Friday, January 18, 2008

thank we free

Yo folk, this is self-evaluative…. we some fked up folks. We seem and appear to care about the mundane, music, sports (of which I am guilty also) entertainers, what folks think of us and anything that really has no direct bearing on our immediate lives. I spent tonight looking at "Boycott": The Montgomery Bus Boycott while I figure many folks were or are out having fun, at a bar, or a club or just out in the streets. And for the record, Jeffrey Wright and Terrence Howard put it down. We didn’t have such worries or cares when we were in the bowels of slave ships being transported to foreign lands.

It is just that now; our slave ships are landed in front of us, on walls and in our bedrooms and come with remote controls. The folk in Montgomery went 381 days without riding the bus. Taking cabs, car pooling, walking and what have you to express their passion for right and showing that thing were not, as the say ALL GOOD. We can’t go without a telephone, a car, a television, the club, or any other material contamination with out bitching and complaining or fusing. Then there is the conundrum of being too lazy to read and the tendency to take what ever we see on the cathode ray tube as being gospel without query.

I aint trying to be deep, albeit folks say I am and chastise me for such, but if the perception is that I am, then so be it. I’m certain Martin King Jr. said the same. But necessity and reality dictated that he had to be deep for others were too shallow(2 quote Gnarles Barkley "its deep how u can be so shallow"), to soft, to scared, to un-informed, poorly read and too preoccupied with the surface contingent to observe that things were not as good as they appeared.

See I still remember when I was six, and Dr. King was murdered in my fair city of Memphis. I can still recant of that day. Of my uncle marching from Hamilton High School, the same school I attended, with the same teachers that taught him and my mother and her sisters, heading toward downtown to burn it down – and that they did. That night all over the city, I can still see to this day the National Guards in their jeeps and on every corner, telling me directly, couldn’t play outside after 8pm in my own yard. I could see the flames lighting up the sky all the way from downtown.

Yea folk, we got a problem, we thank we free, not think, for if we thought, then we would discern the opposite, that we are still, if not more slave than ever. Our passion is not justice, or liberty or self-determination but instead, money, fame, status, and the penchant to not to wan to be bothered about any thing that requires rigorous thought, planning or rumination.

So I write this, take the time to pen these ruminations of mine in honor of the aforementioned man on the weekend leading up to his commemoration. For I learned from him and others that there is a great urgency to attempt to present the invisible to the blind, in times that are perilous when the masses cannot. You see, I take pride for being able to recant his speeches, as well as those of others, and knowing that I have read nearly all of all he and such individuals took the time to write from within the corpus of their being and spirit via their intellect. See I am a fighter for what is just and even worse what I believe in as long as it is not petty. I don’t like to box, albeit I can, for I’d rather beat a person down with brain cells. My momma always told me that if you wanna hide something from a nigga put it a book. I took that lesson to heart and came to realize aint no body deep, others are just lazy and desire for others to do the work for the, So with that said. Dr. King, toast to you. Good Lookin'.

And my folk Eb .... thanks for making me reflect, i guess i cant help it...u good people


Fat Lady said...

You are so right. Makes me think of my favorite Harriet Tubman quote, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Anonymous said...

I see why they call u raw dawg. Wish more men were like u and had your brain. Thank You MLK for living in RDB

memphiz said...

I wish we didnt focus/care so much about the material world and that we actually focused on things that matter...once again good post you never let me down on a good read!

Anonymous said...

As we approach the elections it's imperative that we unmask the deception that is about to pervade the minds of us so called free folk. If we view history for what it is, we will realize that the same tricks that were being played fifty years ago, are being masked by the material deception of modern entertainment and fools gold. We are not free at all, only shackled by consumer debt and as election time approaches you will begin to see a mass of confusion as the subterfuge reverses the so-called gains of the sixties and replaces prosperity with desperation. These are tell tell signs of a worn democracy system covered in blood. Not only will this be a financially bankrupt system, but spriitually as well.

Tony Oh

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

all - good looking, only took me 6 minutes to write the blog 4 minutes for Newton so go figure, guess sciences is eaisier than passion

anon - im flattered. but if they kill me better be able to step in my shoes, i dont deal with lames

memphiz - u welcome, just me writing from my hear as usual

Tony Oh (mdia2live4) - it cant be worn, for Amerikka is a republic and not a democracy.....but well said as usual scholar

Jaded said...

History always repeats itself because the next generation always thinks they know better, and that it could never happen to them. Most people have very short memories, and selective ones at that. It's easier to remember the good times than to think about the hard work it took to get to those good times. Many people feel entitled...that somehow, someone owes them something...and because if this, they don't want to work for it. They don't want to think for themselves. People want what makes them feel good and they want it right this red hot second. It could be material things or status. It could be power or fame.

