Sunday, December 21, 2008

pity the fool

I would hope that no one ever feels sorry for me, or better yet, that I will never have pity or sorrow for myself. I know things are hard for all not just me, but with perseverance, and the lessons we learn or can learn from our life experiences, I am content that it could be better and more, that some have it worse.

The banter and frolic that is orated in the form of words and phrases as complaints, should have no place in the vocabulary of any one with a roof over their head, food in their stomachs or disposable income to buy more shoes or CDs when they have more than they can listen to or wear.

I keep my blessings in my mind, especially the two young ones that follow my every word and call me poppa. I just want to remind folks even when things seem to go of course, if your money aint like you used too, or you have to have a drop down drag out with a life long friend, or be upset because a movie wasn’t like you thought it would be, get over it. We forget that it is the simple things that matter. That Christmas is about an open heart and the music, the memories from Christmas past. That we are not living in a Cholera epidemic, or walking in shopping malls where folks may have a bomb strapped around their waist. That we can sleep at night peacefully even when in pain without the threat of a warlord or solider coming in to kill our entire family.

So although as I said before, times are rough, don’t worry, have faith. So you don’t know if you will be able to pay that mortgage, or keep your internet on, or pay the car note. What you do and need to know is that you at least had such; that you have the ability and prowess to succeed; that you have worth and value in your heart and smile; that you can love even if you don’t feel love. Used to be a character on TV back in the day called Mr. T. He wore a lot of gold around his neck. Was never mad at him for that, for his reason was because his ancestors had to wear chains not by choice so he would honor him by weaning gold chains as a reminder. Not like rappers who wear chains because they use such to show they have money. Money aint what makes you valuable, no grass hopper, it is your heart, smile and acts there off. And as Mr. T said, “I pity the fool” that thinks his value is in the form of what they own as opposed to accepting their blessings, no matter how small, of being able to breathe to smile and see another day. Happy holiday’s folk and happy birthday to me (dec. 22). so buy my books.


rainywalker said...

Very well done post. Raw Dawg, until we assume room temperature we need to be thankful for everthing we have and every breath we take. Have a happy birthday [my youngest daughter was 34 last week] and a wonderful safe holiday with your wee ones, family and friends. You are blessed!

Keith said...

An Early Happy Birthday to ya Fam.
You're so right...This season right here kills so many us..Spiritually and financially. We need to step back, breathe in, breathe out and count our blessings. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I'm lovin this post!! A huge portion of our society, even in times like these, forget the meaning of being thankful. I myself have am guilty of this....

Enjoy your day!!!!

P_LOCA said...

I am here to wish you an early happy birthday Raw!-may you see many more bithdays....
That is a very beautiful post-may you and your loved ones have a safe holiday season*

Sista GP said...

Hey cuz, Happy Nappy Birthday and I didn't forget (see your phone).

Nice post. Christmas for me is a time to spend with those I love. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be retrieved once it's lost.

Tangible gifts don't interest me much, just peace and harmony.

Enjoy your special day.

BTW, my curiosity is killing me.

uglyblackjohn said...

The good thing about our current economic situation is that it is forcing many to re-think their priorities.
Nice post.

Princess Katrina said...


Wonderfuk, wonderful post! We do need to appreciate the things we do have! As long as you have air in your lungs, use that air to say THANK YOU!!!!

Lovebabz said...

Happy Birthday!

Coogie Cruz said...

Happy birthday!

I was totally n agreement with this whole post until the "buy my books" push haha.

CharmingDriver said...


And Happy Birthday!!!

12kyle said...

Enjoy your burfday! Pop bottles homie!

Joey Pinkney said...

Happy birthday. Your post is timeless. It's not just during Christmas season we should be thankful but all year at all times.

A lot of times we get mad at how slow our internet is or we get mad at how long we have to wait in line at a restaurant or get mad at having to get up early the next day to do to work. Then we watch the national and global disasters on the news like its a movie.

