Friday, April 13, 2007

They on the other team

I know that many of us are still steamed over the comments made by Don Imus regarding the 2007 women’s Basketball runner-up Rutgers University Lady Scarlet Knights. I also know many of us are fumed over his awkward attempt to shift the blame to African American men, especially rappers for the manner I which they often vilify and degrade our sisters. Not me , at least for the time being, for a Wood is a wood is a wood and since the Knights of Templar and even Rome, history shows us that “these folks” have never thought highly of our greatness – so I do not expect them to.

I would however like to give an example of this; a heinous example of how black and swarthy is associated with bad, evil and vile and is manifested in common thought as presented by the mainstream culture and media. In March of this year, the New York Post ran an article that started with the caption: “
Should a couple be entitled to sue because a fertility clinic mistakenly impregnated the woman with sperm other than her mate's?”

Now under normal circumstance, this is a no brainier, given the complications of invitro fertilization in general. However, the issue was raised specifically because it was stated that a Hispanic woman and white man were “devastated - after a black baby” was born to the couple. As a result, the couple has revealed it will file a law for a mistake made during in-vitro conception. When Jessica Andrews was born, it was noticed that she was much darker (black). The physician, Martin Keltz, said that the child’s condition an "abnormality," and said that she would "get lighter over time." However, DNA testing showed hat the child was not the product of the husband’s sperm.

The parents say they “love Baby Jessica” yet at the same time describe her as a “terrible mistake” and are reminded of such “each and every time we look at her."

Then there is the issue of what has happened in Paris, Texas, where 15-year-old Shaquanda Cotton was sentenced to seven years in prison for pushing a hall monitor at her high school. Now this is a child with no prior history of bad behavior but Judge Chuck Superville of Lamar County convicted Shaquanda of “assault on a public servant" and sent her to prison at least until she turns 21. The strange this is that this is the same judge who three months earlier that awarded a 14-year old white girl probation for burning down her parents home intentionally (arson is a felony). The same judge also gave probation to a 19-year old white male who was convicted of killing a 54-year-old Black woman and her 3-year-old grandson with his truck. The Judge just requested that he send the family a Christmas card every year.

Although Ms. Cotton is no longer in jail, its just the simple fact that it happened in the first place that is deplorable. So, I write this to say that this is America and regardless of it being 2007, the history of this country was founded on the oppression and maltreatment of folks that look like me. Don Imus is no different and is a part of the same culture ergo, it don’t even strike me as unusual that he would see women matriculating at the college level as nappy headed hoes, for he likely sees all African American women as such. Fuck Don Imus and all the Woods, they have never been on my team.


jd anderson said...

I have to agree--Fuck Don Imus. I want to commend the Lady of Rutger University basketball team for handling the situation like true ladies, articulating as the spoke to the media.

Unfortunately Dom Imus's way of thinking is the the general thinking of the majority uncolored, non pigment, people in this wonderful United States of America.

Paula D. said...

Damn the was eye opening!!!

Anonymous said...

Don Imus is a SHOCK JOCK. So is Howard Stern who has also been fired a time or two for his mouth. That what they do. Unfortunately, he also has the ears from millions of listeners. In show business, you will most times have to answer to the actions you make. The only reason he should be fired is because he cost in employers money from the sponsors pulling ads. He's not bigger than CBS. He had his run. Now they have to create new entertainment. "New" ain't so bad, is it?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im like an eye for an eye. when Gary payton said he hated gays he was fired the next day and will likely never work again not to mention he apologized sincerly and sought counseling.

J Wooden said...

T, it was Tim Hardaway, not Gary Payton. Anyway, the hell with Imus, unfortunately he will appear again on Sirius or XM & still practice his racism. Now that damn family photo is a trip. Unfortunately, that young lady will confront as bigoted ass parents and what can they say to her, "O, we sorry you were a mistake." Maybe its me, people are getting dumber & dumber by the damn day.

poison said...

400 years ago an orange was orange, round and juicy--and today it remains the same.....400 years ago racist assholes thrived and survived in this country called America--and guess what--they continue to exist right here in the land of the free-today...Need I go on?

BronzeBuckaroo said...

It goes without saying that I am impressed with your blog and what you are saying.

Imus-I am just sick of him. The family- that woman may be Hispanic/Latino but she is a black Hispanic/Latino. I'm getting fed up with the self-hate of certain black Latinos who use their ethnic heritage as race. Why hasn't anyone called her out on this I wonder? Her comments about "her" "black" daughter who is just as "dark" as the other girl-- who is also of apparent African descdent-- are mean. My heart goes out to both girls for having stupid parents and a self-hating mother.

amenra said...

Raw Dawg, the definition of Dystopia is an imaginary place of total misery and

wretchedness. One only has to observe the behavior of our so called enlighten

species to discount the notion of imaginary. One can never understand the

behavior or the total misery and wretchedness without the knowledge of man’s

past, his present cannot be understood. It is only by the understanding of yesterdays

beliefs that we can somewhat cipher the thoughts of today. As you so eloquently

state in your blog post “Nappy head Hoes” it is our ability to see the dysfunctional

pathology of the misery and wretchedness of these individuals. The past history

of this nation has led to this pathogenesis, it is only in this context that we can

understand the pathetic fallacy that this is an isolated incident. Don Imus, I suspect

is and was thinking, feeling and responding with the collective voice of White America.