This apathy crosses all boundaries of race, religion, socio-economical status, all of it. People paid dearly so that all of us can be someone and have something. God forbid we also realize that now it's our turn to pay something, figuratively, so that the next generation can be even more than we can imagine. It's an instant gratification, apathetic society in which we live right now. I just wish more people would think for a change. I wish more people would realize that what happens to some affects us all as a society.

As always, a most thought provoking post.

LexyB said...

I c u!!! Hotttt..I feel u!!!

Temple said...

Torrance Stephens I just found you & I'm in AWE! The points you make in this post many "free" people would consider fighting words. But they are fact.

I'm about to get comfortable & read every post here.

dejanae said...

damned if this aint some of the truest shit. We too busy sleeping and can't see how far we have not come.

"D" said...

Peace Torrance, Brovo! *clapping hands in a standing ovation*

You hit very valid points in this blog, much more “deep” than just MLK and what he undoubtedly did to serve not only his people but man kind in general. I choose to say deep cause; unfortunately, you are right in that people are satisfied with superficial surface bullshit. Thinking seems to be a tool not unlike an ancient artifact that must be dug up in order to see the benefit. And that my friend is why I choose DEEP.

I have used a quote many times when I have commented on your blog and it is speaking on seeing the “unseen” in the seen. This is everything your blog is about. We as people, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, along with the many sub branches of those as well as any other human beings on the planet that are not in the “gang” of the illuminati ARE ALL ENSLAVED. It is exactly what they intended and we ablige smiling all the way through it cause we perceive we are free and in control of ourselves. See, physical slavery is one form of oppression but mental slavery is the unseen in each and every one of us. We all have it in some form or another. It boils down to the basic understanding of ones SELF. Broken record, maybe but if one can understand a human problem in totality, they can understand all human problems, for they are all interrelated. We are obsessed with status, with gain, with possession. You see people willing to die for the attainment of something they deem will give them more esteem and value in the eyes of another. It could be the man killing his wife, cause if he can’t “have” her no one will…..possession. We see it in the car jacking…. I will take your life so I can attain and posses your vehicle because not only will it feed my ego of possession but also in the status I will gain on the streets from being a hard ass mutha fu**a. We see it in our willingness to let our lights get turned off just so we can be sportin the latest Gucci sweater at the club Friday night so we can impress not only the predatorial men but also so we can have the envy of every otha broad up in there. We see it in our obsession with sexual pleasure, resulting in a natural instinct being turned into a death sentence because we have to have that nut right now and we know nothing of our partners other than they got a fat ass, nice tits…….. or he got a big d**k or he drive a nice car. We went from no porn, to soft porn, to hard core porn, to snuff porn and we still need more stimuli in order to even get wet or hard. We see it in the drug and alcohol abuse because we are so dysfunctional; we need to constantly escape our own selves. We see it even in parents killing their own seeds because the kids have become a burden in their ideology of how they think their life “should” have turned out. We hate each other based upon our color of skin, our differences in spiritual beliefs, or financial statuses. We choose to associate with people based in how it will advance us, how much clout we will receive from it. We are obsessed with the lives of others because there is a reality TV for everything under the sun and the funny thing is, that it ain’t even reality at all. It’s a business like any other business that is all about ratings and money.

"D" said...

But we are obsessed. We don’t even recognize what we are doing; we are just moseying through life clinging to one falsely projected reality to another. The TV, as you stated is no different than the little instrument the hypnotist uses to dangle in front of your face when they want you to become catatonic. We sit in front of it day after day absorbing the cryptic information and stimulating visuals without ever even looking at what they are telling us. We are just becoming entangled into the web even if you are a child watching a cartoon. Have you watched some of the cartoons? I spent time with my niece and nephew over the holidays and I was appalled at what my sister allowed them to view each morning on the TV. Now I am not opposed to watching any and everything, however, I would have been sitting right next to them asking them questions as to how they were interpreting what they were viewing. People will argue that children should be allowed to be children, yes, I feel that. But what happens when those children grow up programmed by what they have been viewing with no guidance all their lives and they are now the adults in the world in which we live? The TV without the proper breakdown on ones interpretation of events is nothing more than the illuminati’s way of sitting down talking sweetly to our children and asking them if they want some candy (which obviously they won’t say no to). But the TV has become our children’s babysitter. Shit, we even put them in every room and in our cars and if the kids act up, we pop in a movie for em to be entertained by. We don’t want to be bothered with them, our own children. Furthermore, WE adults don’t even know how to see the unseen in the seen. We sit our happy asses in front of the TV all day ‘ery too, absorbing and being hypnotized. We are creatures who are constantly avoiding pains and seeking pleasures. It is a saddening fact.

DISTRACTION! We are distracted human beings. We are controlled and enslaved by our own lack of awareness of our emotions driving our thoughts into actions. And what is even more unsettling is the fact that when we recognize one of these imbalances in another person, we exclude them from our thoughts, we have no compassion for the condition their mind state may be in because we are selfish and it isn’t our PROBLEM to deal with. Quite the contrary, it is our problem because those imbalanced people make up our families, our neighbors, our cities, our countries and our world. It is very much our problem.

