Friday, November 09, 2007

Riddle me this….

In the honor of former vice president Dan Quayle and his speech to Fisk Graduates when he attempted to quote the UNCF motto and said “ A MIND IS A TERRBILE THING NOT TO HAVE” LOL

1] If I ask you to come and share my bed with me, hold me and exchange bodily fluids and u wont, why would one get mad and does one have the right to be mad at me if others or another will?

2] Why couldn’t I take lighters on the airplane but can take matches, when I can order two bottles of Absolute, get a napkin and make a Molotov cocktail?

3] why is so much emphasis based on voting in Amerikkka when it is not a democracy, but rather a republic, where land owners make decisions and not the voting populous?

4] How can one incessantly blame others for things, when they own up and take responsibility for their actions, when they themselves don’t accept the consequences and ownership of their actions?
5] What will it take for, and when will, balling, frontin', playing high post and flossing to go out of style?
6] Why did TI ask the prosecuter if he could have 95 family members over for Thanksgiving and did he realy think he would say yes?

…….Bat Man.


jali said...

T.I.'s request killed me. I don't get his at all.

I get pissed when they take my lighters at the airport - it doesn't make sense.

I got those out of the way so that I get to talk about this:

Sounds like the person who declined your wonderful offer is trying to control you. Perhaps her stupid plan was to keep you in "begging" mode and she felt she had the upper hand until she learned that you don't play that gsme. She's got some real nerve to get mad. Sex is a good thing - too bad she missed out.

Don said...

2) Damn good point.

3) It supposedly coincides with the rest of our "free liberties."

4) You just gon' put the mirror in my face like that, huh. lol.

5) A collaborated, detailed and insightful book authored by the both of us. Either that, or there is no hope for the future of Black America.

6) Still thinking it's a game

Anonymous said...

Guess TI figured it don't hurt to try.

Ballin', fronting is never going out of style. You know how much this country loves money.

Ticia said...

TI is a dumbie... DAMN!!! He is out of control--

How are you doing?

"D" said...

What it do, Raw Dawg!

1) If we are disturbed by an outside source, it is not they that disturb us but rather our judgment of them. We tend to want to posses the object of our desire and there is a disturbance if one fails to meet our expectations based upon our desire to posses them. LOVE is freedom, justice and equality..... in a true relating between a man and a woman exist there is no need to look to an outside source to provide us with our pleasure seeking behavior...

2)Like most historical events, they lead us into giving up our civil liberties by a sensory overload of our emotions.... 911 - they got us emotionaly involved by an "attack" on our soil and told us that giving certain freedoms up was for our protection.... an example.

3) As long as they lead us to beleive that we have rights and that our voice counts, we will be blindly fed to the wolves.... happens all the time over and over again. When we learn to see truth we will begin to take a stand as a people.

4) refer to answer we are distracted as people... we choose to lay blame and focus on others actions so that we have no time to face self.

5)When we learn that human nature is not designed to desire more, more, more of everything. We are conditioned, only self has the ability to wipe out that behavior by knowing one's self and the patterns of action and reactive behavior.

6)Cause TI is a hot dayum mess, thats why! lol Closed mouf don't get fed huh?

Have a great night....
Peace and love,

the joy said...

TI. Stop it. You know half those people is your boys.

You know they sell those lighters on eBay, right?

And America is a republic? I thought it was a dictatorship!

Shelia said...

It's the weekend, warm me a glass of cognac, light the fireplace, put on some Rachelle Ferrell and Will Downing and ask me those questions tomorrow.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

jali - i think she missed out too, but if she wanted to control me, feed me LOL

DSon - I didnt mean to call you out, maybe we ought to get a tv talk show

souther gal - dang so i should give up

Ticia - im hangingt in there

Deanna - on point once again

The Joy - either way its facist. LOL

Anali said...

Congratulations on the new book! ; )

Blah Blah Blah said...

#1...Obviously you were asking the wrong woman...::wink::

#2...Umm, I don't know about you...but wasting beer/alcohol...but especially unimaginable.

#5... I don't know but I hope soon...'cause my gold fronts are killing my gums.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

anali - thank for the accolades
Blah - i dont either its just the diabolical in me u know, the profesional criminal wo a criminal records that Marvel comics descrive supper vilians as and u ay i should have asked u?

Lola Gets said...

I thought Qualyes comment was:

"It is a terrible thing to lose ones mind, or not have a mind to lose in the first place."

Or something like that. That fool was always making idiotic statements, so its hard to keep track of them, lol.

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