Tuesday, August 04, 2009

America's taliban

I have been reading of the increased number of attacks across Afghanistan and Pakistan by suicide bombers. It seems as if the problem has only gotten worse and that the Taliban is making good use of an untapped resource, adolescent Muslim males from both countries. It appears that the young males have become the target of increased recruiting efforts because of their age and due to the fact they are very easy to influence mentally. And although the Taliban are not trained psychologist, they have managed to brain wash these young men beyond the [point of no return in most cases. Meaning they are will to die, kill and maim without fear or remorse for who they may harm.

I think in America, we have just a lethal concern with respect to brain washing of young men, in particular African American males. Unfortunately this influence comes from a large corpus of rappers. See to me, having a kids mind to the point of carrying chrome, and popping trunks, and pulling out choppers is just as nefarious as the Taliban influencing young Muslim kids to wear bombs and blow folk up. Such a belief is often recanted so much on television in the form of videos and on radio, that young males in this country take the belief that fighting and shooting another person is accepted behavior and remember lyrics loyally like young Muslims chant the Koran.

I am blessed to have raised what I perceive to be a fine young man, going into the 12th grade with a 3.1 GPA, 28 ACT (top 92 percent in nation), and a star baseball player. But I still worry about his future, I know he has made it to the 12th grade, something that less than 20% of African American males achieve, but I do want him to finish, graduate and attend college. Which bothers me because there are the other 80 percent American Taliban trained fools who, don’t read, and accept with out question, because they would rather attend to things they like, such as following athletes and rappers, than what may assist them in becoming worldly. For the truth be told, only an empty mind is acceptable to believing such tom foolery. So for me we have a big problem, and down here in Atlanta, it has only gotten worse. So let us see what we can do, and I’m not talking military intervention, but more so to provide alternatives to conflict resolution via words as opposed to guns – think we can get some stimulus loot for that?


Curious said...

I have no facts to back me up so if I sound as if I'm speaking out of my ass, well so be it.

As long as politicians are worrying more about securing their seats in the House and the Senate than they are in the social welfare of the country, you'll see no stimulus loot going where you would like it to go. Unless politicians can make money for their friends and maybe a piece for themselves, they won't be interested in finding alternatives to the problems of this country. As long as they can make more money in locking up people up or creating security systems that will tell someone each time you break bread or wind than they will in providing someone with a good education or the ability to tell the difference between good and bad then that stimulus money will never come our way.

Jay Midnyte said...

yea true but it aint just rap cuz its not only rap listeners who are blind to whats going on in the world. i think its more of a national problem caused by society as a whole

msladydeborah said...

I don't know if the stimulus loot is available or not. But, there is the old school wisdom bank. You have not because you ask not. Why not put it out there and see what happens.

My only suggestion is this.
Don't limit your asking to just the government. You never know who might find your concerns worth financing.

BuelahMan said...

Hey Bro

I can't relate, but the statistics sound horrible.

Your boy is growing up with a good father and role model. He is obviously inteligent in the same fashion as his Dad.

My own real commentary would be that this same argument could be made for the US military that recruit some of these same kids for bogus wars.

There may be a time that we should be fighting and killing others (if they attacked us), but what we have going on now is simple military fodder for the MIC.

I respect the military and all those that join (I served), but I do not respect the idiot leaders who take them to places they have no reason being.

Anonymous said...


nicki nicki tembo said...

old school parents need to bump Slick Rick's "Hey Young World" for these kids - yeahhhhh

Anonymous said...

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