Friday, March 17, 2006

black skin-white mask

Yo main, your folk got a lot of flack for checking Jill Nelson in the previous post from SOME folks on this list serv I belong too called Blackexpressions. Its supposed to be inhabited by writers of fiction, non fiction and verse among other attributes descriptive of one who writes letters. It seem as if some of the members have a problem with me protecting my folk in the intellectually astute manner in which I defended my home boys, Three six mafia. It is obvious also that they despise pimps, but yet fail to realize a pimp can't be a pimp without ho's willing to trick. And we all know that the only thing a ho, who is willing to trick cares about is loot. Not love, wanting a family or a man, no, loot.

Being such as the case, I would like to suggest that they study one of my Idols, Frantz Fanon. Unlike the average mother fucka, I read "The Wretched of the Earth", Toward a dying Colanilism", and "Black Skin, White Mask" before I was out of high school. No teacher made me read it, I just always had a chip on my shoulder and figured i was at war. He was th personification of anti-colonial revolutionary thought back in the fifties.

Fanon's life as a black intellectual in a white world dictated his understanding of the colonizer/colonized relationship, specifically since he was a psyciatrist by training. He knew and wrote about how racism generates a damaging psychological impact on people of African descent because the universal standard for the colonized is a white norm (the consequence of a racist culture).

In Black Skin White Masks, he describes how language and being marginalized as a result of an unchanagable attribute - race, can create a pathology in the oppresed simply as a function of assimulation. By doing such, he suggest that black people take on the responsibility of opprssing black people other than themselves, on behalf of whites because they learn that standards of the white/western world are the only stndards of importance. From his perspective, being colonized by a language has a major influence on ones belief orientation for it is the most effective way to assimulate and assume a foreign culture, inclusive of the beliefs of that culture - even that which equates being black with evil and christian sin. As a consequence, we as people of African descent try to dissassociate ourselves from that conception of evil by acting or being white as possible - even to the extent of vilifying others who don't match the same standard of whiteness (Three six in this case). This epidermalization of cultural values according to Fanon, seperates our belief orientation from our body. So to dog three six and their ways for example, is a way we as black folk seperate our personal consciousness from our blackness.

I just wonder will there ever be a day when we take of the white mask.


Naro% said...

Sounds like some bootlickin brewing. To bad you had to break it down elementary style for some of these "Kneegro's" But self hate runs deep real deep, so deep some "educated" cats loose sight...
Stay up!

show me the money said...

"And we all know that the only thing a ho, who is willing to trick cares about is loot."

in this instance, three six mafia got pimped, so that makes them hos ...

but i agree with ya -- it's all 'bout gettin' paid. that's all that matter to the ho *and* the pimp.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i guess they got pimped seeing they have sold close to 300,000 more units since the award. good lokin folk and Naro - i still question if there are educated or trained. Friere in Pefagogy of the oppressed wrote that such a mentality is inculcated in folks

Ladynay said...

Personally, I don't like the song or alot of durrrty souf music. I'll listen to some songs and even do that side to side snap your fingers dance, but it sounds the same after awhile...just as most general forms of rap does....

Nor do I watch award shows anymore, the same people winning the same stuff over and over...yayyyyy

I am glad that they made history, according to your comment they made alot of money by the exposure. That's all fine and dandy.

I guess the thing is that Oscar committee, which is most likely a group of white men with a splash of others, chose to highlight and introduce white america to dirty south music with a song about how hard it is for a pimp. A song that isn't all that positive an up lifting. Then again most rap now a days isn't.

I don't believe that some people's displeasure for them winning this award is a thing of self hate or people having their white mask on.

I do understand your position though, I just don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along.

feels good b n FREE said...

its something to me...that this issue is still so alive. i know that racism is alive and well...but this struggle in our race about whether to strive for acceptance from white society or to define ouselves and stand alone.
Ideally, being able to resist the urge to "whiten" ourselves would be the way to go. But how can we deny the the need to assimilate to live a fruitful life for ourselves and our children? I mean some opportunities... we can snatch, but mostly we have to "behave" in a certain way to get them.
This also suggesting that we on our own would not have the "civilization" that whites have. Which I totally disagree with. Why is it that the ignorance of most hip hop and other such buffonery is considered "black" ? (i'm not against all hip hop)
When if you ask me, hip hop is no longer a pure expression from the mouth and hearts of urban black youth. Rather it reflects an ignorance and glorification of the ghetto and the hustle.i've lived in the ghetto and watched street hustles out front ever one there is too happy about it, trust me. But rappers can escape the hood to the hills somewhere still rapping about living that life? However, this is not, by far all there is to the black experience.
White music execs puppet the hip hop industry. There was no coincidence that 3 6 mafia won...these are the types of songs that the white run music industry wanna pump into our speakers, into our communities and into our heads. I don't disagree that there are pimps, hoes, strippers, drugs and so on...but is this something that we in the black community want to continue to flaunt? When there are also excellent students, artists, entreprenuers, families, love, and a resiliance that through all the hardship and poverty exist.
I just believe that as intelligent African Americans we have to be careful not to pick a side so to speak...but to be wise, vigilant and be the caretakers, the eyes and the voice for our people. A voice other than that of hip hop which is highly contrived these days.
I don't take away from the joy experienced by the guys from 3 6 mafia, or the places where they come from. But they are just young men, tryna make a difference financially in their life and feel accepted by the white world (the oscars)Why are we so happy and cheering?? Because we love that "whitey" approves. Come on seems to be going both ways. 3 6 mafia are enjoying themselves, smiling, and living it up...all while being used.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

go a head rodney kink -i mean Ruben, and its ok for us to have disagreements lady, and you are right also diamonds - its just a philosophical truth that has yet to be dealt with by us as a collective

P said...

