Friday, November 18, 2005

The New Color of Europe

Traditionally, Europe has stood to represent the hope of western civilization, liberal arts and the home of the ice age- specifically the Wurum glaciations, both 1 and 2. Europe has also been the home to conquest, colonization; the white mans burden, slavery and the plague, as well as the night of templar and the crusades. Now we may be living in a time that might end up changing our traditional view of Europe, for Europe is getting darker in complexion more and more as the years past.

Historically to be accurate, it was the Arabs and Africans who lead Europe out of the pestilence of the dark ages. It was about 800 years ago when the famous Arab philosopher Ibn Rushd first visited Europe to enlighten the population. Today many Arabs, living in Europe are disenchanted, mainly because of the manner in which they are perceived and treated politically by Europeans. There has been a large misrepresentation by Europe and the West on Islam and Arabs in general. This is namely the result of a small number of fanatics taking attention away from the major body of Arabs. Thus from this vantage point, it is not unusual for most of the Arabs to be touted and portrayed as terrorist. Although many are considered citizens in countries like France and Belgium, they maintain an unspoken second-class citizenship.
Arabs will never assimilate or integrate into European culture. There numbers will only increase and become more of a nuance from the perspective of Europeans since it is seeing an influx of new immigrants from the Middle East since the start of the war on Iraq. Meaning that what we see, in the change in attitudes directed at the US is related to the rapid increase in the number of Arabs living across Europe. So who knows, maybe by the middle of this century. Europe will be a Mulim/Arab continent.


James Edward Dillard said...

Why do you think that Arabs will never be able to become a part of European Culture? Assimilation has historically included being stripped of culture, dignity and other more physical harms, but is there another way?

obifromsouthlondon said...

Not suprised Turkey is having such a hard time getting into the European union.

I see you point. falling birth rates across western europe means opening the gates to more immigrants. improving the gene pool

Cuz by 2050, almost all the Earth's population will be brown, then black, so understanding that, whites counterreact.

ras kass, nature of a threat

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