Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why Obama Needs To Let Israel Fight For Themselves

As President of the united States, I don’t bluff.” These were the words of President Obama, sounding as bellicose as the neocons of the prior administration and prior. I guess to take a lyric from a song from Sesame Street and replacing lulu with Be Be, “Be Be’s back in town. Not to mention I’m sure it was to impress Mr. Netanyahu, Israel and the AIPAC Zionist lobbyist who vote he will definitely need for a second term.

The statement from my perspective was disappointing and demonstrates the president, as Bush, do not understand history nor evince the capacity to learn from it as if re-election is the paramount of all things. As it stands we have sanctions already in place against Iran and an oil embargo, why do we need to purport military action as our only form of redress? Who are we to ask another nation on behalf of Israel to not pursue nuclear ambitions? Israel has nuclear weapons and we as a nation are the only one to us them on another nations, thus it seems logical that one would expect Israel to use them before Iran or even the United States.

Israel is not and never has been honest in its announcement it affirms the necessity of Palestinian self-determination. Even at the end of the Reagan years when the PLO accepted UN resolutions 242 and 338 – recognizing Israel’s right to exist within the 1967 borders. But still, Israel continues on its unilateral imperialistic religious intolerance and militaristic attacks against the good faith of Palestine and the diplomatic process.

The present administration, the way I see it may get the nation in a quandary if it continues to play “Charles Atlas” for it is not Israel who is having sand kicked in its face. They continue to build settlements and close Palestinian schools in the name of self-preservation and Zionism before truthful dialogue. All US Presidents in the recent decades have confronted this. Just review the relationship between Yitzhak Shamir and George Bush – it was Bush who pointed out in concert with James Baker the obstacle with expansion and new settlements in the occupied terror to peace.

The Palestinians only had about 20 percent of their homeland left after 1948 and live in less area given the settlements are connected by a maze of roadblocks and military checkpoints. For more than forty years Israel has ruled the West Bank in such a manner that has created a system of Zionistic apartheid. In 2008, they waged war against the Palestinian people again, from the way I see it, to shift attention from them dealing with the real issue. Although not simple, the fact remains that Israel interest and US interest do not intersect let alone coincide. They ignore the reality of any solution that will require a Palestinian state and capital in East Jerusalem with folks who meanwhile take over the West bank giving praise to the beliefs of a psychopathic killer Baruch Goldstein.

Then here at home, if it aint the ADL it is AIPAC who would rather take the position of Be Be Netanyahu than a sitting President of the United States of America. This is treason to me and maybe they should replace the “A” with an “I” and go to Israel. Last I looked they were not fighting two wars or shoulder to shoulder with US service personnel in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Obama should forget even trying to convince this group of non-Americans and Israel of anything. Their interest as I have stated are not US interest. Moreover the stuff we do to try and show them support are not doing any good for America. Even our Joints Chief of Staff has gone on record as saying the manner in which the state of Israel deals with Palestinians motivates the Muslim world to ferment anti-US sentiment.

Obama, you need to be hard on Israel. Wee not their sugar daddy. We say we have their back regardless but as an African American man, I know guilt by association. I know that I am not going to jail for a rapist or a murderer even if my friend. We need to take the same position. We need to tell them not to start a war straight up or hit them with sanctions, cut off all streams of our funding to them and better yet, tell them no more tanks or jets. We cannot trust Israel as history has demonstrated inordinate times.

If Israel goes ahead with airstrikes, Iran will hit us also (another reason supporting their position is not in US interest). And If I were the President, no secret the US would come before them and if they did send jets to strike Iran, I would shoot them down via a no fly zone.

A lot of US don’t read and would not remember how they tried to bait us into a war before. In 1967, the USS Liberty was attacked by unmarked Israeli jets and ships and resulted in the deaths of more than 30 US service men, but this was covered up by Lyndon B. Johnson. I would not be surprised if the tried to do the same again and blame Iran.

Please Mr. President, do not fall into the trap of doing Israel’s dirty work for them. In the end, it will be our economy and the blood of our young men and women who pay for their insolence. Military spending is already draining our economy and fighting for a Jewish state, when we in policy deplore Islamic states, is undemocratic in principal if it ignores the Christians and Muslims who occupy that same nation state also.


BuelahMan said...

Its not just a Jewish state. We are fighting/defending a Jewish world order, for they already control virtually every monetary system and governments.

Anonymous said...

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