Monday, August 24, 2009

talking out the side of they neck

Ok just wanted to vent a little bit. I know, I know, I do such quite frequently. But I just had to drop my purview on a trend I have noticed since the democratic nomination of Barack Obama. Seems that over this period, there has been an increased usage over a word that likely hasn’t been mentioned as frequently since the times of Roosevelt and Senator McCarthy – Socialism and its derivative socialist.

No I don’t think America has gained any insight or increased intellectual acumen over the past 30 years, in fact I would argue that we have become dumber and less informed. Yet still folk throw around the terms socialist and socialism as if the actually knows what they mean. I did not learn of socialism via the traditional mode as most, via the writings of folk like Karl Marx, but from an epistemological perspective. The majority of these folks likely repeat these words because they hear them from opponents of the current Presidential administration and singularly focus on it as being a centrally planned economy in which the government controls everything – especially with respect to the economic bail out and the heated health reform debate.

The truth is that Marx wrote only a few pages about socialism, and that these same folk likely never read the philosophical tractates on who I first learned of the concept from, John Stuart Mills (in picture). True, there may be some support that Lenin focused a substantial amount of attention on devising an economic system devoid of the incentives of profit. But from the extent to which the world economies, especially America’s are linked, it is impossible for Obama to turn America into a socialist state and only an idiot would make such an assertion, especially if we take the history of our arch historical cold war enemy, Russia.

From the years after the 1917 revolution, to the fail of the iron curtain, it is more than obvious that the tenants of socialism are counter supportive of a functional and/or planned economy. So if Obama is a socialist, so is George W. Bush, the House and the Senate for all are instituting what Lange described as “a bureaucratization of economic life.” Now what do I mean you may query? Well in this country, it is virtually impossible to implement any form of socialism because it has no means of establishing a rational pricing system and as long as greed or avarice cannot be obviated from the American psyche – we won’t have it. Moreover, for those who say that folks are using socialists’ as a new code word for nigger, you are mistaken. If anything, it is a code word for ignorance for these people have no percipience of what the word means and are merely speaking out the side of their necks.


Carla said...

Informative post...wish I was smart enough to add more to the topic.

BuelahMan said...

Socialism would be a dream world compared to the fascism we are living.

Hope you and the little ones are doing good!

iDELLA*BELLE! said...





Jay Midnyte said...

it's like the phrase "conspiracy theorist." Using that phrase to attack someone is a good way to discredit them without using any evidence to refute their claims

Go B. said...

Honsetly I haven't heard this word since my school days and then all of a sudden I hear it everywhere. I should probably do my own research on it but you have done a very informative post here my friend.

Oh and when you say "dumber and less informed" is a way to describe our countries progress.. I disagree. I think they are well aware of what's going on they just don't give a damn!



msladydeborah said...

I spent the weekend watching documentaries. There was one on HBO on Demand about the conservative base during the national campaign. One of the men who was interviewed used the term socialism at least 6 times to describe Obama's politics. The interviewer asked if he could explain what a socialist is. That's when it got pretty funny. He couldn't give a definition. He actually asked the director if he could look it up and get back to her on the subject. Which did not surprise me at all. A lot of people talk about socialism and do not even have a fundamental idea of what is in that particular political philosophy. The residue to the Cold War mentality still exists in this nation.

You raised some good food for thought in this post. It would be nice if the conservative base took time to read what you've said.

Reggie said...

LORD HAVE MERCY! Very imformative though.

clnmike said...

Of course they dont know what there talking about the whole tactic to combat Obama is to spread misinformation and to scare people which is why they not only shout out socialism but use the Nazi imagery as well.

And to top matters off there are already socialist type programs already in place such as medicaid, social security, and corporate grants and so on.

I agree that this country would be hard pressed to fall into a socialist ideology only because the framework of this country at it's conception is that of a capitalist corporation. The United States is not a Democractic goverment but a business to change that around you would have to tear the country up from the bottom up.

Casper said...

I agree with you on about half brother, but lets be honest America is a communist nation by majority. Every plank of the communist manifesto is alive and well in the united states. True most of it is by volunteering and some of it is by adhesion contract like your SSN, Birth Cert and Marriage License, or your choice to send your kid to public school or participate in the central banking system. But the difference between Communist America and Free America is the fact that you have a choice. Other socialist nations its mandatory. The problem is 99% of everyone in America goes right along with socialism.

Most of my conservative counterparts keep saying over and over "Baracks a Socialist!" That is until I say "yea, so are you, how many planks do you practice?" I may have alot of conservative values but at least I don't just repeat the Same republican talking point over and over. Libertarian philosophy is never appreciated by the irrational I guess.

Anonymous said...

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