Sunday, October 09, 2005

iyad allawi–the new saddam

It has been two years since we invaded Iraq. Now, I think
I hear the fat lady singing. By the time this article is published,
the elections or so-called elections will have taken place in
Iraq. And, the person with the best chance of winning is
likely to be the existing U.S.-backed Iraqi Prime
Minister Iyad Allawi.

Dr. Allawi first left Iraq in 1971 and did not return until
after the U.S.-led invasion. Many of his own countrymen
see him as just a U.S.-government appointed puppet.
He was one of the sources the U.S. used to obtain
intelligence on the country to justify its invasion. And, yes,
he was officially on the U.S. payroll, and worked directly
with the CIA in an attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 1996.

<>Now, Allawi is set up to be the frontrunner. He has
advantages that many of his opponents do not have. For
example, as the interim Prime Minster, he controls the
newly-formed television station and can run commercials,
when others cannot.

And, most of his campaign methods are unethical. For
example, he recently presented 5,000 food baskets—containing
his campaign literature—to poor Iraqis living in Baghdad’s
slums. It is also reported and documented that he has
distributed tape recorders and $100 bills to reporters and
teachers across the country. Allawi is using money to buy
votes and gather political favor from journalists.

Once upon a time, Allawi was a Baathist along with Saddam.
What makes the present administration think he will
be any different from the last dictator we removed from
leadership in the country? Inquiring minds
would like to know.


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