Friday, April 06, 2007

You a soldier….daddy's going to buy you this chopper.

Dear CNN

I would like to apologize for my brethren displayed on air at the West Bank Pawn Shop in GRETNA, La. According to the manager of the paw shop per your report, he hears the man say over and over, “This is how you hold it, like this. Anybody in front of you, you can mow them down. Kill everybody; soldier, because daddy's going to buy you this chopper.”

First, there is nothing wrong with teaching a young boy the rights of manhood inclusive of shooting, fishing and building something with ones hands. Nevertheless, an infant, I do not think so. I just would like to thank you CNN for airing out my dirty business again and for showing us that WE (not including you CNN) have left to do in our community.

That includes explaining that this is not Cambodia or Serria Leone and that children, especially infants are not soldiers or killers. Whom would he have been a soldier for and why would a father want to spend money on a ‘Chopper” for a two year old instead of some books, blocks or crayons? We have to show that violence and using a gun is not the way to solve problems and that killing someone is not an act one should strive to be proficient at.

Thanks CNN for reminding us that making a baby do not make you a father.


Anonymous said...

DAMN !!!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Kudo's T,

Always on point!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame CNN one bit. Maybe the national attention will light a fire under CPS's ass, the fool daddy can be identified and the child placed in a healthier environment. Is it embarrassing? Hell yeah, but that don't mean it should be a secret. It's time we start shining a spotlight on all them fools and quit trying to protect them to save our own reputations.


dc_speaks said...

That was right on time, T.

I know that I can always come to this post to get some information. Sometimes useless, oftentimes useful!

Great post topic!

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