Thursday, September 08, 2011

No Uncle Tom, But Paul over Obama Any Day

I like Obama. He is smart, promotes the values of family and what it means to be a father and a husband, but his policies leave a lot to be questioned. I am not fond of the republicans, or the Democratic Party, especially the true GOP candidates trying to become the next President of the United States. But I do like and respect Dr. Ron Paul – libertarian like me, who has been reduced to run under the Republican banner when the Republican Party hates him with avarice and conviction. So if it came down to it, I would select Dr. Paul over Barack Obama, Esquire anyway and let me tell you why.

To start off, more than five years ago, before any of the current slate of GOP hopefuls or prior democratic contenders, he saw and said what would happen if government continued on its fatuous ways. Even before Obama, he described the current state of America’s Federal government as a philosophical danger that only represents the status quo. He described it as immoral because both republicans and democrats in the executive and legislative branches of government were destroying our personal and economic liberties. Five years ago he stated that they believe in internationalism over the constitution and that banking, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, medical industry, the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry interest are placed before the interest of the American people in the name of profits.

Many of us, as ill-informed as we are, forget that the austerity measures via stimulus as pronounced by Bush and Obama, and countries in Europe, are not what is needed to deal with the problems resulting from the financial crisis of 2007 but instead aid the speculators who brought the crisis in the first place. Paul is the only person who addresses this.

He speaks openly how the UN uses America to act against its own interest and how they took us to war after WW II in Korea and that we have been there ever since. He points out how our major trade agreements including NAFTA and our involvement with the IMF, WTO and World Bank drain US economic resources for other nations and not ours. He is against internationalism and believes most government should be local as well as speaks openly how democrats and republicans alike are weak on immigration and do not care about the nation’s borders based on past inaction.

To bring our budget under control he notes we needs to stop spending. Unlike Republicans, he will not cut domestic programs to do this but rather stop all foreign aid abroad, close all of our military bases abroad, and bring home all of our troops. If we don’t take such measure, not only will our sovereignty be questionable, but we will have an even bigger financial crisis and a collapse of the dollar is his view.

His observations are well supported as both democrats and republican administrations amass massive deficits that continue to grow annually. He attacks republicans for when Bush was elected, he doubled the size of the Department of Education, increased entitlements and implemented a prescription drug program, none of which were paid for.

He says that the federal government spends too much, tax too much, borrow too much and print too much. This has resulted in a currency and sovereign debt crisis. He would end the IRS and not replace it with anything using history as a framework saying that the nation lived without an IRS until 1913 when it was established (16th amendment). He would prefer tariffs and similar fees.

What makes him different from the Republican candidates and Obama is his understanding and approach to foreign policy. A common example of his is showing how Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein used to be our allies and then became our enemies. Our aid t these nations and our presence in Saudi Arabia for example fuel their hate. We give billions to Israel annually and three times as much to Arab states because of our global policeman stance and desire to want in roads to Middle Eastern oil. Cutting foreign aid alone would save hundreds of billions annually and would be sensible foreign policy if taking care of America was more important than policing the world putting military lives at risk. For as Paul ask, who do US troops in Germany and Japan help America’s defense and protect our national interest? As it stands, the US military is in 130 countries and have more than 700 bases around the world at a staggering annual cost.

He believes we should become energy dependent, drill at home and develop alternative fuels here in our own backyard. Government from his perspective should not give any global multi-national corporation loan guarantees because it fosters malinvestment and obviates free-market. Why because from his perspective, welfarism and corporatism create more and more poor and hungry people.

Last but not least, unlike Obama or the GOP, Paul believes in legalizing freedom of choice to the extent of legalizing marijuana. His position is that it should be obviated from the jurisdiction of the federal government and that states should be left to decide to regulate it as was the case before 1937. This is both a 10th amendment and free market issue from his perspective.

Now I could speak more on his desire to get citizens to understand the importance of monetary policy to how the Federal Reserve is responsible for job destruction in the nation through fixing interest rates and expanding money, and not liquidating debt to let prices fall subsequently propping up bad debt, but I doubt if most folks take their politics to the same level as I do prior to selecting a candidate. Another reason why I like Paul over Obama, he is the only candidate talking about a return of the Gold standard since history shows us all great nations who went off the Gold standard eventually failed.

Bottom line is based on policy and position alone, Dr. Paul is what I desire in a President more so than any of the GOP fanatics and President Obama. I do not select a person because he looks like me or is the same color or race. The way I see it a rapist, black or white is still a rapist. Unlike many black folks in America, I study the issues and do not vote based on trivial pursuits or because someone tells me I should. I am no Uncle Tom but for me it is Dr. Paul over Obama any day. Im just saying - so call in tonight and let us know what u think.

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Janet Shan said...

Raw Dawg Buffalo -- You make some compelling arguments about Ron Paul. I am very disappointed with President Obama, as I suspect many people are. But I find Ron Paul a hard person to understand, particularly since he was linked to a racist newsletter. Maybe I am wrong to feel this way about him, but how can I take someone serious who wants to abolish all mandates, especially those that help the poor and elderly in this country?

Drago said...

And bear in mind that most people CAN vote Ron Paul for president regardless of whether he's nominated by the republican party or (probably) not.

Forty-two states permit write-in votes during the presidential election. That is, voters can write-in the name of anyone they please on their ballot for president.

Voters can write-in the name Ron Paul for instance.

The only states that do not permit write-in votes are HI, LA, NE, NM, NV, OK, SC, SD .


Anonymous said...

