Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Pendegast to Blagojevich

I’m sure a few of yawl done caught wind of a certain state governor was arrested in his warm up suit – without the gold chain. Which was funny because it is so fitting of Mafia Dons and block watchers? As such, I can feel some that feel the Golden boy, a certain president-elect, may be damaged or tainted or hurt by this. And I just waana say don’t worry.

Now I consider my self to be a top shelf advocate of the importance of history. Moreover not often I can use modern or current day events in an attempt to make parallels thereof. As such, I want to try and ease some the fearful ruminations associated with one of the other aforementioned having a negative impact of the image of the other. For before Obama there was a Truman.

It’s hard to believe that he was just 13 presidents ago, he being the 33rd president. He started out as judge. I think from my reading about him, that his approaches to foreign policy and national security will probably best follow him. He put in place the National Security Act in 1947, which unified the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Truman also dealt with the Jewish-Arab problem in British-controlled Palestine prior to the creation of Israel. And I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Korean War (North Korea and South Korea), the start of the cold war with Russia and most importantly, his decision to drop the bomb on Japan; even when historically we knew they were trying to surrender before that. But this is not the point.

Truman, is like Obama, epitomized the American dream that anybody could become president of the United States, being he had no college degree. He was honest and humble and stood for the regular person. Just like Obama, has demonstrated the same democratic idea. But just like Obama, Truman prior to becoming President had a tenuous relationship with a one with Thomas J. Pendergast. Pendergast was Blagojevich before he was born. Pendergast sponsored Truman for the Senate through his powerful and corrupt political machine, which eventually landed him in Leavenworth for tax evasion in 1939.

Truman was an honest man, as he was regarding his association with Pendergast but still had a stigma associated to him from his relationship. Because it was Pendergast who backed Truman’s 1934 successful primary and general election races. And just as Truman, Obama appears to be an honest person as well. And just like Truman’s relationship with a corrupt person, the Governor of Illinois will have less of an impact on Mr. Obama, especially since he did not fund him.

So no worry, Obama will not be tainted. This is an example of one: Chicago (old school machine politics) and greed of a natural born Hustler. So do not fail for the bait, or you will be talking about something that makes no nevermind. Truman was honest and had integrity just as Obama does. The both are(were) men of good will and the people can see such. The only difference I see was that Truman's suit game was top shelf.


Red Snapper said...

I concur on the suit

O' Tim said...

I hope you're right, RDB. The other side of the coin shows how Bert Lance, for a relatively minor (and alleged) infraction, really brought some wham down on the Carter admin. BTW, I got you blogrolled at MTIH (Georgia's most infrequently blogged blog).

Urban Thought said...

LOL @ The Suit comparison. You are indeed correct though.

As for Obama's continued questionable associations: I don't think this will hold him back either. People keep reaching for connections with people and think that folk are like minded in their way of thought. But how many of us know or associate ourselves with people who aren't considered the upper crust of society? Are we truly to be judged by the company once kept?

Obama's character will and does speak for itself. People will find that it will be through his decision making president that will define the man that he is. Not the acts of others that he has been seen with from his past.

Anonymous said...

"The only difference I see was that Truman's suit game was top shelf."

i'm mad you dropped that in there. :-)

no_slappz said...

torrance, if Truman is comparable to anyone on the political scene today, it is Sarah Palin.

FDR had a falling out with his third-term vice president, Henry Wallace. A couple of weeks before the Democratic Convention, FDR asked Truman to become his running mate. FDR told Truman nothing about what was ahead.

Of course World War II was raging. But the Battle of the Bulge had not been fought. It began after the election. In that one battle the US lost 19,000 troops in 6 weeks.

FDR never told Truman about the Atomic Bomb. Truman learned about it immediately after FDR died, which occurred 82 days after Inauguration Day 1945. By the way, FDR's death was obviously on the way. No one expected him to live through an entire 4th term. Among several problems, he had soaring blood pressure, for which we had no good medication in those days.

Thus, it was understood that picking Truman for VP was actually picking the new president.

He backed the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Germany. He left General MacArthur in charge of Japan.