Thanks Raw Dawg.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


You said it all here. Another good lesson from my folks was avoiding materialism and never letting your possessions or your lifestyle own you. Seemed like the more money I made the fewer material possessions I owned and the more productive capital assets I owned.

I'm such a business nit that I haven't even been going to my club here because it's been doing very well and I don't want to take up a VIP table that PAYING CUSTOMERS would otherwise take. I've been only three times: opening night, one of nights Sandra Collins spun and the night Gervais spun. That's it. Other than the partner who runs and promotes the place, none of us go. This doesn't even belong to me now. It belongs to my son and the first part of the proceeds vest when he's 25 AND has completed his BA or BS and is either on a career track, graduate school or an arts track. Next tranche at 30. Next at 35.

A sense of being loved, comfortable and safe is very important for a kid but a sense of wealth and entitlement is the worst.

I'm pretty excited, buddy. My folks and my son are supposed to arrive tomorrow night.

I'm going to call you to discuss something fun.



Mizrepresent said...

Happy Birthday T! And happy holidays to you and your family!

Angel said...

Great post honey and a good reminder of how we must continue to count our blessings.

Hope you and your family are well x

THE 78' MS. J said...

happy b-day hope all is well on your side of the world, great outlook. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, My Man!

As usual, you speak of love and family as someone who truly understands his message. It is obvious and I thank you for it.

My grandmother used to tell me when I was worried about getting in trouble, "Well, boy, they can't eat you."

I have heard it used a thousand times since, but it is true, even with your own family or worst enemy (or debt collector).

They (except for George W Bush, et al) can't eat you.

So enjoy!

PS: Hey Kelso!

PS2: BuelahLady just walked up and wants you to know that your daughter is beautiful.

Missy said...

There is nothing more to add to what you just said. It's right on point! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Mine was on the 17th.

Soulstress said...

Very nice & so true.

Happy Holidays!

Soulstress said...

Oops..and Happy Birthday:)

The Bear Maiden said...

Happy Birthday all Mi-T. Enjoy your day with your family. I love that picture. Your little girl is a pip...

memphiz said...

I feel this and Happy Birthday.

memphiz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diva (in Demand) said...

Happy Birthday fellow Capricorn!

Veronica Wright said...

Happy Birthday today!!!!

so how young are you now?

Anonymous said...

I think some of us forget from time to time, but you're right-- rather than complain about what we don't have, we should be thankful for what we do.

Happy Birthday!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ BEULAHMAN: What's up buddy? I have to communicate with you on Blogger (tm) sites because for some reason my comments don't get published by Wordpress. I've been reading you thouogh and you've done great work.

Red Snapper said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you & I thank God for you.

The post today was beautiful and on point. Self pity is lame....and if you do throw a pity party I AIN"T COMIN!! LOL

Enjoy your many years ahead and I trust they will be full of love, joy, peace of mind, good health, balance, success & abundance.

In Light & Love,

Big Man said...

Good sentiments.

Being grateful is a good thing.

Sheliza said...

I love your post. I wish you a happy birthday and happy holidays with your beautiful children. God bless you all :)

clnmike said...

Happy Birthday brotha man.

msladydeborah said...

No wonder we hit it off so well. My mom's birthday is on the 22nd too. Happy Birthday to you.

And this was an on time post my friend. We need to consider that we are blessed in so many ways.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

RunningMom said...

Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the things that many of us take for granted.


I hope your day is a blessed and fantastic one.

Curious said...

I almost missed it, but I hope this day has turned to be all that you wanted. And yes, you are right especially with what you have been through recently, the material things aint worth a damn if you don't have the the love and well being of the people around you and if they don't have yours.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Happy belated birthday, Torrance, and Merry Christmas. Excellent post from beginning to end.

You're probably busy with the kids (me too), but if you have time, drop by and read my latest post, Waste Not, Want Not: A Lesson Learned To Late By Broke Azz Nation. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

~ Kit

Craigjc said...

