Friday, November 16, 2007

Stupid pet tricks

Got damn revenuers. I tell you, at this rate, I will never run out of stuff to say about our government. I just found out that my tax dollars have gone to file an indictment against the all time home run leader Barry Bonds. A federal grand filed this for perjury and the obstruction of justice lying.

Of all folks, the Federal government have some nerve to call anybody a liar or to accuse anybody of obstructing justice. Last I heard, the filibuster was still used in the hallowed halls of congress. And why, for steriods? From what I have read, this is the result of a four year investigation. Four years – they don’t even take four years to investigate each other (senators and congress persons), or to investigate the fowl-up of FEMA with regards to Katrina, or why the mortgage lending industry has lead to an increase in foreclosures across the country, or why it take 93 cents to make one Canadian dollar, or why the Veternans Hospitals of American can’t provide health care to men and women who serve our country.

Streriods are a marvel of science. The are used every day. In medicine alone, they are prescribed daily to people who do not play sports to assist them with recovering after surgery. Steriods are also extremely useful ( both male and female sex steroids) in mediating or protecting against cardiovascular disease (CVD) and hypertension in some individuals. Anabolic-androgenic steroids are even used for alcoholic liver disease. Why can’t sports figures use them but regular folk like you and me can?

And why Barry Bonds, they didn’t indict Rush Limbaugh for his drug addict behavior of abusing Oxycontin. Shit, I bet half the folks in the legslative, executive and judicial branches of government are taking some prescription medication that is a steriod by the definitions of organic chemisty that learned back at Morehouse. Organic chemistry is the study of the properties of carbon-based compounds that are organic.

Just tell me, who are the members of this Grand Jury and why not make them take drug trest to discern if they using steriods. Why aren’t their names made public? We know that our current President is a recovering achololic and cocaine addict but they don’t indict him, and he running the country, spending more money than we have and sending men and women to die daily in a war over an emotion.

I tell you, is it just me, or is their no pragmatism in government anymore? Im a libertarian, but I feel that George Orwell when he penned 1984 and Aldous Huxley when he wrote Brave New World may have been right. You think Ray Bradbery will be next, I man wil they start burning books like they did in Fahrenhiet 451? Or is this a replication of an old David Letterman skit called “Stupid Pet Tricks?” If so can we put folks like this to sleep? Just a question.


Anonymous said...

Always knew this country was a Monarchy, all they need is roman numerals behind their name

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Anon - so true, I'm mad i didnt make the comparrison, not to mention they got henchmen like that anal pore i wrote of named Robert Lindsey wrote that
Prison is Good for Black Men.

I mean, i think u meant to post this comment to KINFOLK CLIQUE but i understand

guerreiranigeriana said...

lol at the pic of bush!!!...fuckin hilarious...

Anonymous said...

I was done when Congress had a meeting regarding Hip-Hop.

hottnikz said...

They are always pulling something out of their hat to divert attention from what's really going on.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

guerreiranigeriana - the real Bush Baby

Gal - dont know what qwe gone do with them folks, wish we could run them out of town

hottnikz - do tell, i know we dont know the half but im down for new and interesting tidbits

Kayos said...

I came by to see your spot. Nice. Really Nice. I so agree about the monarchy. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "Let'sstop the madness. Vote democratic." So on point.

I did respond to your comment. I just wanted to let you know and hopefully you won't stop visiting.

Thic Flair said...

Dude, it don't get no righter. The "purgery" of Bonds for roids playing a sport is insane. The REAL laws that go broken in this country are nothing, its all about the roids. LOL. I'm so moving to Canada.

Anonymous said...

They persucuting them but when u say something about Bush, u wrong - go figure

Mega Rich said...

Yeah, I peeped this when the story dropped. The sad part is that the Giants organization knew it was coming down the pipe. It is probably why they wouldn't renew his contract. They are trying to disassociate themselves from him.

Don said...

The entire MLB should be indicted along w/Bonds if it's that serious. It's not like the league itself hasn't benefited and displayed a blind eye from the steroid use.

Bonds is the holder of the HR record. They can't have that.

Also, sometimes George W. Bush makes me think he still continues to sniff lines of that good ish.

The Master (De)bater said...

Distractions, distractions, distractions...what's next-- will Bill Cosby say that Clarence Thomas is his homeboy? These people need hobbies that DON'T involve playing with people's thoughts.

ATLcutey said...

is that dubya bush as scarface? hilarious! lol.

Blu Jewel said...

your reference to G.B being a recovering addict is right on point. we're a nation being led by someone who's prone to fall off the wagon (though i'm inclined to think he was never really on it).

i'm so sick and tired of time and money being invested in the dumbness that we're surrounded by. tell me how assclowns such as Enron, Aldelphi, and congress are gonna make good on the bullshit they've done.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kayos - thanks for the drive by, but im a libertarian

thic - dont move and leave us here

Rich - nice to lout a voice w the face and they all in the same gang

Don - u know with a nose like his, toot toot, its beneficial

DEbater - i didnt know he said that - damn

Atlcutey - glad u liked it

Blu - i think he done fell of the wagon

mp1 said...

that pic is dope! being watched by boss-no more to say

Anonymous said...

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