Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Needs Improvement

Around the world, the United States is become more
hated each and every day. From Europe to Africa,
and especially parts of Asia from China to the
Middle-East, we can see a back lash against the
historical practices of our government. Most folks
around the world consider us to be a selfish,
spoiled and arrogant folks that tend to be
pompous and unfriendly to other cultures.

This sort of overt behavior directed toward the
US has resulted in a wave of anti American
sentiments which not only places us individual
citizens at risk but also our economy. The Anholt-GMI
Brand Index has recently reported that American
companies are suffering from anti American sentiment
from countries abroad. The Index is an analytical
ranking of the world's nation brands. Based on
their findings, Australia has replaced Sweden
as the world’s strongest nation brand followed
by Canada at number two.

The United States received high marks related
to overall investment and quality of products,
but was ranked eleventh overall, behind countries
the likes of New Zealand and France. The report
went on to suggest that the reason for this is
due to U.S. foreign policy that seems to foster
hostility towards the United States. The report
also noted that the United States received high
scores for popular culture but came in last
in when the countries overall “intelligence
and integrity.” We need to adjust our selves
in this country. Not only are we no longer
saving and investing, we are also less well-read
and academically sound compared to other nations.
If we don’t tackle this problem of anti-American
hatred while at the same time working on improving
our personal intellectual and fiscal capital, we
will be continue this downward trend and end up
lower than the rank we have now.


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Fever said...

Is this really a surprise? Look at where the emphasis in society is. We value movie stars & athletes more than doctors & people working in the communities. Look at how the education system is treated. At times, it makes me ashamed to say I was born here. Oh wait...maybe I shouldn't b/c then I'd be a traitor like Michelle Obama.

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