You are not an Uncle Tom -- just idiotic to support Ron Paul. For the most part, his policy proposals are either destructive or unattainable. I only appreciate his hatred of war and the war on drugs. Sadly, I think for him, these two issues are primarily about money. He doesn't mind state governments locking up tons of folks for drug use.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting Dr. Ron Paul. Its just so hard to convince "us" you know? Keep on voicing your opinion & telling the truth about Ron Paul no matter how much backlash you get. Spread the word that Black Americans DO support him & will vote for him!

Robert Fallin said...

For your vision, Torrance, you are a giant in a world largely occupied by midgets. I'm over 60, and I may have nearly as difficult a time in convincing my age group to consider Ron Paul as you with your race.

I figure the "racist" newsletters once associated with Ron Paul, were "dirty tricks," and I've seen many of those in my career as an amateur political operative. In any event, I figure murder of American citizens by executive order, torture and TSA outrages eclipse any doubts anyone should have about Ron Paul. After all, we know these things to be true about George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stephens,

What an excellent read! I hope you run for office. Seriously. Washington D.C. is in desperate need of honest and intelligent men like you who understand the problems and have the right solutions. You certainly would have my vote! Currently, Ron Paul is one of only a handful from either party that I could call an "honest politician". We need more of them!

Kelso said...

For about every person and political leader in South America, Ron Paul is the only choice.

Why? Anti-imperialist, anti-corporatist, anti-banking cartel, anti-drug war, anti-Federal Reserve, anti-"Free Trade Agreements", pro-fair neutral trade with everybody, anti-debt, anti-inflation, pro-asset based monetary systems, AND IN FAVOR OF REMOVING AMERICAN BASES AND GOONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

The Andean Region of South America is 1/3 descendants of Spanish African slaves of the pre-Simon Bolivar era, 1/3 Mestizo or trigueño (light brown-skinned with either indo-European or indigenio features) 1/3 huge divese pool of immigrant cultures from all over the world.

Hugo Chávez is a Venezolano Mestizo and he's for Ron Paul. Dilma Rouseff, a White European, and President of Brazil is for Ron Paul. Evo Morales is an Indigenio and he's for Ron Paul. Cristina Fernández De Kirchner President of Argentima is a White European woman and she's for Ron Paul. Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador and the world's most popular president my approval rating within country. and widely regard as he world's most intellectually-gifted head-of state is a Mestizo with Caucasian features and he's for Ron Paul. Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, a Mestizo, is for Ron Paul, Jose Mujica, a White European, and President of Uruguay, is for Ron Paul. Ollanta Humala, the President Of Perú,an Incan Indigenio, is for Ron Paul, the leading oppositon candidate in Colómbia, Sergio Fajardo,a White European, is for Ron Paul. And the leader of the Panaamanian PRD opposition, Nito Cortizo, a Mestizo, is for Ron Paul.

South America's most famous peace activist, ex-Senator Pieded Córdoba, of Colómbia, a Black Colombian is for Ron Paul and well, that's no surprise because (a) she's for peace and so is he (b) Barack Obama and Alvaro Uribe put a price on her head and the heads of her children as some weird retailiation against Hugo Chávez for merely asking for the return of his gold specie held in custody by JPM-Chase and the Bank Of England. I don't know what the connection there is other than they are both Christian pacifists.

This the same Obama Administration which tried and failed to assassinate Hugo Chávez in May of 2009, and Rafael Correa in September of last yaar.

Any people are worried about A NEWSLETTER? THAT HE DIDNT WRITE?

I've been Torrance's co-host for 3 years now and there's one thing I can say with certainty: neither of us are idiotic. I agree with Torrance that Dr Paul is the best candidate in the campaign for the USA and the rest of world. For all the reasons we cited.

I am very encouraged at the largely favorable response to Paul on the comment page and I hope I've made a case that race and color plays no role in how South American power players of far better social conscience than Obama view Paul. Certainly not as a racist money-grubber but as a man of peace and a great economics mind.

If you want more war and more inflation and higher taxes and continued gifts to the banking cartel Obaam's your man.

If you want peace,personal liberty, lower taxes and sound way out of the USA'S economic problems, Paul's your man. I can't vote in USA elections and neither can my father who like me can only stomach two American wellknown politicians: Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney and she isn't running.

I merely wanted to address these absurd calunies against a good man who deserves every American's support. That's why i went through tedious list of politicians and their colors. To point out how absurd this slander is. Why would Córdoba support him if he eere a racist?

She's Black. She's very well acquainted with a lot of American politicians because Colombia is such a US-conrolled country and the US DOESN'T WANT PEACE IN COLOMBIA. BUT THERE WERE TWO SHE COULD ALWAYS COUNT ON TO HELP WHEN SHE TRIED TO INITIATE HOSTAGGE FOR PRISONER EXCHANGES: ex-Rep Bill Delahunt and yes RON PAUL. WAS HE DOING THAT FOR MONEY?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is also against the Civil Rights Act. The racist newsletters weren't "tricks," Paul has made excuses for them ("I didn't know what was in them even though my name is on it!"). Whether you believe the excuses or not is up to you, but they happened and weren't faked.

Libertarianism is a ludicrous pipe dream. If you think that a "free market" will suddenly provide health care cheaply and effectively to everyone, for example, you're blind to the realities of the inner city. Racism and other externalities exist and would prevent that. And that's what the government is for: to protect those who need it.

Ideals are great but we need pragmatism and practicality to progress. said...

Hey, there's so much useful material above!