Monday, December 15, 2008

the season 2 b jolly

I think I knew this for a great part of my life. Just one reason in my fiction is based off of my experiences in the form of things I have seen or was personally involved in that is with the exception of my science fiction. This past Saturday morning I went through an ordeal that was somewhat night marish.

Just imagine you are resting in your own home, in your bed, a sleep. And all of a sudden, you are awakened to someone sucker punching you in your face. The first response is confusion and astonishment. You see your blood spattering everywhere. The reality hits when you hear the voice, one deranged saying the are the giver and taker of life; that the are Pablo Escobar, George Bush, the personification of evil, and worse that this person is one of your best friends for the last 20 plus years. All this happens in 5 seconds, and the battle ensues. You know your children are in the house, you know you opened your doors to this person after a divorce, yet he has taken your kindness for granted. That he has been talking to himself, and screaming out loud outside for no apparent reason – that he disrespected you and is no longer welcome.

Eventually your son is frightened and he grabs a bat. You desire to grab an ax, but don’t want to kill at first, although such is in your heart when protecting ones family. So another bat is grabbed. And the protective phase has transcended reality towards the beat down with bat phase. And the assailant is subdued. Your son calls the police and the kids are held in another room until they arrive. He is arrested and taken to the 13th floor of a hospital where the mentally ill and deranged are contained.

All you can do if you are brave is to move on. But it is difficult when you are both sad and angry and knowing that your children may not feel safe and are afraid in their own house. Even worse, for you know this person is no longer welcome and that you may blow his head off on first foot on your property. Dang – aint that some shit. But it is the season to be jolly, and I am blessed and thankful and will keep the spirit of giving in my heart, even if that means.....


hottnikz said...

Sorry you and your seeds had to go through that. God will bless you though, you helped a friend out when you know he was going through rough times. He probably needed to be 302'ed a long time ago, hence the divorce. Hopefully he is getting the proper treatment. Good thing you didn't kill him though, your kids need you home.

Blog Queen said...

God, what an awful episode to wake up to. Thankful you and your kids are okay. Hope your friend gets the help he needs and you somehow manage to move past the feelings you're probably experiencing about him right now. Peace...

nicki nicki tembo said...

too many thoughts and feelings competing to come out, which is paralyzing. I'm speechless beyond love ya man.

MBR said...

.... still no words.

Knowing I've got my daughters in the house I can honestly have said I'd have crippled the person at least before the police arrived... I'm just encouraged by your stronger will to restrain yourself to only subdue the attacker. I hope to never be tested in the same means.

Peace and Blessings.

Urban Thought said...

I didn't get it when I first read it on Twitter. But now that I'm reading this post... DAMN. Dude came in your house with evil in his heart after you showed him nothing but kindness? Yo, dude is a creep.

I'm glad it wasn't worst than what it was and that you are keeping your spirits up.

Wishing the best for you and your family...

mrs. mary mack said...

Sorry things had to happen like that but thank goodness he attacked you and not one of the kids.

fly tie said...


and it's a beautiful thing to be able to maintain the capacity to be giving and thankful even under such circumstances. though i didn't expect anything less from you.

Wes said...

Glad you and you're fam are both okay.

Dallas Black said...

Gawlee..I was wondering what happened to you mane. You are a bigger man than me because somebody would have lost a pinky toe...

Hopefully you will have a chat with the kids and you can chock this one up to simply experience...

Sista GP said...

Hey cuz, glad yall safe and you are not locked up somewhere. Your kids need you.

Continue to be the kind and generous person you are and you will be rewarded.

As we know, mental illness may not be easy to detect prior to an encounter like this.

Take care

Sheliza said...

Man that is awful and so sorry the kids (especially baby girl) had to go through that. That's a shame things like that happen to decent people. Y'all be safe now...

Keli said...

Sounds like you're friend has fallen over the edge into the deep abyss.

Although he may not be welcome in your might find it in your heart to forgive one day, especially if he was not of sound mind...who knows.


memphizsoul said...

umm yes mos def crazy ... i know you tried to help him out but yes he needed to go ... for you and your fams safety. Don't even let it get you down.

Peace & Blessings

P_LOCA said...

omg....ppl are crazy..even worst now these days.
it's sad that you knew the person for so freaking long and turned around and did you like that-losers.
But I am glad you're ok and it didn't turn out to be worst cause I'm sure it could've gotten worst but pray for their souls (mentally challenged) give thanks that it didn't turned out worst!!

ANGELINA said...

it's a blessing you and your kids are safe. psychosis is no joke. make sure you put some ice on that lip.

uglyblackjohn said...

Last year,I had to put my brother out before I had to take him out.
Sometimes this ish happens when we try to help our own.
(That lip looks like he got a solid pop on you though.)

clnmike said...

Damn dude, I am sorry you had to go through that in front of your kids no less.

Only thing I say is thasnk God it didnt come out worse and in time hopefully you will find forgiveness for the dude.

I think you are familiar with what he is going through.

I dont know if he is going to get help on the 13th floor though that place half asses everything.

Curious said...

I have to wonder if young Batman didn't come to the rescue, how much worse would this have been. Like someone else here said, "madness".

