Thursday, November 03, 2005

somebody in a tom delay t-shirt

From June of this year (6.23.2005)

Tom Delay may need to just be quiet. Whenever he does something,
there is always a cloud of controversy associated with his actions.
The majority leader’s daughter and some of his aids have even been
included in probe of allegations stemming from his spending of millions
of corporate dollars to assist in a 2002 Republican takeover of the
Texas House of Representatives. Investigators suggest that the
money was used to gerrymander congressional districts in Texas
when current laws suggest that using corporate money is illegal
to use in political campaigns conducted in Texas. As a result, Texas
congressional districts were redrawn to help send more Republican
lawmakers from the state to Washington. DeLay has many financial
ties to a number of House Republicans which will make it rather
difficult for them to actually determine the extent to which he broke
laws related to ethical transgressions within Washington.
With all of this, not to mention other issues related to unethical

conduct, Delay made ill-advised comments on the day Terri Schiavo
died after a court ordered her feeding tube removed at the request
of her husband. He suggested that courts should have intervened
to save her, calling their actions “arrogant, out-of-control, and

Delay needs to remember his manners and think about what

he is asking for—given the recent events regarding the judicial system
including the murder of the mother and husband of federal Judge Joan
Lefkow in Chicago and the March 11 murder of a judge, court reporter
and deputy sheriff in the Atlanta courthouse. I would suspect that he
would have more important things to do than passing judgment on the
courts and on television shows like “Law & Order.” Who knows, maybe
we should be placing all-points bulletins on folks who wear a
Tom DeLay T-shirt.--torrance stephens


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