We forced Democracy and Capitalism down the throats of the people in both countries. I'd say the pay-off from the forced conversion to our Democracy and Capitalism was more successful than anyone imagined.

If we are lucky, we will see the same kind of success in Iraq. A Democratic, Capitalistic Iraq would bring huge benefits to the middle east. Of course, the country will remain Islamic, which is unfortunate. But despite the drag of Islam, hope for a relatively free and prosperous Iraq is justified.

Obama is about to have the problem of Pakistan in his hands. Whatever his feelings are about war, his views on Pakistan amount to invading the country to find Osama bin Laden. In other words, he wants to start a new middle east war in a country with a collapsing political structure.

Then there's Iran. Iranians may be close to chucking their repressive fundamentalist Islamic government for something democratic. Obama should speed up the process, preferably with a threat. Like cruise missiles into the meeting rooms of all the ruling mullahs. And he should do it shortly after his inauguration.

Lovebabz said...

I think you are right. I think this is an excellent way to show just how looking at history can certainly give us insight into the here and now.

I am not worried about President Elect-Obama. It will take more than questionable associations to rattle that cage. I am however converned about the Young Mr. Jackson Jr. He will pay dearly for this.

I will save my diatribe on Chicago politics for another day.

I rather liked this post very much.

Soulstress said...

I agree...I dont think Obama will be tainted...ppl wanna find sum fault in him any way they can...Obama has proven he's an honest man...not perfect..but honest..and hopefully ppl will continue to believe in such until he proves otherwise.

no_slappz said...

Soulstress said...

"...Obama has proven he's an honest man..."

Nonsense. He's proven the opposite. He ran for president on a far left platform, and a day after winning he began showing his true colors.

He's moving rapidly to center. He's already supporting more war and forgetting that he promised voters he'd tax "the rich". And he'll support whatever "economic rescue" package his crew cooks up. No matter how foolish it will appear to his base.

He plans to spend like FDR, initiating huge public-works projects that accomplish nothing except to crowd out private investment.

He is as fundamentally dishonest as any politician you can name.

mrs. mary mack said...

Thanks for the history lesson. I was never worried about Obama's connection to this obvious nut, simply because he's so far gone from Obama's "ways". If you're going to do some sneaky and under handed crap BE QUIET about it.

Sincere said...

hey big bruh;
I remember when I lived in Illinois before moving here and they were always talking about how corrupt he was. Never really knew exactly what but there was always talks of dirty politricks and his name together. This doesn't surprise me but it does upset me ya know. Kinda like I knew he is capable of doing something like this but didn't think we would actually do it. We allegedly... Innocent until proven guilty right? lol

Curious said...

Err, wasn't Truman a habadasher before or after WWI but before he became a judge? I figure if a man owns a men's store and still can't dress right then something is wrong. He should have been a snappy dresser.

no_slappz said...


Truman and a partner ran a haberdashery, and it went broke.

As far as Truman's clothes are concerned, he wore standard conservative business attire.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks for the comparative info. I also don't think that this will hurt Obama. Like Urban Thought said,".how many of us know or associate ourselves with people who aren't considered the upper crust of society?". And this does include Republicans and the like so I need them to not trip!

Dallas Black said...

Great post as usual. I swear looking at this administration is like being in a time machine. I wasn't alive back then but it is quite obvious that this administration will be all about "The New Deal" by FDR.

In regards to the suit, too bad Obama bowed to critics and ordered a tux sub $1000. I am all for a nice Oscar De La Renta original.


Anonymous said...

Chicago has been run by the Kosanostra since prohibition. I still know a few cops and former Marines that serve and live in Chi Town, and they all say the system is corrupt. Paying for a senatorial seat doesn't surprise me in the least.

I really wouldn't worry about "the savior" Obama. I really don't think anything can tarnish him. Not that I am hating, but he could get an unlimited amount of interns and no one would look twice at this point.

Anonymous said...

No slapps sd: "FDR never told Truman about the Atomic Bomb. Truman learned about it immediately after FDR died, which occurred 82 days after Inauguration Day 1945."