One would quite naturally ask, how would I possibly know this, to answer this we only

have to listen to the silent voices of White America, were is the outrage, where are the

talking head discussion of the nature of Imus dis-ease, can we infer that this is the normal

beliefs and behavior for White America. Must we continue to disbelieve our experience,

and repress this knowledge in order to cope in this insane culture? I can then understand

the use of the word imaginary in the definition of dystopia, we cling to imaginary beliefs

in order to believe that we are living in a sane world. Lillian Smith hits the nail on the

head in her analysis of the dysfunctional behavior of the two cultures, cultures that are

intertwined by a dysfunctional past, present and ultimately disastrous future.

“Something was wrong with a world that tells you that love is good and people are important and then force you to deny love and to humiliate people. I knew, though I would not for years confess it aloud, that in trying to shut the Negro race from us, we have shut ourselves away from so many good, creative, honest, deeply human things in life. I began to understand slowly at first but more clearly as the years passed, that the warped, distorted frame we have put around every Negro child from birth is around every white child also. Each is on a different side of the frame but each is pinioned there. And I knew that what cruelly shapes and crippling the personality of one is as cruelly shaping and crippling the personality of the other. I began to see that though we may, as we acquire new knowledge, live through new experiences, examine old memories, gain the strength to tear the frame from us, yet we are stunted and warped and in our lifetime cannot grow straight again any more than can a tree, put in a steel-like twisting frame when young, grow tall and straight when the frame is torn away at maturity.”

__ Lillian Smith

CapCity said...

I found that article about the family w/ the "wrong" sperm "hilarious" - God's Got JOKES-on-them-who-try-to-play-God!
I even blogged about it...come on over to see what I said (yes, shameless plug to get traffic on my blog;-)...b'cuz, Brother T - i love when u express yourself & want to see more of it in "my" world:-)..

MsJayy said...

Imus was just "Frankenstein" created by MSNBC/CBS who gave him a platform without borders. Me? I'm just curious to see who's got next. And how we step it up to sweep around our own door so to speak. The struggle continues.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

amenra - strang fruit was a great read. point well made

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

my fault i meant Tim - thanks for th correction i was just upset

Writer on Board said...

Hello Mr. T,

I just found you. Imus doesn't surprise me. What did was that sperm story. Buck is right about that black Latina and her self-hatred, if that's how she truly felt about herself. But I do remember that this was reported by the media and the media's job is to make a story bleed. And they will put words in your mouth.

If you don't say the dramatic and crazy words they need, they will make up words for you. It happened to me. I once took part in a strike and the paper wrote that I said something I didn't. It was positive but I saw that it could easily have gone the other way.

And I remember how they recently reported that LA gang shooting as LATINOS SHOOT 14 YEAR OLD BLACK GIRL. As if the shooters weren't Mexican. As if all Latinos are Mexican. As if all Mexicans are gang members. As if it wasn't just another example of gangs shooting at gangs and hitting the innocent.

I had a friend die that way when I was 15. They weren't gunning for him. He was just in the line of fire.

But if it's all true as the media reported in that sperm story. Sad. Sad. Sad. An old and sorry song, sung by too many and too long...

I'll shut up now.

CortneyGee said...

I don't think what Imus said was appropriate.. but he wasn't exactly saying anything that millions didn't think when they saw the NCCA Championship Game ... the young ladies weren't the most attractive specimans that Black America had to offer .. but they didn't deserve to be referred to as hoes especially if he didn't have proff of them being hoes... I would bet they don't even like men.. and the ones that were just bi curious on the team are not liking men that much anymore as well now ... Funny how this incident has brought more noterirty to a wasshed up shock jock and a team that lost the championship game than ever before ... the media works in strange ways .. maybe next year Pat Summit will get Imus his job back recruit some not so attracttive players that refuse to frequent the beauty shop and lose the game so that she might get more press

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any child is a mistake, but the fertility clinic's failure to enusure the correct sperm was paired with the correct egg is going to cost that poor child and her family a lot of heartache. It doesn't matter that she's black, it matters that she looks different from the rest of her family. If a red-headed asian man would have fathered the child, I'd imagine the family would be just as pissed, because it would be obvious. I know if I visited a fertility clinic and birthed a light-skinned, blond-haired, blue-eyed child, when my husband and I are both black, I'd be just as pissed. Not because I have a hatred of whites, not because I think of white as inferior, not because I would love that child any less, but because my family would deal with so much bullshit from society. I grew up in a family where I was the only black face and it SUCKED. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

As for Don Imus, yeah fuck him, and everyone else who decides to refer to black women as "nappy-headed hos."


Writer on Board said...

You're absolutely right on that point anonymous JJJ. I totally agree. Sorry T. I'll go away now. Thanks.

MsLovely101 said...

The only thing I can say is that there is a lot of evil in our society and thank god because he is good all the time....He was with shaquana.Justice is getting thinner and thinner until one day it wont even be visible.

Miz JJ said...

I gotta co-sign with JJJ.

Anonymous said...

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