Friday, February 23, 2007

Picking and Choosing Sin

Now i am not the churchiest person, or most religious person around, but I do acknowledge right from wrong and doing right to all by the best of my abilities. However, we all know someone or another who is vehement about not committing sin for whatever reason. This is good quality and I admire it. However, there are many folks who do this but seem to pick and chooses their top sin. Some folks may say they will never steal or other may say they living together without being married are sin - or that having sex before marriage is sin. They are correct in all respects; it’s just that it seems disingenuous if these people do other things that are just as sinful. Like getting drunk, having adulterous affairs, being unable to forgive others or even valuing material gains and worldly things more so than the grace of giving and unconditional positive regard to their neighbors.

It just strikes me as funny, that a person who would say that having sex before marriage for example, is sin doesn’t think it a sin to steal, get intoxicated, have affairs with a married person, cannot love their neighbor or all life, would have any hang ups about discussing sin in the first place.

I figure if we gone talk it, walk it and be about it. For when people feel their convictions are holier than others, they loose it all in the big picture and end up being the biggest sinners of all.


Girly_Girl said...

I wish everyone I know could read this post.

It does seem like many people 'pick and choose' what they consider to be sinful.

Who is to say that coveting your neighbors wife is worse or better than stealing or killing?

God is the only one who can truly judge.

Mizrepresent said...

Great post T! Once again, you are on point...Judging others is one of the most committed sins amongst people.

poison said...

He or She without sin-let Him or Her cast the first stone...

Rich in the Stl said...

Man we must be in sinc, I played the same topic from a different angle and got quite a mouthful from some of the commenters.

Good lookin' -- Love your blog brother. Keep up the good work.

Shai said...

The thing is sin is sin not sins. When Eve and Adam ate the forbidden "fruit", sin came into the world. No sine is lesser than another. If ya can feel me.

I am not without sinning. Yeah, I may get intoxicated but I don't steal or kill. They are all sin though.

nola said...

I don't know that people who commit one sin necessarily think that other activities aren't sinful. It's more a matter of focus. I am celibate for religious reasons. Now, I realize that it is wrong to lie, and I try not to do it. It just so happens that I may lie every once in a while. Regardless, I don't judge people who have sex outside of marriage, nor do I judge people who lie. I'm just trying my best to live right and to be good PR for Jesus. We've all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

dc_speaks said...

dang...T! Rich, you and I sure do vibe on a lot of topics. I wrote a rather long comment on his post so I won't do it here. Suffice it say, I have a very similar point of view with you as well

so many of the previous comments on this blog reflect my own thoughts that there is nothing else to say about it.

I do need you to help out a brotha on my"the new dawn" post

Sistah's like um..girly girl and Miz were actin brand new and beating up on me a lil bit.

Chocolate Brothas Unite!! LOL

ps..thanks for the comment on my video post

jd anderson said...

There is no one sin greater than the other. If you tell an untruth, its a sin in the sight of God. If you rape, steal, murder, although heinous acts, are still a sins.

Man shouldn't judge another man only God knows your heart.

Unfortunately 98.2% of our sinners reside in the church....AMEN

This is my favorite blog thusfar

Festes said...

I don"t pick and choose my SINS.I will commit all SINS knowing that they are all SINS.Check my blog at Would love to read your comments..

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