All we actually “have” is our minds. That is the only tool worth possessing. I believe, Torrance, that the reason your spot is so hot is because you continue to bring thought provoking messages encoded in your use of language. I sincerely apologize for always writing short stories on your space but the information you bring to the table is not the kind of information one can ignore if they are among the thinking. Thank you brotha for what you do because even if you get one person to grasp onto something real as opposed to the falsified reality they have created, you are performing a justice to not only your people but all people.

One Love,

Blu Jewel said...

Preach it man! I am so feeling you on this and what your momma taught you was a valuable lesson. Like you, I've always used the books to my advantage and edification instead of thinking they had no value.

Your intellect and sharp point of view is what we need in our communities and lives. We need lessons (posts) like this to remind us of our needs and NOT our wants.

You have no idea how this post warms my heart and edifies my mind in addition to reminding me of what truly is important.

You dat dude!


VAR said...

Beautiful post, T.
Would love to sit down with you one day on the ranch and hear some stories about your days in Memphis as a young'n.. :-) I always wonder do folk in that town appreciate the history there. I've been to the Lorraine Motel a few times and it's like steppin back in time when I see that building but I often wonder what was it like to live around there back in the day... You need to teach a class on just being real and have the ability to think as well as be a muh-fuggin raw dawg...roof! lol.. Much respect, main.. :-)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...


D - damn !!!! prolific like pro football. thanks for the suport and the brain candy...and maybe a new blog title....falsely projected reality again well said and thank for the smile...leave it to u

dejanae - classic....cant see how far we have not come (another blog title) thanks

Temple - thanks, whats your URL and i hope u do come back

LexyB - thank u, me hottt, or the words, i hope the latter

Jaded - u hit it o the head...apathy. Its a disease we all have, sometime i wish we were invaded by aliens so we could get shit together for our folk...the HUMAN RACE

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Blu Jewel - I always looked at myself (and my boys do too) as scholar priest) direct descendants of the Dogon. We'd be cleaning our guns and trading newspapers and stealling each other books. Thanks 4 the accolades

Var - u need to be up in this camp now, when u moving here? miss u folk

Aunt Jackie said...

for the record Jeffrey Wright kills it every single damn time.

additionally, we are so damn far from free as a people if anything half the damn time i think we're moving backwards, as though we miss shackles and truly don't want a free mind, body or soul. Dress our daughters like hoes before they can reproduce, buy sons gold grills who don't have GEDs and the media plays us like pawns!

I long for a simpler time, although i can't recall when i've actually known one. I know that my mother shut down her university with the BSU for a black studies department that today is barely valued. i know my grandfather marched in Birmingham, and me...I just try my best to keep my chin up and chime in and do the best i can to keep images of black people in sync with who we really are when it comes time to make the television that numbs the masses!

Jaded said...

Unfortunately, it takes some huge tragedy like a hurricane or a terrorist attack to get our collective heads out of our asses to realize that we are ALL responsible for the success or failure of our nation. We have to start small and be an instrument of change in our communities.

I know that many will think it's easier for me because I'm not black, or even that it's offensive for me speak of racial situations. I don't pretend to know what it's like to be black, how could I? I'm not hispanic enough to some, because my family is from Spain and I'm not "latina." It apparently doesn't count if the hispanic part comes from Europe. But as long as we allow our differences to divide us, we will never make our similarities work together for the greater good. We each have a rich history of culture and tradition that we should share with each other. That's how we learn and grow as a people. But until we all realize that our cultural difference don't make us at odds with one another as human beings, we will never become what we should nation - indivisible.

Just my opinion.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Torrence,

Sorry but it looks like I’m the contrarian today.

It has only been 143 years since the end of Slavery in the U.S. That is barely three lifetimes. Taking that into consideration and then studying other groups who have gone through similar atrocities I must say that we are doing amazingly well.

I understand that there are issues in certain parts of African America but there are also huge numbers of enlightened, successful and brilliant African Americans.

They are doing amazing things every day that I’m sure are making our ancestors proud.

I think many of us can work on the things that you mention but I also think that we have to acknowledge our success as well.

What other people have come from being enslaved to where we are today so fast; none, but us.

What do you think?

dc_speaks said...

T, let me first applaud you for writing this post in 6 minutes. excellent!

I truly appreciate the ability to join with another brother(though we've not met or ever spoken) in addressing the ills of pop culture corruption and fascination in our young children and young adults alike. Also, to be able to stand in unity and at times denounce the political stances being made by our current administration(and all other branches alike)that affect our day to day living, is a breath of fresh air.

Taking a imagery peek into your history was certainly more powerful and passionate than most posts I have written or read in quite some time. I could feel the anger and confusion of being taught that you couldn't play in your own front yard. I could look through your eyes and see the billowing clouds of grey and black smoke.

