No peace. For republiacns and democrats seem to not understand I am human capital not political capital.


Anonymous said...

I read your piece and I come away feeling as if you still want to believe. You want to believe that Obama means well. You want to believe that his class of folk are just too rich to feel what the normal American feels. You want to believe that they lie because they have to, to keep the faux two-party system battle "real".

Dude. I thought I had a good understanding of your grip on the "Real State of the Union", but it appears that you are slipping into the Hope/Change mode.

Yes, it took decades to bring this about. And, NO, Obama has no intention of doing anything to fix the problems. He is simply continuing the raping of America's middle class and has every intention of bringing our standard of living down even further.

It is no leap to understand that we are heading into a global monetary system (which will bring in a new world government, as well). It is foolish to NOT acknowledge that the Criminal in Chief is leading the way (and the Lefties, Dems, blacks are all on board), nor to acknowledge that O's Rep counterpart (whomever the clown may end up being) will DO exactly the same shit.

It is plain and evident and to NOT say it outright, is a travesty.

The new NAFTA pact for the Pacific (Trans-Pacific Partnership) should be all you need to know that one side of the mouth is set for the lemmings who still believe in the Hope/Change and the other side of his mouth was to reassure the very giant corporations who have been allowed to dismantle our economy and then rob all of us citizens simultaneously to a point of total servanthood to government/corporations.

Buddy. Just say out loud what is happening. There is no time or benefit for playing this game.

They are criminals set to bring this country down.

Fucking Say It!

ugacrew said...

You stated: The plan had nothing I would consider big or different. He should have [1] offered to implement some sort of profit tax on large corporations that earn more than 20 million annually in profits of around 4 to 6 percent."

Using your rationale, what if he implemented some sort of savings tax on all of the unemployed who had a minimum of $300,000 in their savings as opposed to those who had none, to help those with none continue to stay afloat? It's one thing to tax fairly, but wrong to take legitimate earnings from one simply because there is a need for it.

Francis L. Holland said...

I tend to agree that the proposed solutions are like a welfare existence for a country accustomed to living much better.

So what if Obama extends unemployment benefits. Those benefits are only a fraction of what they workers earned when they were last employed.

Obama endeavored to propose NOTHING that Republicans would strongly oppose. Most of what could get us out of this mess is solutions that this Congress wouldn't pass even if they were all high on mushrooms.

Obama's in sad and hard situation. said...

It will not really have effect, I feel like this.

Anonymous said...

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