Friday, February 23, 2007

The New Civil Rights Battle

Man, let me make one query, what is the new civil rights battle currently and of the future? No, it is not gay rights, but if you do not have an answer, I will take the liberty to proffer that it is simply to get these fools back in line in the African American community.

See, I was raised in Memphis, and I recant vividly the presence of National Guards on my street telling me I could not go outside and play in my own front yard the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. My uncle along with his entire student body cut high school that day and the following day to go down town and wreck some feces. My momma worked at the hospital they took Dr. King to – pronounced dead on arrival. He was transported to the hospital in a bread truck she told me.

Now, unlike in the pass, often the enemy is we and our penchant for self-destructive behavior. Now, we have momma’s stabbing and killing their kids, Momma’s giving their sons guns to go and kill other children and high school coaches taking part in drive-by shootings. Last but not least, there is the presence of the new KKK – so called lyricist in the rap game that promote drug dealing, copulating with other men’s women, disrespect for family bonds and relationships, killing as if life is worthless and material in the form of diamond encrusted watches, teeth, and cars with spinning rims as being more valuable than thought or scholarship in the form of dialectical rumination. Ergo, I submit to you that this is the new battleground for civil rights in our community and that I find myself guilty too, if I cannot get these fools back in line.


dc_speaks said...

Well stated Brah! I find myself in the company of you like minded individuals and am inspired to continually raise the bar in my backyard here in Cleveland.

The concept of applied knowledge being power is lost in this day/age's fascination with material possessions. An ingenious and insidious plan that we succumb to out of ignorance and a self perpuating realism(though not real at all) that we don't control the economic, fashion and entertainment industries.

It's a damn shame but thank you brotha for fighting the fight!

We will overcome...soon as we learn the power that we have can be used to make changes, not just to create a system which spawns envy and haterism.

My bad for the long comment! Peace

Girly_Girl said...

Hi, DC!
Hi, T!

Mizrepresent said...

This is so true T and DC! I suspect we begin with our own sons and daughters, and their friends, and cousins, nieces and nephews...if you can teach them values, spread the truth, show them how to be respectable young men and women with goals...a change can be made one child at a time, and then a could catch on like fire...we just can't stop caring, and we can never give up the fight! I won't.

Whatup Girly-Girl! Happy Friday all!

Girly_Girl said...

Whatup, MIZ!!!

Anonymous said...

happy nappy folk


dc_speaks said...

hey, Saadia, MIz and RDB!

I would have loved to come back here and see some additional comments on this was excellent and much needed...I think you should repost it everyday and everywhere, T!!!

Straight up!!

Anonymous said...

This is a new twist on the continued DECAY of our black comminuty.Again bro I ask the question when will it end.We are our own WORST enemy.Let me know how I can help END this BLIGHT.

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