Keep fighting the good fight with your brain, brother. We have more brothers that stand strong and it will take more to effect major change. I'm proud to make your acquaintance and look forward to seeing our children grow up in a society that wont judge them by the "color of their skin, but by the content of their character" a society where the likes of P.aris H.ilton and B.ritney, celebrity sports figures, and musical artists of the like won't be the history and the model from which our children aspire to become.

I too have a dream that minds of people, not just us...but all people will be freed from the bondage that is their minds, rife with the confusion of being isolated from events long since past, can learn from and embrace the sacrifices made in order for us to have the "freedoms" that we have now.

thank you, T. for not writing a grass roots testament of your past, but by feeding with meat---not with milk.


shelia said...

Thanks for keeping it RAW. It saddens me to see how much our ancestors fought for the rights we now take for granted. This generation is a "me-me" generation only caring about themselves. Maybe if they understood their history more just maybe they would get out of this crutch. It's like going from one form of slavery to another...being a slave to materialistic ideas.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Aunt Jackie - So true, he put it down in Shaft as well as Baptiste

Jaded - now we al know skin color dont make your understanding of being able to stand for what is right...blood same color my fellow human being

Deux - i respect your opinion and u may be valid on some respects, but what is the measurmenet.

if it is less men going to college or finishing high school and lower academic performance then maybe not

if it the less number of smaller business, black owned farms, and a reduced communication of men and women of the community to express the importance of being self - determined and collective responsibility, then you may be wrong.

If it having most of our millionaires coming from entertainment and music and sports, then u may be right

if it is a reduced importance of the family unit and an over disrespect for women then u may be right

If it is definining material as objects as oposed the caracter of ones heart and the mind, then i disagree

DC - I appluade u too. I dream that there are more of us out there, thanks to blogging and going to morehouse i have met a nice size corpus. Yea man, that memory sticks in my head like last night

Sheila - i could have said it no better Me-me

"D" said...

You're welcome, Profolific like pro that's funny. *winking* However,thank you for your kind words! Glad I could pull a smile outcha....

@ Jaded - You made a comment on people possibly thinking you shouldn't comment on race issues when you are not of that particular race. I say that is part of the HUMAN CONDITION. We allow the differences in us to seperate us from eachother. You are right, we all have a culture to share, the good, the bad and the ugly. But it is important to understand history not just as names of generals, dates of incidences and locations where they happened. It is important to understand the AGE in which it occured and by that I mean the mindstates of the people, all people engaged in such histrical circumstances. For even if a circumstance brings uncomfort or pain, it is needed for the growth of mindstate. So often we don't know how to apply forgiveness and compassion. Forgiveness is not about condoning the act itself but forgiving the actor for their act. If we were to understand the level of mind conditioning in the actor creating the act, if we looked deeper. We would undoubtedly find that at the center of their motive is their own pain, to a greater or lesser degree than our pain created by such act. Forgiveness is not about forgetting the wrongs one or many have done or for saying what they did was OK. It is about understanding and being aware that their act is telling you something about themselves. Wrong doing is usually a cry for help. When a bully punks someone for their lunch money, it is their own insecurities manifesting. You couldn't tell them but it is true. Anyways, I say, if someone of any race, culture, or ethnic background has an issue with your eloquent (true and respectful) comments on a subject, then that is their own insecurity. We are all human beings and if we could just learn break down the walls of seperation and learn how to be aware/understand the past yet, not bring it with us into the new moments...... not place judgments....... we would be able to move towards peace and equality. For every human being is perfectly imperfect!

@ mes deux - you are right. We shouldn't discredit the advancement made out of such a horrific set of circumstances. And those that are able to rise above, find peace of mind and exprerience success should be observed as superb examples of mind elevation. I believe where the frustration in a lot of the comments on this page comes from is a state of awareness that there is still so far to come not just for one group or race but for all of us to be mentally FREE. However, you are right....... and in reality, you should be applauded for bringing it to the table.

Dang T.....what the I move in? commenting to others on ya comment space. I oughta have my mouf washed out with.....errrr....ummmm...soap. LOL
Is there a lease app I need to fill out? LOL


Anonymous said...

Gnarles Barkley cut is a classic. And I will add, you have me thinking about not what I need to change, but that i NEED to change. Lem

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

D - lol, u a bloget now. Told u u need yo own time to hit the stree and be prolific lke profootball, plays stat in a few

jameil1922 said...


folk chastise you for being deep? chastise away. when people complain about black history content only being on in feb i ask, but do you watch it? answer: no. then stop complaining. they don't put it on because you won't support it anyway. no athletes no music no shucking and jiving no viewership.

Brownsoul said...

introspect...good stuff.

makes a sista think, but sadly i'm putting this computer down to watch celebrity rehab...

i'm a slave to reality junk.

S.K. said...

Excellent MLK Post!!

We as people have become comfortable with our precieved freedoms and liberties. I have to be generic and Quote Bob Marley but folk (me included) need to release ourselves from mental slavery/ None but ourselves can free our mind.

