Monday, April 09, 2012

Michigan Highway Sign Hacked...Displayed "TRAYVON IS A NI**ER"


BuelahMan said...

Why are you feeding the meme?

I know more black people that call each other nigger than white people calling black folk that "word" (and I know far more white folk than I do black folk).

Its the divide that the PTB want you to prepetuate. We either know it for what it is or we feed it.

I'd like to know why you are feeding it.

S. McLean said...

This is extremely unfortunate but non the less the use/context/commonality of the term differs by class/race/location. I live in the 6th most segregated city in the nation so I've heard the n-word from more White people than Blacks. Either way the history behind the term is painful & its remodel to replace the "er" with an "a" to lighten is blow is unfortunately a linguistic fail.

ModeratePoli said...

I'm amazed at the stance by many conservatives who have a knee-jerk reflex to defend Zimmerman and tear down Martin. However, this change to a sign could've been done by someone from any ethnic or racial group. It just takes the desire to provoke.

I wish I could say RIP Trayvon, but there's no reason for peace yet.