Monday, August 03, 2009

Americas REAL 2 party system

I have come to the conclusion that there are just two parties in America – Wall Street and Washington government. And as such, they are vying like two wrestlers for the world championship belt of complete economic control and domination. I mean unlike us, they are elitist that really want to run the world, I saw this with the bailout. But it has been made clearer with the proposed Health care debate.

It is apparent that Obama nor the members of the House have no clue of what they are talking about with respect to health care reform or even to what is in the bill that has been proposed on behalf of the current administration - even the President himself. From what I have read and heard, none of the talking heads on the media or the political class have no inkling of understanding regarding the nature and extent of the problem.

There is no real focus on the evaluation of how insurance companies make their money. This essential if they attempt to solve the most basic health care concerns of average Americans. Truth be told, we really don’t need any government healthcare. Instead, we need more regulation, both with respect to how insurance bodies operate, redacting the negative impact of capitated health care. And the FDA and drug pricing and development issues. Medicaid, Medicare and social security is broke and it is hard for me to believe that the government or Wall Street have the metal let alone intellectual prowess to run 1/7th of our economy.

See, the way insurance companies work, is by spreading risk. On one end, they have the capacity to add new individuals to purchase new policies and on the other, they can just refuse to insure, or drop people because they feel they are two expensive (usually the elderly, the poor, minorities or folks with Diabetes, Cancer of AIDS). If this as well as the fact that MBAs instead of Physicians and scientist run health care is not discussed, it is no way to get any change instituted. Thus I can see why may expect that the government, if they ran health care, would be no Different than Wall street; they too would ration health care, as they do now, when folks are elderly and most likely in the last years of their life as is the practice now.

Congressmen, who took millions from these Wall Street banks, are the same ones who are asked to solve, develop and vote on issues of health care reform. Real reform would be to regulate what is already out there and institute practical changes that actually focus on the individual instead of the bottom line and profit margin. Neither politicians nor Wall Street will ever look at this from a profit versus non-profit perspective because doing such would be pragmatic. The reality is that insurance companies are run by Wall Street via hedge funds and the government by tax payers who are hedged upon. When long ago, health care operated very cost effectively when run at the state level by not for profit health care vehicles controlled by physicians.

I’m certain we all have heard directly from our physicians words that make no sense. I mean doctors will tell you if you ask, that what “treatment that you may get, will be based on what the insurance company will say.” This is the American way. I feel the debate should be reframed. First for folks to talk about health care reform or even universal health care and they are insured is disingenuous and merely show and tell time. Especially politicians who will have their health care paid by folk like me for the rest of their life. Health care way better than what I or any one who reads this would get.

So don’t get excited if we don’t change again. For the real American two party system involve Wall Street and Washington Government. And we can’t regulate either.


Anonymous said...

Damn man, I just went over to this girl blog and she put you on blast:

You might want to check on that...

Law said...

About the post... HmmM! That's a very interesting take... You sounds like a few of those News/Politics Heads off of PBS... smile... or a very liberal Republican...

Nevertheless, I have a question for ya... Where do the 'Have's & Have-Nots' fit into your scheme of Wall St. & the White House 2 party system?

About that chick... You really need to OUT BLAST her ass for talking about your personal business... talking about how she doesn't agree with you and your take on issues and policies and what have you is one thing, however, talking about a matter that isn't up for public debate and or scrutiny is a low blow and she needs... really NEEDS her chain snatched for that one!!!

neshia said...

torrrance e-mail me the site she put up on you

neshia said...
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neshia said...


Folk said...

Once again, a very insightful and thoughtful read that made me think deeply on this Tuesday.

I must agree that you again have presented a view point that is worth consideration and outrage by the American public.

nicki nicki tembo said...

You stated: "This [is] essential if they attempt to solve the most basic health care concerns of average Americans."

Truth is that's not what this is about. To quote Woodrow Wilson "the business of America is business". But you know they say give Obama credit because at least he's trying, I'll say giving the appearance of trying, to reform health care. This is not about being ill-advised, although we know he is on most issues. It's simply business as usual, a continuation of the crime syndicates.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Introspective goddess (anon)
I checked it and commented - IP sniffers work real well next time u can leave your name and comment on the post will ya

1] if wall street win - oligarchy and if Washington win - socialism. Eitheer way us commen men loose

and about slim, aint talked to her in months, so i guess she upset. untruths dont bother me seeing she has never meet me and talked to me maybe 5 to 10 times.

Her blog is about bashing men - so it was my turn - scorn of lady macbeth. left her a comment, but i wanted to ignore it seeing its so petty but i was LMBAO reading it

thank you

nicki nicki tembo
dang as always i guess u have made me reduce this to a one party system - a big old crime syndicate and we know how woodrow gort down

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