Thank you!

I have been looking for the name of that book. . .

Another book to read: Winning the Race : Beyond the Crisis in Black America, AND Authentically Black by John McWhorter. . .If you haven't heard of him. . .well, Ah, there's the rub!

I'm not a nice Gurl said...

To answer your question "will we ever take off our white mask" Yes but only to replace it with another. What is up with the terms "our blackness" and "whiten ourselves up". I believe part of the problem is we all catergorize ourselves which has a profound effect on how we go about expressing our thoughts. We've already limited our ability to think outside the box. My question is what are really fighting for or trying to prove. I think its safe to say that we are free. What we've chosen to do with our freedoms is absolutely astonishing and rather embarassing. I will say this we, white black or otherwise, are more alike then we care to admit.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

one cant be free if u have to ask another for your fredom - as Fanon wrote "it has to be activelly persued..."

Miz JJ said...

"It is obvious also that they despise pimps, but yet fail to realize a pimp can't be a pimp without ho's willing to trick."
Because all ho's are willing and make their own choices. And all ho's are in it for the loot. That is simplistic thinking.

Also, what if I don't like 3 6 mafia's song because I find it misogynistic and simple minded? I don't think basic respect for women is a white standard of importance.

VerseOne said...

I remember once hearing that it can take half the length of a relationship to get over it, after a break up. so what that says to me is that we have lifetimes before the realization that we are wearing a mask is even universally accepted.

i think that if we (meaning consciously active people) work with our children and future generation on educating them of our true self then we can possibly speed up the process. check my "blog", i wrote about it a while ago.


Ruminations of a Racial Realist said...

...As a consequence, we as people of African descent try to dissassociate ourselves from that conception of evil by acting or being white as possible - even to the extent of vilifying others who don't match the same standard of whiteness...

I think there is a concept in mainstream psychology which is reminiscent of this known as "identifying with the agressor."

Ruminations of a Racial Realist said...

In Black Skin White Masks, he describes how language and being marginalized as a result of an unchanagable attribute - race, can create a pathology in the oppresed simply as a function of assimulation.

I find it interesting that despite his keen awareness of how assimilation affected the black psyche, he (like Richard Wright) was married to a white woman. I think it just goes to show that even though there were both brilliant thinkers with regard to their understanding of racial oppression, they didn't necessarily have the emotional resources to translate that into practice in their personal lives.

Professor Zero said...

...As a consequence, we as people of African descent try to dissassociate ourselves from that conception of evil by acting or being white as possible - even to the extent of vilifying others who don't match the same standard of whiteness...

RR said:

"I think there is a concept in mainstream psychology which is reminiscent of this known as 'identifying with the agressor.'"

This is a useful point. I have been
thinking a lot today about how difficult and exhausting it is to explain to these clueless white guys I have to deal with at work how and why they are screwing they can improve...why it is important...etc., etc., etc. To get through, one must be diplomatic and kind, etc., etc., etc.

One can become so understanding, that one risks 'identifying with the agressor' more than with oneself, or with the oppressed.

This, of course, is to be avoided.

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Blk Cowboy said...

As usual RD Buffalo pulls the sheets off of white america. in reply to LADYNAY. writers of today's music and movives with black influance, they have gotten away from what wrting a score to a movie is all about. the music is suppose to reflect the movie, it relates to a particular part. Gordon Parks did it well in his movies; SuperFly. Fred is Dead. here the song don't make sense see the movie it is clear what the song means at the time Fred is Dead... as negative as it may sound Three Six's song made the movie and the movie made the song. when you hear it without seeing the movie it can be considered a 'negative' song. when you see the movie and relize the person the environment and what he wanted. it all boils down to most blacks are still "black skin with a white mask"

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Sounds like some bootlickin brewing. To bad you had to break it down elementary style for some of these "Kneegro's" But self hate runs deep real deep, so deep some "educated" cats loose sight...

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Kim said...

Nice conclusion!

It's interesting when we look at the way slavery was abolished and the way states were drawn up. It's this lack of interaction Fanon describes. The colonizers tell the subjects they are free, and so, parallel this with a lack of agency. What is it to be a human, a man, a black person if one feels they have no humanness, and one's colour has connoted a meaning. What politics is one left with... What it means to be these things is highly political, economic, and philosophical.

It's also cool you read BSWM so young.

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