Thanks for the momnet of reflection.


What an excellent post! I'm glad u brought up the unity of the community in the '60's, ie boycott...our people complain about gas prices, but if you suggest we boycott..all kinds of excuses arise. We as a people have the power to cripple, but in reality we're being CRIPPLED by our own selfishness and ignorance. I'm glad MLK's not around to see the state of the black community. This is not what he, our forefathers and many of us NOW fought/are fighting for.

There's nothing wrong with sports, celebrities etc but when that bcomes ur priority instead of REALITY being the priority, somethin's wrong.

Jaded said...

*I* believe that we are all of the human race, but not all believe that. A number of years ago when I was still teaching in a classroom (my Masters is in Special Education) I was teaching lower level English. I had a number of African American young men in my classes, and most of them played sports. The problem they had was that school got out at 2:20 and practice didn't start til 3. They'd wander the building and end up for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. None did anything bad, but that wasn't the perception. So I made them a deal that if they all showed up in my classroom at 2:20, they could do their homework, stay out of trouble and get to practice on time. I had one fellow "educator" come to me and ask me if I was now a N***** lover, and if I was "doing" these "black thugs."

One of my students was recognized for overcoming a lot of horrible things in his life, like his mom was a crack addict and prostitute. He was given an award from the Society of Black Engineers or something like that. He thanked me. Afterward, he introduced me to the president of this organization, who read me the riot act. He told me I had no business acting as a mentor to a black male...that I could not begin to fathom what it means to be a black male in a white society nor how to become a role model for the black community, and that I was not only irresponsible for thinking I could help this kid, but that I was dangerous for doing so. I told him I disagreed with him. I told him that my goal was to help this young man to become the best person that he could be, so he could be a role model to everyone, not just other black males. He told me I was narrow minded and racist to think that this student should ever worry about being a role model to white people.

These are just 2 examples of many that I have from my years of working with what they deem "at risk youth."

So, while I absolutely agree that we're all equal parts of the same whole, not everyone does. I have been threatened, chastised, cursed at and yelled at for thinking that we are each responsible for each other, without regard to the color of our skin. I'm not saying that I deserve some special recognition, only that I'm profoundly sad that more people don't see that our communities are made up of many colors, and we need to focus on the greater good for all.

Thank you Torrance and D for your kind words. They mean more to me than you know.

Mizrepresent said...

T, this was a very important and poignant post...for those of us who remember and those of us who don't...i thank you for the reminder of what Dr. King meant to us, his struggle, his dream and what we must continue to do. I feel that our kids are lacking the knowledge, and moreso the spirit. Something we need to do as parents, and adults in the community is to remind them, because they don't think that a struggle exists, and yet i see it everyday. I'll do my part and i know you will do yours...because you introduce us to so much on this blog, and reading your essays...i am awed...that what drew me to your blog, your depth, your passion for mankind, but most importantly your love of your own.

Regina said...

Mr. Raw Dawg,
Very nice to meet you, and thank you for stopping by my spot and commenting. A very interesting and thought provoking post. If Martin were alive today I do not beleive he would appreciate the ineffectiveness of our people, but then again if he were alive to day would we really be as ineffective?
Part of today's issues are the lack of strong black leaders. MLK had the strength, presence, and will to motivate a nation of people, who do we have today with that level of power?
Today's people are to preoccupied with themselves, to motivate, move, a nation of other people..

CapCity said...

LOVES me some JEFFERY WRITE;-) ...but then He IS a DC native as well;-). Wuz UP, Brother ALL-MI-T?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

jameil1922 - thank u hon

brownsoul - but its not real

sk - we create own reality, the question is do we want to seek such freedom, or do we fell content and thank we free?

Jaded - u love people, let the myopic stay narrow minded, id raher have u have my back than some folks my color, but i still love u and them the same if that makes sense

Bria - i agree, but it s almost like it is bloodsports, and deception. none of it is real

Miz - u mking me blush, and are u saying im old? LOL

Regina - first call me t or torrance, and u are welcome, but u are right WE are to preoccupied with individuality...i try not to be, but still u are right

Cap - u know me, last of the professional criminals wo a criminal record

Ma'at said...

Fat Lady took the words right out of my mouth. the best way to keep a slave happy within the confines of slavery is to let him think that he is free. Amerikkka certainly has a great deal of us thinking this way. I love the fact that you are persistent in your realness and consistant with your style. You've become an excellent involuntary mentor.

Nakeel said...

You are so on point. "that we are still, if not more slave than ever"
Thanks for dropping by and will keep on coming back.

Don said...


If I wasn't awake before I read this post, I am awake now. Wide awoke. Man, you beat down the door with this one. If MLK was alive to read this, he would be proud of your direct nature. I like when a good read can take me to that place in time and capture the unimaginable nature of the day Dr. King was murdered.

Rawdawg, at his finest.

