Monday, March 13, 2006

just as bad as george bush

I found out last night that the drama I wrote about a few weeks ago when I was at Slice, when Slick Pulla got shot, seems to have the entire Corporate Thugz camp on edge. I don’t seem to understand, with all the loot being clocked, and March Madness around the corner why all the drama, the gun play, and the inability to use ones head as opposed to ones ego to solve or avoid problematic situations.

Seems like this disagreement between Gucci mane and Jeezy is gonna hit the fans one day big time. Albeit I believe that these folks likely employ others to do their dirt for them in the form of organized hits,
Every since prosecutors dropped murder charges against Gucci Mane based on a lack of evidence in the shooting death of Henry “Pookie Loc” Clark III. Clark was shot and killed after he and four other men burst into a house and threatened Mr. David last May. Clark was affiliated with Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thug Entertainment and likely a member of the Under World Gangsta Crip set round these parts from S.Georgia.
Seems like everywhere these folks go, one or the other set folks are looking to do sever bodily harm to each others camp. In Alabama, Jezzy and his boys allegedly got shot at and run out of a club according to some folks of mine who happen to run a bar in the city I will not name now. And to think all of this garbage stems from a dispute between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy on the song "Icy".

Def Jam asked Gucci, who is with Big Cat records for the song to be included on Jeezy's album but wasn’t down for that, which meant, Jeezy would have to take a loss for the song. Although Jeezy denied any connection to the attack on Gucci Mane, the connection with his folk, brandishing duck tape, brass knuckles and gats seems to be a contradiction. While in jail, it was also alleged that Mr. Radric “Gucci Mane” suffered multiple injuries, including having his teeth knocked out and some cuts on his face.

Then last night, Jeezy was arrested in South Beach, for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit after an alleged shootout in Miami involving some of his folk over (get this) a man with a video camera filming did not give his camera up when one of Jezzy’s folk asked for it. When he didn’t you guessed it the ubiquitous club parking lot shot out erupted.

According to twelve ( the police) and eye witnesses, a fight broke out near the 1200 block of Washington Avenue when Producer-Tramiel De Juan Golden was caught fighting on tape with several men by a man with a camera. He asked the man for the camera and escalated when man Raheem Karriem started shooting. Golden and Steven Lesley Savain were arrested also as a consequence of this mess and previous warrant for his arrest.
So what does this tell us? Well not much of nothing other than the fact that fools seem to be in requirement of some thoraizine. I just write about the silliness because in the long run the shit is so stupid and so pathetic, that all folk can do is laugh. I just hope no other folks are dropped in the crossfire. And I thought George Bush was bad.


ProfessorGQ said...

all of these rappers with these dumb names and limited subject matters like Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane need to be banned from the music industry indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

how many folks would they be shooting w/o rap is scarry - rdb

The L said...

ignorant people need hobbies too, right?

Anonymous said...

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