Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stupid Mutha Fuckas Unite

introducing the ASMFFBI

From the look of things there is a new movement that needs to be recognized. I would like to take the opportunity to label this as the Association of Stupid Mutha Fuckas and Fuck Boys International.

Case in point: In New York over the weekend, there was another scene of needless violence in an environment that should have been the least likely for such to occur. A video shoot, I figure should be a festive event, not to mention an event in which most of the persons involved are either paid, entertained, or offered in-kind financial outcomes in the form of cameos for public relations purposes.

Trevor Smith, also know as Buster Rhymes, while shooting a video for the first single on his latest Album, lost Israel Ramirez, one of his personal body guards as the result of a fatal gun shot wound. Initially, the rapper said that he did not witness what had happened but Israel Ramirez wife/widow told the New York Post that Trevor Smith called her and said he saw it all.

Complicating this is that it is speculated that all of this is the result of some stupid nigga shit commonly called beef, between a few anal pores - Rhymes' producer Swizz Beatz and G-Unit rap-group members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Supposedly the shooting may have been the product of an impassioned spat between Swizz Beatz, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks inside the soundstage area of the video set. They way it is asserted, Banks and Yayo got something against Beats, and Beats dislikes Banks and Yayo – go figure.

In theory, these niggaz have all that their little materialistic minds can crave – money, women, infidelity, drugs, jewelry and guns. What more can a nigga with an IQ less than 85 desires, outside of respect and legitimacy? It just strikes me as strange, that in a world where our children can’t be assured quality health care, a good education, or living above poverty and in a world without violence, that sphincters like these members of the ASMFFBI still fail to see and count their blessings and move our community in the direction of prosperity, betterment and collective self-empowerment.

I’m tired of this shit, and wish that somebody would look at the big pictures and re-align the priority of what is best for the sustainability of the community and neighborhood from which we come. I wrote about fuck-boys before and I would love to stop. But until they disappear, I will continue to call them out and say what I perceive needs to be said. I am not scared. I was raised on Medgar Evers, martin King and Malcolm X. So if these folks don’t like what I am saying, I work at Morehouse School of Medicine and I ain’t Casper – meaning I’m not invisible. Find me if you want or don’t like what I say. But my momma said you can never be afraid of a fool or a person who doesn’t use common sense and judgment. I guess I will never be a card carrying member of the ASMFFBI.


Jahinfinite said...

You ain't neva lied! Our culture is being hijacked and I am not sure who we need to pay the ransom to to get it back. Ignorance is more wide spread than HIV!

hayyah said...

sayit brotha sayit!!! need more like u to putem in their pla-ces!!! glad to log on and read something conscientious besides, materialism, selfishness and greed!

Stephen Bess said...

I believe that being a stupid muthafucka is a prerequisite if you want to be a rapper these days. They get the most air time. Brothas like MosDef, Common, and other HipHop artist that speak positivity get no airtime. It all goes back to money. As DJ Quick use to rap,"...if it don't make dollars it don't make sense." Well, at least it doesn't make sense to the record company reps that feed it to our youth. The almighty dollar is the root of this cancer.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thanks fok and SB , u aint never lied - stupidity - hiv and cancer

Naro% said...

Yo Raw you still killing it!!!!
I had a blog that i wasnt gonna drop about the industry, but now i gotta!
Stay uo.

Brownsoul said...

Good stuff here.

Now, I'm all for marketing. You gotta make money, right? And let's face it, beef has been a part of hip hop for some 25 years. But what happended to the days when the best weapon was a devasting verse over a sick beat. These kids nowadays are way too sensitive. How can you call yourself a hip hop artist and not know how to use your words.

Let's go all the way back to the battles of Busy Bee and Kool Mo Dee, KRS 1 and MC Shan, KRS 1 and Roxanne know, stuff that got personal but never left the wax!

All I have to say about this little beef is...Don't do dumb shit.

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