Wednesday, August 26, 2009

azz backwards foreign policy

Over the past few weeks I have been searching between a rock and a hard place in an attempt to find out any fresh information about the fighting going on in Yemen. Specifically fighting in the mountains of northwestern Yemen between Shiite Muslim al Houthi rebels, and the Sunni Muslim-dominated government. Although this is basically something that has been going on for the past a five-years.

However, it is difficult since I am located in a country where folks don’t seek out information and merely report and re-report what others state without thorough evaluation. I feel it is my duty to breakdown what has happened to us as a nation that once prided itself on intellectual enhancement and education. You see, there used to be a time in this country in whi9ch being well informed was the desire for most folks. From the earlier times of the settlers to the period of segregation and Jim Crow. Meaning that not just whites, but African Americans as well as all Americans knew that the way to success was information and education.

Problem is that today, if it comes from television, chances are folks are just repeating what they get from others and even use pictures or video footage from others op0wn the ground. You see, Yemen is a strategic country on the Gulf of Aden and the fighting is near the border with Saudi Arabia. I do not know if it has been proven yet, but reports have been coming out over the [past few2 years asserting that Al Qaeda fighters using the nation as a base to launch attacks all across the Middle East. What do know is that this may be bigger than our political and media class suspect. I mean it may just be a proxy war, fought in a poor nation by two wealth nations -Iran's Shiite-led government and its Saudi Arabia Sunni government.

Yemen has retorted that that Iran is funneling weapons and money to the rebels. At the same time, Iran's news media have alleged that Saudi military forces have joined Yemeni troops in fighting the rebels. And like most places in the region, it is asserted that the Shiites (42% of Yemen's 23 million people), who want a return to the clerical rule abolished in the national revolution of 1962, and also claim to be a persecuted minority. The rebels have taken control of more of Sa’ada province from government forces which trouble the Sunni kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I think Obama needs to get involved in this as quick as possible before what is being reported, such as the Saudi air force being involved in bombing the al Houthis rebels becomes fact.

The Yemeni armed forces are fighting their sixth campaign since 2004 against the rebels in the northern Saada province, which borders Saudi Arabia. What I can tell is that if history is correct, this will only get bigger and the tendency for the US is to ignore such until it is too late. Just following the weapons seems to indicate that this is part of a bigger regional power struggle between the Saudis and Iranians. But I guess since it ain’t on the news, it is not important, I am just afraid when it actual start, that tens of thousands will be dead, that more extremist will be trained, and Obama will be looking George W, Bush azz backwards.


nicki nicki tembo said...

I don't know babe...I'm having a difficult time swallowing the Iranian slant on this. I see it as more trumped up charges on which to justify intensifying pressure or militarily attacking Iran.

Lest we get diverted (and religion is always an easy diversion) off on a tangent the coveted prize here is the geographic strategic significance of Yemen as it relates to control of the gulf.

Jay Midnyte said...

I agree fully with nicki nicki tembo. Next step after financial collapse = total war.

neshia said...


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Anonymous nicki nicki tembo
point well taken, but just like afganastan, they take weapons from anybody, but this is a classis arab issue - the persians have always stuck with other shiite peoples (iran is persia) and the saudis other sunni people

Jay Midnyte
only time will tell

its not about agreeing w me but rather to stimulate discussion

BuelahMan said...

I think Obama needs to get involved in this as quick as possible before what is being reported, such as the Saudi air force being involved in bombing the al Houthis rebels becomes fact.


I think we need to stay out of other people's business. Look what it has gotten us thus far.

The end is nigh for America's hegemony and the last thing we need is stepping on any more Muslim toes, especially the ones that can cripple us with oil prices.

Besides, getting involved in religious wars has never turned out good, nor ever will.

kj881 said...

Do you think that we as in “Americans” have ever taken education as seriously as other countries? We have always had an elitist attitude to the point that we won’t even learn a foreign language. We seem to have become so brainwashed in the idea that we are the best country that we have given up or just neglected the fact that we can improve ourselves.

Furthermore, don’t you think we might want to focus on these Taliban acting “Christian” White or right wing extremist in our country before we go and Police Yemen? Better yet wouldn’t it be a blessing if we could get more African American people to think that having debates such as this is more entertaining than watching T.V. Yemen, like African Americans and Union soldiers before them need to stand up for what is best for themselves. IMO…… As usual great blog Brother…keep it up….

Olu Albert said...


I have to say that I really enjoy reading your latest blog. I have been residing in Saudi Arabia now for almost three years.., and I can tell you that the Shite muslim have been disenfranchised and oppressed since time in memorial by the Sunni muslim.

Although, I dont advocate for violence, when you have a situation where the monarchy system continue to enrich themselves and yet the basic necessities are not equitably distributed among the populace what you have is a ticking time bomb on the part of the disenfranchised.

I have always thought that racism is only in the realms of America, racism with the Arabs towards their own people is unimaginable. Anytime you have a situation where certain part of the population are constantly being oppressed, they will come a time when they will speak up even if there life depends on it.

Kofi said...

I've often wondered how much of the fighting we read about in the news is real, and how much is staged to goading the US/Arab/other world powers to react to something that wasn't really there. You know, sort of like Afghanistan v Iraq, or those FARC rebels in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

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