Tuesday, January 17, 2006

buyer beware - whats a sugar daddy

How many of yawl bitches – excuse me, women, got sugar daddies? I figure it is a popular term now days seeing the basic groupie mentality that some women seem to show and enjoy. First, I must query, what is a sugar daddy. Is their an age limit or is it just a basic relationship between a man and a woman where the woman is not really interested in the man but more so his money? I do not know, but a woman told me that she was looking for one and I indicated to here that I was more of a sour poppa. What I do know is that they get no pussy and they pay for everything. My niggers in Three –six Mafia say they sleep on the floor and the dog sleep in the bed. I guess a sugar daddy is what we used to call a steak daddy.

I think they have been around a long time, but they have become more popular today given the influence of pop culture and the keen interest women place on the unreal desire to be with an actor, musician or professional athlete. I would figure that these folks would make the best sugar daddies since they have all the loot. But it is the opposite, with their name and status; they can get a woman to suck their dick in a limousine and move on to the next without a concern for the woman. Maybe that’s it, maybe sugar daddies don’t date women – they date hoes that the aforementioned folks disregard at the drop of a hat like a cheap trick.

Sugar daddies are also dumb. And their supposedly women tell them this. So I guess we men if the shoe fits, deserve what we get thinking love is real. But the truth, as I stated earlier is that they women likely never loved or were capable of love in the first place. Any woman who would love u would not intentionally talk and say negative things about their man or treat them like a meal ticket. The truth is that a woman with a sugar daddy does not see the man but more so the wallet and their earning potential. Sugar Daddies may also be annoying to them and they may be feeling as if without you they can’t make it. So let this be a lesson to the wise, if a woman insults you, only calls to ask for something when she needs you, makes you sleep on the floor, and idolizes rappers, professional athletes and folks they see on television, they are likely a ho or a trick. So buyer beware.


Emanuel Carpenter said...

Interesting topic-Sugar Daddies. They've been around for years. I don't think you have to be an athlete, musician, or anyone else famous necessarily to be a Sugar Daddy. You just have to be able to provide some form of material goods (i.e. jewelry, cars or rent money) in exchange for a woman's time, which usually translates into sex. In fact, if a man is claiming to be a Sugar Daddy but is not gettin' sex, he's probably not one. Back in the day, they used to call the women "kept." I don't know what they call 'em these days. It used to be that he became a Sugar Daddy because he had a woman at home but needed a little somethin' somethin' on the side.

Have you ever listened to lyrics from the female rapper Trina? Her music is all about Sugar Daddies and using sex to get what she wants from a man. It's becoming more popular these days because of the emphasis we in American socieity put on material wealth and fame. If you can't be famous, then you may as well obtain the riches from famous (or not-so famous) people. Or better yet, write a tell-all book about your affairs with famous people to become famous yourself.

And men gladly exchange the goods for orgasms. I suppose that since men experience orgasms 99% of the time, some women take advantage of the situation by barterting for things they want, although many of them get to enjoy the sex too. This has gone on for centuries, including in marriages. It'll go on for many more years too.


Emanuel Carpenter
Author of "Where is the Love?"

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