Monday, October 24, 2005

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcok did it 1st Mr. President

One of the best horror flicks I ever saw coming up was

Alfred Hitchcocks – The Birds. In the movie, Birds was (im country)
rolling like crips wreaking havoc on a small lily white, coastal
town. A few weeks ago, your boy G.W. got on the television set,
read a few tele-prompted words that he likely didn’t write
and played the role of contentious national leader. The speech
was on the war with Iraq, fighting AIDS, and guarding against
new health threats, namely the Avian Influenza virus.

Just a few weeks after the President did this, we began to see

a few more situations manifest. First the British government
said a strain of bird flu that killed a parrot in quarantine is has
made it to Europe. The bird died from the same strain that killed
61 people in Asia over the past few years. It has also been observed
in avian species in Russia, Turkey, Sweden and Montenegro.
In Russia, The latest incident of bird flu was in Tambov,
about 250 miles southeast of Moscow
Meanwhile back on the home front, the president actually

requested from congress, the power to use the military if
a bird flu pandemic ever occurs. He has also met with major
pharmaceutical company big wigs including GlaxoSmithKline
and Merck & Co., asking them to develop a vaccine against
bird. For some reason I feel that the President may have
already dropped a few vials of the H5N1 in the hands of
some of his cronies.

I hope I am just being far-fetched, cynical and conspiratorial

but it is very ironic, that almost two-weeks after The
President gave his speech talking about the threats of
at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, we
begin to see first: 1) news coverage outlining the risk and
scaring the general public, 2) news releases that
pharmaceutical companies will begin mass production of a vaccine
that we don’t or won’t know will work, and 3) outbreaks of the
virus in countries across Europe. I don’t know how much risk
we are to the bird flu, frankly I feel a greater risk of being
beaten to death by a cop or crashing on I-285. I wonder
what will be the next thing the government uses to scare
us into denying our civil liberties and moving us closer to
martial law and a police state. If it is a remake of an
Alfred Hitchcock classis – I ain’t buying it.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

I loved that movie! I love anything AH made.

But I feel you on this. I think its kinda funny cause a few years back they use to scare us with everything caused cancer, but when that didn't work now they're trying to scare us in other ways.

Martial Law? I don't know if the American people will allow them to do that. They'd be to many rebellions on that front, but it'd make a great book. LOL.

Arriet Till said...

I totally hear you and have been having the same paranoid thoughts for years including a few big brother theories. I think martial law is a possibility if implemented under the right conditions using fear, ignorance and intimidation. Let's hope Congress denies his request.

Anonymous said...

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Pricelis said...

Rolling by and thanks for stopping by, what did you mean "I would suggest hip hop is dead as nas did"?

btw. I do like what you got on your page.

Clever Elsie said...

Thanks for checking out Singletude.

Your commentary is dead on. I'm thankful that we'll be seeing the back of Bush II in a few months.

I hope you'll update this blog soon. You have a powerful writing style.

Anonymous said...

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