Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will Anna Brown Be Next After Trayvon? Homeless Black Woman, Booted from ER, Arrested & Died in Jail..

Anna Brown, whose home was destroyed by a tornado in 2010, went to three different hospitals complaining of leg pain in the days prior to her death, including her visit to St. Mary’s that led to her trespassing arrest.


BuelahMan said...

And why do you make this a racist issue? Do you believe (even for a second) that this couldn't happen to a white person?

WTF has happened to you?

This is a horrible thing to happen, but it is related to poverty and the stupid assed healthcare we have in America... not race.

Stop feeding the bullshit, Torrance. Please.

I am not your enemy. The sooner poor folk (no matter the color) stop the bullshit and hold the rich bastards who do this shit to ALL OF US accountable, the better.

This feeding the meme will ONLY cause more divide. You are smart enough to understand this. So, what's your motive?

Anonymous said...

I would argue that this is a race problem, also a healthcare problem and a poverty problem. It can surely be all three. But why say racism doesn't exist in our country when it clearly does?

BuelahMan said...

There is nothing in the posted video or links that suggest it is race related and could happen to any color person. Equating it with the Trayvon case is ludicrous and reeks of some ulterior agenda.

Does anyone other than myself understand what a propaganda unit the MSM is? When they spew such BS as they have with the Trayvon case (or any issue that gets the air-time this has gotten), there is another agenda. THAT IS WHAT THEY DO.

Torrance is smarter than that. So, wtf happened to Torrance to fall into the game?

Will you black folk start agreeing with Mike Tyson, now? Or te Black Panthers? Gimme a break.

Don't you see what they are trying to do? Pit all blacks against all whites? They need the war (especially Obama who will lose without the black vote) and will do anything to keep us at each other's throats when it is their throats that we should focus on together.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to take your meds today huh?

BuelahMan said...

I take it you don't (or likely "can't") understand.

That is too bad.

Feed the divide. See how it helps the minority.

I am not your enemy. Just trying to help.

Dzil said...

This is, "NO" doubt, a travesty and Our pre-occupation with devaluing life at every turn. How many had an opportunity,to help,say,inquire or do something from the moment she went in the hospital to point of her death,yet stood by occupied,detached,oblivious and apathetic to cries,needs of another Human being. This is beyond race.

BuelahMan said...

They fuck with your head and you fall for it:

Stop falling for it.

If Zimmerman is a murderer, allow the law to take its course. If he's not, let the law takes it course.

Neither way should you allow the propagandists to cause a race war that takes your eyes off the real thieves and culprits.

You are much smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

Went to three different hospitals complaining of leg pain in the days prior to her death, including her help to write an essay visit to St. Mary’s that led to her trespassing arrest.