With the resources black folks now have at our disposal...we could really set the stage for the next generation. We could change the game.

Don said...

@ jaded: true.

@ "d": that record can never be broken. I once read about the Illuminati, and it hurt my feelings.

@ blu: torrance makes you just want to do something, doesn't he? lol

@ mes deux: I agree, great progress has been made.

all-mi-t, I apologize. Reading these comments make a person want to reply to the posters. I'll stop.

Don said...

This post is why I love blogging. I don't get this from anywhere else.

It's almost like bootlegging whiskey. lol. Dude your brain should be illegal.

Stephen Bess said...

Great post! I watched the Boycott with my wife and she was really inspired after seeing it for the first time. It's amazing how they [Black people] were able to agree for over 1 year that they were going to stand together on this issue. We have so much to thank them for. Yes, I am sad when I think about the state of our folk today.

Kai C. said...

happy martin luther king!

"D" said...

I LOVE great discussions!!!!!

lol@ Don....see I ain't the only one, but I feel you, can't help it.... the brotha makes folks think!

I had to come back and see what other insights had been brought....

lol @ bloget....guess I need ta open up shop.
Peace All

dc_speaks said...

some great comments left here. I'm glad I came back to see what I missed.

Hey, T. I posted on Sara Baartman as well. I'm feeling like enlightening as many folk as possible. For those that don't know, should know.


Jaded said...

It makes perfect sense. We SHOULD love our own, as long as we have enough love, knowledge and enlightenment to love others too. Thank you for that.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Maat - mentor, me , wow.

Nakeel - thank u for the visit and the compliment

Don - thanks s usual, u one of them few folks i was refering t DC about (as wel as him and rich, stephen Bess and few more) and my space on this page is your space so feel free

Kai C - thanks and same to u


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

DC = im gonna look for it in FEW

Jaded - u dont have to thank me for the truth, but u can fed me LOL have blessed MLK Jr. Day

Villager said...

All-Mi-T --> This is a powerful post. I appreciate you pointing it out to me. I hope that each of us uses a day like today to reflect on where we stand ... and I hope that each of us begins to live out the ideals/dreams of MLK 24/7/365 ... not just today.

peace, Villager

One Man’s Opinion said...

You have so many damn admirers. Add me to the list. You said that, sir and I agree 100 percent. You know, one of the things I appreciate about the blogging community is that I get to see my people writing and writing about topics that have meaning, in most cases. As far as reading, it is so important. I love that my little 2 year old nephew want me to read to him. He demands it, damn his spoiled little tail, as we stand in a sea of his toys. However, I am glad that he demands to be read to. I wish ever kid that looked like me was demanding that someone read to them.

You are so right. We ain't free. We won't allow ourselves to be. How many other races come over hear and just bypass us in living the American dream. An America that was help built by the blood, sweat and tears of people that look like us. We ain't free, because we won't allow ourselves to be. Boy, don't you make me break out into verse. You don't know me!

Great post. I love you for this one, my brother. Peace.

PrettyBlack said...

You left the comment on my blog about the eve of the king holiday pertaining to the haters. Hmmm I think I need to dig a little deeper or something so we can rap a taste about it. Was it negative or positive? Don't leave me hanging on this one...I answered you on the one about PrettyBlacks standard of beauty but I don't think you got that one either.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Villager - thanks u can cros post if if u want too, and how can i ge added to your ranking deux cents told me about it but i never checked it out

OMP - thanks man, and it sounds like your nephew got a lot of you in him (if he spoiled like that) which is a god thing, I should have mentioned your name with the aforementioned, ill go in to battle with u by my side any day

Prettyblack - id like that, and i left a comment on your page explaning wha i meant, nothing negative about u hon, ok

Clay Lowe said...

You are right my friend, we are prisoners locked in a prison that we cannot see,or touch, or taste...a prison for our minds in the form of mass media where we are told what to think, how to feel, and what to do.

If that is the problem, what is the solution?

My answer is that we need to read more and think me, to question everything, and form our own thoughts and opinions.



Nelson M. said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think we are all engaged in an information war. the tools for dissent exist, but too few choose to use them. We have gadgets and channels to keep us constantly entertained, but not properly informed. In fact, this all puts us at a deficit, because now more than ever complacency is a readily available commodity. It will take twice as much effort going forward to educate ourselves and those around us. It will take us twice as much effort to just understand what Dr. King would expect from us.

Keep up the good work.

Girly_Girl said...

Excellent post, Torrance. Your words gave me goosebumps.

I'm sorry I haven't been visiting your blog, Darling. I'll try to do better.

marcy Sheiner said...

Love your post on MLK, and love your blog.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

marcy Sheiner - thank u very much, i hope u do return frequently

Girly - ok i forgive u if i am stil your blog crush (goosebumps) dang

Nelson - anytime, and ill keep stoping back through if u continue to nourish my mind, and i hope i do the same

Clay - spoken like a true poet, in your words i know the dream still live via you too

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Excellent points.

