Thursday, January 05, 2006

women get pregnant by men all the time

I was told that it was news that Angelina Jolie was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s Baby. At the same time, I was informed that it was a big story and even important. The cue at the bottom of the screen added that she had called Jones old girl friend, and informed her directly of the impending birth – fingers crossed. Now as you may or may not know, I am the personification of the saying “there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity.”

And as I wait for the 2006 National Championship game, I am laughing on the inside and also dismayed personally, that I was attracted to the tele-prompted words to the extent to write about its mediocre (if that) relevance to anything. To make things worse, television-typing Jones described her as the sexiest woman in the world.

So as pedantical lust would have it, I would indulge to proffer that silicon injected lips don’t make a woman beautiful. Rather it is the heart, the eyes, smile, skin complexion and legs. This is the case at least in this man eyes. Slim, Ms. Jolie looks attractive, but that’s my take on it as a nigga that has never seen her in person, nor desired to do such. Second, I am a person who had never paid no never mind to slim any who. It just fascinates me how folks personal business is considered news if they are famous. It also makes me think as to the kind of scrotum sack this Dame must be totin'. Any sister would have to be the evilest and none motherly person around to call another sister and deliver similar information. Moreover, the deliver of the message would be expectating retaliation in the form of sugar in the gas tank, the ubiquitous keyed car or more appropriately, an ass kicking.

I guess i'm just blowing off steam to the Memphis lost to Texas, or maybe, I just don’t have anything to do, until the game comes on. Either way, slim ain’t all that and women get pregnant by men all the time.


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