Tuesday, May 30, 2006

plush opus in the metropolis

I had a good weekend. But I have been reminded once again that there is a lot of work left for us to change the mentalities of these fools proclaiming to keep it real in these streets. I was hoping I didn’t have to write about this mess no more, but what makes it so bad is that last week I heard that there was shooting at home for one of my home boys (who I do not know personally) Mario Mims. Mims was having an album release party for his new album under his stage name of Yo Gotti. Now this was May 19th, but I just found out it actually happened. Although the say they only heard one shot at the Plush Club on Memphis' Beale Street, three people, a man and two women were injured.

Some at the crib think it was due to a beef between Gotti and another Memphis rapper
Miscellaneous over the song "Memphis Walk." Which was released by released his version of the song two years ago while Gotti just did his version of the song and put it on his new album.

I guess it is like the Mumps or TB, because this shit is going around unabated. I mean in New York over the past week, a bouncer is suspected to have shot four men following an argument in front
Opus 22 Cafe and Lounge. The shooting left a 25-year-old Puerto Rican man dead with three others wounded.

Then there was the
shooting last evening at Miami's Club Metropolis. The result was one 22 year old man dead of a knife wound and another taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital after being shot in the thigh. Metropolis is a nice joint based on my first hand experience. Some of those there in Miami for the event included Yung Joc, Usher, Nelly, and Slim Thug all attended functions and performed at different clubs throughout the weekend but I have yet to find out who was performing when the chaos occurred. I don’t know if we will ever learn our lesson, but at this rate, we will be listening to country and western music, let alone, have any fans to attend these venues to keep the hip-hop game lucrative.


Melissa said...

That is why I keep my ass home LOL!

chris said...

dang...that is so messed up. when will we ever learn. the sad part is that the people who are doing the wrong do not see the error of their ways.

Kim said...

This is what make me afraid to do the clubin thing, an usually it is the innocent ones that get hurt.... The rappers does not make it any better because of all the beef they carrie with one another...

Ri said...

Why dem man want to be called Gotti anyhow?

bashfulT said...

Yeah, going clubbing today is bad for your health. Everytime you look around someone is shooting. Young people are so ready to pull a gun. What ever happen to fighting with your hands. The worst thing that could happen is that you come out battered and bruised, but you live!

Emanuel Carpenter said...

I'm so glad I gave up the club scene and years ago. Ain't nothin' but a meat market that gets shot up these days anyway. Even if I was single, I wouldn't be hittin' no clubs. I'll just keep my 38-year old ass at home and watch DVDs with the family.

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SincereCaramel said...

I know I think that that is what is so disturbing about "hip-hop" if you will (before we get into a convo about what is real hip hop) they really take this thug, street crap seriously out of the streets and into the lives of opportunity they have created for themselves on the premise of keepin' it real. It's annoying

obifromsouthlondon said...

the rap concert. a minefield. young men rocking menacing scrolls for no reason other than "keeping it real". real stupid.

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