Tuesday, November 08, 2005

they ain’t gonna quit (12.23.2004)

What is the one thing for certain that we will find out
about our invasion and occupation of Iraq? The British
eventually learned it—that these folks will never quit.

When the U.S. first took on Fallujah, it was all over
the news. As of the start of December, there has been
barely a mention of the city on the news or in newspapers.
From what I can tell, based on the lack of news coverage
on Fallujah since the operation started, the U.S. is
having a rough time. It is obvious that the media is
intentionally misreporting and under reporting the
events occurring in Fallujah. I suspect that this is
for several reasons. Maybe reporting the killing of
innocent civilians will not go over well in the U.S.
Or maybe it’s the use of outlawed weapons, such as
napalm, on the residents of Fallujah that would
confuse American people who’re watching the news. Worse,
such reports will not go too far at winning the hearts
and minds of Iraqi citizens, as the government desires.

It does not surprise me that the U.S. military is having
a rough time. I mean anytime one is pushed to using chemical
weapons, it is an obvious sign of trouble. Just last August,
the U.S. admitted to using poison gas in Iraq. Now, there
are these reports of using napalm (which is banned) in Fallujah.

I don’t know why the U.S. feels that these individuals are
not citizens. Think about it, what we fail to understand
is that these folks are not going to let a high and mighty
military power stop them from exercising acts of
self-determination. I cannot see someone coming into my
neighborhood—College Park, for example—to take over a
block to sell weed without a struggle, let alone if they
were trying to take and occupy my home. We are in for a
fight, and we better be ready to accept defeat. After all,
defeat is possible. –torrance stephens


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