Anonymous said...

One learns something new every time they stop here...

n'Drea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your compliment.

I'm loving your site and your thought-provoking articles that I've browsed through so far. I'll definitely be back for more. :)

This particular post is spot on. You've hit the nail on the head, RDB. I can't help but think that, in linking it to my Jamaican perspective, my country attained independence 45 years ago, but we weren't ready for it then, and we still aren't ready now. No wonder Marley said that we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, because none but ourselves can free our minds. Thanks for writing this.

If you're interested, you can also check out my other blog at
I think I'd prefer to link to your site from there.


PrettyBlack said...

The part that got me...trying to show the invisible to the blind...damn. You say you aren't deep, but I beg to differ.

I remember having a sit down with my mom and telling her how I used to get dogged by my own kind for being "dark" my mom couldn't believe it, she said I never would have thought anyone especially your own race would talk shit about your black beauty.

She said when I was born in '72 everyone was on the black is beautiful, black power, black panther mantra. It hurt her heart.

She said from one decade to the next have we fallen that far? I guess what I'm trying to say is we may need to experience harder times or have the harder times explained by people who knew it best in order to get back on track.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

prettyblack - well i hope u feel that can say whats on your mind over here and come back on the regular. and thanks for the compliment

n'drea - thank u too, and u beter cme back on the regula as well. and i wil rol the site u listed and chk it out

Koffee - thanks to m favorite dyme

S/C/W - thanks for the encouragement, sometimes feel as If i write only for myself and that no one is listening

Kayos said...

Every bit of this is true. I've said to people all the time if they think MLK or Malcolm X would be proud of our people today? In one word no.

It's not all good. It's almost pathetic but you're right. We care about stuff that shouldn't even be cared about.

I will say are perfectly welcom to blogroll me. I have no problems with that. Oh and just to expansd on your statement about hiding stuff in the book...I can take it one step farther. Hide your stuff in a Bible, they'll never touch it.

M.Dot. said...

Good Lawd T.
The one good thing about an Election year is that people are talking about the shit that I talk about all the time.

I wanted to go light today. Seeing as you went so hard and the paint....I ahem, can follow through with my plan.

Afrobabe said...

wow...that makes you think....time to change priorities...btw where are the nigerian pics?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This post was extremely poignant, necessary and on point!

Emmanuelle said...

MLK would have been so proud of your truthful direct nature in this piece this opened my eyes and even made me think all day...and i mean all day.

change of priorities!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kayos - u are s right, i mean the bible, so true, especially if they are christians

MDot - do wha u got to sista, a soilder too

Afrobabe - i got tons, mostl Video

Qucifer - thank u hon

Emmanuelle - thank u hon, al day, i bet thas the longest i have been on your mind, but happy too, for my words seem to enembrate yoyr mind (im a writer not a speller)

Tha L said...

Thanks for these ruminations bruh. So many of us have lost the will to think, to question, to fight...the will to gain true freedom has been beaten out of us by all the things you've mentioned. It saddens me to the core.

Bygbaby said...

I am not sure what can be said that has not already been. I know that the "fat lady" Harriet Tubman quote summed up a lot of things.

I do not think today that we are disciplined and or strong enough to repeat many of the actions that we done by our generation(s) of Negroes. Yes, we thank we free & in reality we are not for many of the reasons you mentioned!!!

Keep breaking it down.

Thic Flair said...

Son, you stay preachin. Its all been said, so I don't know what I really have to add. Just know that I feel what you said, its dope. We have beocme completely complacent in our comfort and failures in our success.

Anonymous said...


Marleaux said...

Great post and right on time. I'm sure King is smiling down at you.

BTW love Wright and Gnarls Barkley. Just a Thought is the business.

Cluizel said...

great post...

if only more of us read...preaching to the choir...

Exquisitely Black said...

Great post! I'd like to add to mes deux cents' comments. While slavery ended, the truth is that our condition remained largely the same until Dr. King and other forced the change. If you consider when we finally got the right the vote, you will understand that in terms of our progress, we're essentially 50 years old as a "free" people. Not a long time at all, and yes, we've made tremendous strides in that time, but agree with my brotha when he recognizes how far we still have to go.

Anonymous said...

U asked me to read it..and i's momma

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

tha 1 - im saddened too

Bygbaby - good look, u keep that mind of yours on ponit as i know it always will be and we can go to war together

Thic - will as long as u continue to do the same (do i need a collection plate?)

anon - hi back at ya

Marleaux - thanks hon, glad u liked, u likin the book so far?

Cluizel - reading is fundamnetal, but TV's are like HIV for us and there is no cure when , well let me stop

Exquisitely Black - thank u and I agree with MD2 as well

Baby momma, good look hon, didn't know u liked reading what i wrote and thank u

guerreiranigeriana said...

great post!!...*applauding vigorously*...wish i'd read it yesterday...well said...wish we could print it and pass out at the clubs, liquor stores and bars...

