Friday, December 26, 2008

gift jones

Hope all yawl had a happy nappy holiday thus far. I just wanted to spread a little cheer before I go back into history, economics, sex or politics. I didn’t get no gifts for xmas – well a few. But I gave and I’m fine with that. Now check it, I wanted to show my appreciative and frugal side – albeit women say I am cheap with the exception of those in my family – they call me frugal. Granny takes it a step farther and says I can hold a dollar. Any who, wanted to give yawl women some gift advice for your man that he will appreciate better than any store bought gift and they free. So here my top 10, and not in any particular order.

1] Washing his hair and oiling his scalp – and if he has dreds, a lil grooming.

2] A brick (or brick for each toilet in his house). One brick in the toilet, well you would not believe how much on his water bill he will save – men love saving loot. Brick in back of toliet displaces water, dont need as much, save $300/toleit a year

3] Cooking him a dinner. Don’t even have to be his favorite. He will appreciate it most def.

4] Taking him to the park and walking with him hand in hand. Great gift and cheap too.

5] Full body message, and I do mean message as well as full body – can’t go wrong with that.

6] cleaning up or at least helping him clean up his home – priceless in affect and sentiment.

7] Learning how to make his favorite mixed beverage. For me easy, hot sauce and tequila.

8] Taking a bath with him. Especially if you got a 100 gallon tube. Make sure the pomegranates ready.

9] Asking him to sing for you. Even if he can’t sing, pretend and enjoy it. If this is too much to deal with, 9a] is hand writing a coupon to him to redeem what ever he desires at anytime – with no expiration date.

10] Dancing for him. Lap dances preferred and poles are unnecessary. Especially if like me and don’t like strip clubs.

Now just a lil fun. Gifts can be used any other occasions from birthdays to valentines day. So think about it and save some loot,, no ties, shirts, socks (maybe liquor), but it is a recession and we need to learn to save. Not to mention, every one is gift jones in some form or manner.


~V~ said...

I've done 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10.

#10 I remember doing ALOT for one person in particular.

With exception of #9 it was for the same person.

With the lap dances he would have both me something from Victoria Secrets just for that.

SjP said...

Brick? now you have to explain that one. Went right over my ole head.

Love the list, though.

Hope your holidays are great and merry!

blackgirlinmaine said...

Great list and I know my hubby would agree that the best gifts are free.

However like SjP, what is the brick about? I don't know about that...

Happy Holidays!

Amina said...

i loove the ideas!! especially walking in the parks holding hands :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a good women no doubt

thanks hon

thanks Brick in back of toliet displaces water, dont need as much, save 300/toliet a year

Kitty Cleopatra said...

Great list. I'm pretty well-versed on all of these with the exception of the brick. Who knew? Thanks!!

Angel said...

Ok I have done, 3, 4, 6 (every room in the house) 8 (does a shower count?) 9a (I printed them on the computer is that ok?) and 10 (all the time)

Now like SjP I was confused with the brick...

Keli said...

Why I gotta ask him to sing to me? why can't I serenade him...I mean it is HIS gift, and I have a pretty good see how I someone made his gift about me. But on the cool, I use to ask this dude to sing back to me, and he would look at me and say, "I don't sing".

So are you putting the brick in the tank?

I guess I deal with high maintenance men...this would be ok just because, but for birthdays or holidays...I don't know if this would fly.

Hope you're enjoying your holidays as well.

memphiz said...

There are some good ones on here ... for #9 I dont know if i would be able to hold back laughter.

the brick can also be used to bust those windows out on that negro just incase he act up lmao ... i kidd.

Utterly-Serene said...

Wow, its been a LONG time since I stopped by :)

I've done 4,5,6, and 10 to/for an ungratefull ass knee-grow! Now what?!? LOL!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

holding hands ic classic and the shit

Kitty Cleopatra
i bet u are

all the time sounds like fun

sound more like u dealing w women - lol

listening to too murch of yo folk songs - thats childish....was funny though

a real man would have appreciated such

Meikmeika said...

Thanks for the list...haven't quite been able to do #10 with a straight face...hehe!

rainywalker said...

Your ideas seem more practical Rawg Dawg, perhaps you could add two more and we can get rid of the original 12 days of Christmas.

esin said...

Amina, Angel (8,9a,10,Absolutely;), Meikmeika(neither of us could;),


D-All-Mighty~"but it is a recession and we need to learn to save. Not to mention, every one is gift jones in some form or manner."~outstanding, Jones. w/out objection, I'll be appending this to my sign. (linked back, of course;)

cassie said...

a brick is not necessary, but is the optimal penny-pinching technique. A 20-ounce plastic bottle filled with rocks will suffice. this is just another option if a brick cant be found.

Anonymous said...

` n` pomegrantes and liguor what did i say about the seeds last time he can sleep in my pomegrantes pu-sy and the abc store is not too far from my house lmbao

ChocolateOrchid said...

Great list! I'm still laughin' at the "brick". I get it, I just would be hesitant to give it as a gift (wrapped up and all). It's cool though.

Thanks for sharing!

SjP said...

Oh! I get it now! Off to find myself a brick...

Urban Thought said...

I have to hand this list to a special someone. I don't pay for water but the brick is a great idea.

Aly Cat 121 said...

*chuckle* My Hunny's birthday is Dec 25th - so some "Honey" and Daddy time with a full belly and he's set.

I'll let him know that brotha's were looking out for him tho. LOL

KELSO'S NUTS said...

South America, jones, South America...that's EVERY DAY with reciprocity of course as in d**********g!

Congrats on being #1 LIBERTARIAN on daTROVE. Always the toughest category because it always attracts the great thinkers.

paisley said...

well i will write this down,, and should a man ever find himself in my life come christmas morning,,, we all already know what he is gonna get!!!!!!!

SoulOnIce said...

Great list, my brotha. Great list. Hope you and yours had a great holiday, homie.

msladydeborah said...

I'm going to stop messing around with you on line! For real-(lol!)

Seriously, this is good advice. I would recommend your suggestions with my own twist on certain ones. But I am a November child and we are known to be rather freaky!

But that is a comment for a different time. And definitely a different venue.

Everybody wants to be pampered. I like the idea that you aren't afraid to say so.

But there would need to be some form of chocolate in this mix. That would make it really right!

T.C. said...

i definitely agree that the simple things make for the best gifts...i have done a few of these but the next dude, THE dude will get it all

DrkTearz said...

Good tips! Have done many of them in the past. I especially like the brick one for myself. Happy Holidays!

Jackie E. said...

love the list. i'll be sure to make a mental note of all for future reference. happy holidays!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I will keep this in mind the next time I want to spread some holiday cheer to my man...

...happy belated holidays...

ps Where exactly do you put the brick? I'm trying to think about it, but it's not clear.

NoRegrets said...

Many blessings in the New Year.

If you're so frugal, why you talk so much? Talk isn't cheap! ;-)

RunGirl. said...

Nice list.

Don't have a man to do those things for, but I will keep them in mind.

I beleive 9a is also called a coochie coupon ... lol

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