Wow, dude. Didn't know you had so many books. So, where can I get one at in ATL, Southside, Eaee Pernt, ColiPak area?

Pamela said...

You know, I never knew that about Mr T - the chains thing. Really? Interesting.

Happy wonderful blessed holidays for you and your family.

MacDaddy said...

Happy birthday!

RealHustla said...

Thank you for the loving words. Happy birthday!

Miss Toya said...

What a really great blog post!!! You couldn't have posted it at a better time. Not only because of the state of America/the world...or the holidays and all that....but recent personal feelings and experiences I've dealt with in the past couple of weeks. Reading that entry was like reassurance that I should "stay up" and everything will be alright. Thanks for confirming what it took me a minute to realize (again!!) because it's not something that I didn't already was just easier to feel pity/angry/upset at what was going on. :-)

Keli said...

It seems we spend way too much time complaining about what we don't have, versus being thankful for what we do have.

Keli said...

...and happy belated birthday.

Jillian said...

Amen to that!

rawdawgbuffalo said...

family is all we have really

thanks man and we must keep love alive

thanks love and its all good as long as u can see it

thanks honey

Sista GP
u know i know cuz and thanks

appreciate it

Princess Katrina
how have u been honey

Coogie Cruz

trudat and thank u

thanks for the ear folk

Joey Pinkney
i can tell u old school

thanks love and great talking to u

thanks siter miss u

that was so sweet

THE 78' MS. J
i will babe and thanks

takes a beauty to know one - who she get u bruh - u did exceptinal

thanks and happy belated baby

same to u hon

The Bear Maiden
sister how ya been u still trying to take her lol

thanks baby miss u

Diva (in Demand)
takes one to know one

Veronica Wright
thanks momma 46

thanks and we shoukld never 4get our blessings

Red Snapper
thank u baby free love here too

Big Man
spoken like a real man

thanks baby happy nappy holidays

thanks and when u stopping by my shop jones

mom sounds like the truth

Blogger RunningMom
thanks baby means a lot

hey man we bruhs in spirit and u know that - one teason y u keep me on point and thinking love ya folk

Cheron L. Hall
thanks sexy

Kit (Keep It Trill)
thanks love and i will check it out enjoy the family - i will

when u stopping by my shop folk

thanks 4 the blessings maam

thanks folk

thanks ms boo boo kiss

Miss Toya
thanks and i could noty have said it better

so true and thanks for the blessing

thanks baby


lol, love the recession proof self promotion at the end... um yeah buy my book!

stay focused and save, save, save!

happy holidays!

~a said...

Wonderful post and happy belated b-day!!

WArd PrEfEct said...

Very happy holidays to you, my friend!

Dope Fiend said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and Merry Merry Christmas!

loved this message.

xoxo Nuff love

Urban Thought said...

Have a great holiday!!!

Tamra said...

Happy B-Lated B-Day, Torrance.

Love the photo! (I love your kitchen--You look like you can rip it up in the kitchen!)

Revvy Rev said...

What a blessed post! I won't complain!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Times is tough indeed but in my new job where I see parents who can't even provide coats for their kids,I am reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am. Yeah, I got a few collectors calling me but I have food, utilties, and a roof over my head.

Happy Belated Birthday!

freedom said...

Happy birthday, Dawg, and enjoy the holidays. Being grateful makes it that much easier. Peace.

SjP said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was grand!

Gotta keep life in the right perspective!

T.C. said...

Happy Birthday!!
I definitely feel every single thing that you are speaking on...its really easy to get wrapped up in feeling sorry for yourself and all of that but its always better to just take the time and remember your blessings and know that GOD will always work it out...thanks for always keeping us straight....

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Happy belated birthday and that was great!

You are so right I wish people would realize the more you give the more He gives to you. And if you have disposable income hopefully you are using some of it to help your fellow man.


fly tie said...

makes sense to me.

T. Michelle Theus said...

Great post...a good reminder in today's crazy economic times.

Anonymous said...

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