Trouble said...

thank you for stopping by my blog, just sorry that you had to catch me going off on someone! But I'm am glad that you lead me here. wonderful post

MsPuddin said...

When I grow up I want to write just like you. : )

What your mom told you is the crazy truth. I feel you what you are saying, but it seems we are so consumed in ourselves to want to change any of this. You know how I help? I don’t watch TV …

Great post. You should publish that somewhere so more people can have the opportunity to read it.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

guerreiranigeriana - u had me as a teacher so u know whats up

Trouble - the pleasure is all mines and believe that

MsPuddin - it will be in my next bok of essays and thank u. im waiting for my taste, a worthy?

G.Cook said...

Someone already took the Harriet Tubman quote I would have used but we have to understand that ignorance is bliss and some of us would rather lead some really blissful lives

Jackie Edwards said...

Torrance -
I can only say how much I appreciate what you said and admire how you said it. Sometimes we all need to take a step back, not just on MLK Day, but throughout the year, and honor how far we've come while acknowledging how much farther we still have to go! I will be sure to check you out regularly.

msladydeborah said...


Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I appreciate the encouragement.

I was born in the 1950's, The movements were as much a part of my growth experience as my toys were.

We were always been groomed to be the firsts. That is not an easy position to take on in life.

For some the first just to complete school. For others it would the first to go to college. Or to secure that job that had been shut out to our elders. We were constantly reminded that we were members of the race and we had an obligation to do what was going to be considered positive.

I mentioned recently that a one day boycott was not going to impact the economy enough to make a difference. Much to my surprise the young sistah that I raised this point up to~tried to tell me about Montogomery. When I asked her if she knew how long it took for that action to have impact, she said no~but they did it. What she failed to realize was there was a whole lot that went into boycotting.

I remember the end of the boycott and how all our people celebrated the victory of endurance. It was one that took time and effort to make happen. We are in a hurry up and fix it society. We do not indulge in damage repair. Opting instead to sitting back and letting someone else do it for us.

I am still amazed that there are black people who do not find value in being able to read. It kills me to hear that it is acting white. To me it is an act of defiance, towards anyone who believes that ignorance is bliss. Being able to read is the best defense against the lies and myths that are told about the world and the people in it. Many black people went to the library and spent hours reading to gain knowledge. Their version of home schooling was useful in helping to forge progress.
I taught for Head Start, I would have parents who would balk at paying $10.00 for a book, but would brag about the latest video game they had purchased for three to four times that amount. That indicates that there is a sense of misplaced values.
In my home town we have a Grade A library system. They won't even go get a free card. Meanwhile there are black people in other parts of the world who would jump on that opportunity and use it frequently.

I do not know what Martin would think if he had lived. Perhaps we would have come to view him much we do other black leaders. I am not sure if we would of taken some of the directions we did as a race of people, if he been around. Even Malcolm realized that there is value in connecting with people who have the same mindset to accomplish a goal.

Yes, we have made progress. But we need to continue to advance. We need to get into our communities and get things straightened out. There is no politican who can accomplish what is wrong within our mentality. Only a change of mental nourishment can help to turn things around.

But this is a thought provoking post. I appreciate what you said.

Stop by again to visit.
I will return to check you out.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

G Cok - thanks for the drive by, and blisfull is being kind, id say something else, but i will be humble today,

msladydeborah - I am in awe at your experience and blessed that u decided to grace my page with your spirit. I hope u do return.

Jackie Edwards - Thank u hon and the pleasure is mine and I agree it whould be a daily and self reflective reminder for all of us (human beings)

dc_speaks said...

damn...this is one hot post, fam.

big ups

Sincere said...

okay so I see i'm gonna hafta start paying you tuition because everytime I read I get something new to think on or reflect. thanks folk!! BTW this is one of the only times I actually liked Terrence Howard...


DC - man you know i know u got my back

Sin - well he is talented so i have to give him that. Id say my top three are Jeffry Wright. Terrance Howadr and Lorenz Tate

CordieB said...

Thanks for sharing this insight, Raw. I've been reading your blog for a couple of days, and all of the writings are truly eye opening and inspiring. My mom used to say we have a free education for a city full of dummys, whenever I did not want to go to school or apply myself. I can truly appreciate her sentiments now. We need to use our mindsin order for our race to thrive, if not survive. We all need to do more thinking but also "thank" God for our blessings and act like we appreciate those blessings. As, always, Peace, Light and Love to You and Yours. . . CordieB.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

CordieB - why thank u, i hope u do continue to chk me out and share what little i have to offer with others

Samii Styles said...

Truly we ain't nowhere near being free. But the truth will set you free. My moma always said, the only way to be free is to gain an education.

Great Post!

You added me to your blog roll...I'm honored!

L. Renee' said...

As long as we continue to walk around with blinders on accepting what is handed to us we will never be FREE.

Colin said...

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