This is a nice little piece of info. where do you source it from?

no_slappz said...


The fact the FDR kept Truman in the dark about the Atomic Bomb is in every biography of Truman. It is also a fact noted by every historian who writes about that period of American history.

no_slappz said...


Obama will tarnish himself soon enough. It will occur as a natural evolution of the sense of disappointment and betrayal among his supporters grows.

He is appointing Energy People who are Green zealots. If they succeed in pushing their agendas on the US, we will get a huge extra burden of Green taxation that will only punish people and the economy for absolutely no benefits to anyone.

Anonymous said...

@ No slapps: OK champ, so give me one that you recommend so I can read it.

Anonymous said...

Also at No slappz: I am really not to worried about Obama screwing up his own image. He will do it on his own. Already I am seeing people post comments about "Obama can't do it on his own so we have to do OUR part to ensure his success" To me this is just a way to excuse his failure. NO ONE... I REPEAT... NO SINGLE PERSON is going to single handedly fix the economy. But God forbid anyone criticize the savior.

Kofi said...

It's funny because the evidence they're using to get this guy backs Obama up at the same time. I mean, the feds have Blagojevich on tape saying Obama promised him nothing, right?

That's the biggest ringing endorsement you can get, in my book.

Curious said...

I have to ask one question that just came to me. How long have they been investigating the governor and is this the only thing that they could find, something that only happened within the last month? But then again I guess that's how they got Capone.

no_slappz said...


It seems you doubt the well known facts about Truman and the atom bomb. Oh well. A recent biography of Truman was written by David McCullough.

The following text refers to Truman's diary and the records of other principal players in the development and use of the bomb.

Documents 3a-c: President Truman Learns the Secret:

a. Memorandum for the Secretary of War from General L. R. Groves, "Atomic Fission Bombs," April 23, 1945
Source: RG 77, Commanding General’s file no. 24, tab D

b. Memorandum discussed with the President, April 25, 1945
Source: Henry Stimson Diary, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library, Henry Lewis Stimson Papers (microfilm at Library of Congress)

c. Untitled memorandum by General L.R. Groves, April 25, 1945
Source: Record Group 200, Papers of General Leslie R. Groves, Correspondence 1941-1970, box 3, "F"

d. Diary Entry, April 25, 1945
Source: Henry Stimson Diary, Sterling Library, Yale University (microfilm at Library of Congress)

Soon after he was sworn in as president, after President Roosevelt's death, Harry Truman learned about the top secret Manhattan Project.

It was not until he received a briefing from Secretary of War Stimson and Manhattan Project chief General Groves, who went through the "back door" to escape the watchful press, that Truman understood the full scope of the enterprise.

Stimson, who later wrote up the meeting in his diary, also prepared a discussion paper, which raised broader policy issues associated with the imminent possession of "the most terrible weapon ever known in human history."

In a background report prepared for the meeting, Groves provided a detailed overview of the atomic bomb project from the raw materials to processing nuclear fuel to assembling the weapons to plans for using them, which had already crystallized.

Anonymous said...

No I don't doubt it at all. I liked that little piece of info and wanted further reading material on the subject. So without any kind of malice or sarcasm. I appreciate the link.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This was a nice historical lesson, thanks. Otherwise no, I haven't been worried in the least about the Blagojevich story. It will be one of many to come as the racist media lynch mob attempts to sabotage Barack.

fly tie said...

agreed. no worries at all for the hopefuls.

regarding the article (pendergast link), i can appreciate ones like that: informative and (seemingly) all-encompassing. based on it, though, it seems that pendergast *did* have more of an impact on truman than this will on obama.

(just a bit confused cause you said "And just like Truman’s relationship with a corrupt person, the Governor of Illinois will have less of an impact on Mr. Obama...". but it could just be the way you wrote it)

anyway..i still agree.

Marcus LANGFORD said...

I believe that Obama has more character than that corrupt cr*cker, but they would try to build some bullcrap excuse to try to tie this brotha and his constituents to this scandal. Politics as usual my friend.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Learning without thought is useless; thought without learning is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

It is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime,but at night it is another thing.

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