Thursday, June 21, 2007

full of shit

How many folks do yawl know who have been described as being full of shit? I myself have been described as full of shit, however mostly by women who had some feeling of intimidation about me or my being, or by long time friends who questioned my desire for education – albeit in love.

For example number one, take the following:
ME: “That some stupid shit”.
HER: “You full of shit. You think you know everything. Going out to eat is cheaper than cooking.”

For example number two lets take this:
“Jones main, why you wanna go and get a PhD., you got too much street in you, them crackers aint gone let you get no PhD. You they worse nightmare. You full of shit Jones.”

One should never be proud of being viewed as such by any being. In fact they should be looked at and valued and appreciated. Too many times the simple interaction between individuals goes forsaken and taken for granted. One could easily say “maybe you are right” or “you might be the one Jones to get his PhD I know main”, or something like that. But what do we do, we get defensive and tell folks they full of shit. Unless it is in humor.

I figure we mostly say it when we feel uneasy, and it is quicker to berate and degrade rather than to value or appreciate. We do it because we are unsure of our selves or maybe even plain ole hateful and evil, or worse, jealous. The proper use is in that of the unbelievable as in example number two. But it should never be used to vilify ones thoughts and associated cognitive processes thereof. Another use could be to use such to explain work policies that say you cant make money outside of them own your own even in view of fourt amendment rights (one has 100% ownership of their labor).

Although I know some people full of shit, I don’t say it out loud often, and actually pride myself on being above such. But then again that’s subjective and I am human.

11 comments: said...

I'm sure people has said I was "Full of Shit" at times, maybe I have been. Who knows. Basically I speak my opinion. (right or wrong) And to be real...I know sometimes my opinion is crazy. It just is how I feel at that particular moment...So if I have to be full of shit...I plan on spraying it everywhere. Holla!

Mega Rich said...

It least you aren't pretentious.

dc_speaks said...

lol...ahh to be misunderstood.


AVIANA said...


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to my little blog! It's always great to meet new people in this blogworld!

First did you find my blog? Urs and mine are on complete different sections of the spectrum. Oh well...good you found me! :)

Well this full of shit idea is interesting. ur right that some people do use it to berate when they have nothing else to may be a sign of how small they really feel...but don't believe that you can't get a PHD when ur black. 3 of my female friends are strong educated black females who got their phd in 3 different areas! 2 are professors teaches at howard....

go for it...don't let anyone put you down.... i firmly believe some put u down because they know they can't achieve what you have yet to achieve....keep striving!


Mizrepresent said...

Great post T!

DJ Black Adam said...

I am generally too aristocratic and basically arrogant to even consider the statement if it is directed to me lol

I Kid U, I kid...well about the "generally" part anyway

S.K. said...

I tell people their Full of Shyt ALL THE TIME!!!!

To me its an effective form of communication. I could say "you're lying to yourself" or maybe "I respectfully disagree". But no, that wouldn't express how the foolishness that came out of someone's mouth has pissed me off.

So although I see your point. Your full of shyt!!!! I'm kidding.

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