But I have to say in the future you need to be more more aware of your environment. If a man is talking in toungues around your family, your children, then you have to start thinking more about them and less about loyalty to friends, admirable as that is.

I remember something much less dramatic happening in my family when my father called the cops on my godfather when he showed up at the house with his suitcases, talking to himself. They escorted him to the hospital. Back in those days they could do that.

But most of all I hope that your kids are able to get over quickly any trauma or bad memories that will come from this experience. And that you look after yourself so you can look after them.

jon perry | said...

thas not funny or cute dude...i know that feeling...just glad it was a busted lip and and nothing more and your children are well my friend and be careful


RiPPa said...

Damn folk, thats some fucked up shit. What ever happened to loyalty? I guess they were right when they said that pussy will make a nigga brave.

12kyle said...

good to hear that cooler heads prevailed. glad that you didn't get near a gun or the story would have been worse.

keep ya head up, bruh. sometimes we can't help those who don't wanna be helped.

paisley said...

caught bits and pieces on twitter... that is some f*ed up shit right there... so sorry you and your kids had to go thru that,, and glad the popo put him on the ward instead of in jail... little bit harder to get out of the ward.....

the man is obviously insane or tweaked out on something he should not ought to be ingesting......

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Buddy, what can I do to give your kids a lift and a laugh and raise your spirits?

Or help you deal with anything (within the law!)?

Email me.

Anything. Okay?

Shy said...

Sounds like something straight out of a movie! That is crazy, and I'm sorry that happened to you and your family. I wonder what brought him to your house though...with the intentions of hurting you? Clearly, he was not in his right mind. But I know you will move past this and be able to make Christmas fun for your kids. They won't have to worry. Hope your lip is better! Happy Holidays, T!!

CharmingDriver said...

I am so sorry babe, for you and the babies. I hope your friend is getting the help he needs and I hope your pretty lips recover in time to enjoy some time under the mistletoe!

Linda said...

Dang.... ain't that something.. Reading your post alone is giving me nightmares....

want to move in with the Amish with me? ;)

greetings from the netherlands!

Brothers Blog said...

Man I truly couldn't even imagine something like that. You're definitely a brave one and strong individual for getting through it.

And have even more restraint than most would have in that situation some would be looking at some charges.

Hope the rest of you and your fam's holiday season is blessed and that the kids get through this incident.

Lex said...


RealHustla said...

You can keep the spirit of giving in your heart, but next time, just listen to that sense of foreboding that often precludes episodes like this.

I used to want to be a foster parent because I couldn't bear to think of what some kids have to go through. My step mom told me that I had to think that whatever those kids were going through, that I was actually bringing it into my house with the kids and thereby exposing my children to it. This thought was enough to help me decide against fostering.

Use these two thoughts together, and might be able to figure out a new way to help people.

Your lip looks bad. Sending a booboo kiss your way.

BuelahMan said...

Damn, Dawg.

You got built in backup.

And weird assed friends

neshia said...

sorry you and your seeds had to go through that.

neshia said...

sorry you and your seeds had to go through that.

Missy said...

Wow...the only thing in my life that even comes close to that is being wakened by my brother throwing his metal Tonka truck at my head. I swear I saw stars.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

me to and thanks a lot folk

Blog Queen
i will keep the faith

nicki nicki tembo
i know, right?

me either i could not even express what i am really feeeling

Urban Thought
thanks for the well wishes

mrs. mary mack
aint that the truth

fly tie
i appreciate the gratitude

me too thanks babe

Dallas Black
im hopeful with almost zapped my holiday spirit

Sista GP
i will try.

nightmarrish is only way i could describe it

tragic is correct

trying not to hon, i really am

hope it will never happen to anyone ever u know

yes maam

strange huh

god is great and good

yep i was slipping

jon perry |
not funny at all

i know u know how we do home slice - and thanks

thanks man, and for the call of support. good look

thanks babe and he is. was re-arrested at mental hospital i have been told

thanks folk

true no mind even and thanks for the well wishes

pretty lips lol. thanks hon

yea babe - im good right here

Brothers Blog
im hoping they do and thanks for the support folk

could not have said it better

thanks babe but whats a boo boo kiss?

who u telling no longer in the friend category sickness or not

me too

dang sorry to hear that

Anonymous said...

Oh my.... I am stunned, I had to read this a few times to truly grasp what you were saying.

I am glad you and the kids are ok. Hold your babies tight.

rainywalker said...

Sounds like some kind of metal lapse. You are fortunate that your family is safe and your lip will heal. Watch your back my friend they will let him out one day. I have children that are older, but if you mess with them all bets are off.

msladydeborah said...


Now I know what your rant on twitter was about.

Thank God you and your folks were seriously injured.

I have been through a divorce. It was not an easy life experience. My ex-had a nervous breakdown behind it. And he was so scary during that time.

The human mind is far more fragile than we often realize. Especially when a marriage is ending. It is difficult not to want to reach out and help people we consider to be friends.

Sometimes the experience is good and sometimes it is not.

I will be praying for his healing. He is going to be on one helluva journey from out of the wilderness back to his life.

I am going to keep you in prayer because I do not want to have to blog about freeing your black ass from jail. :-)

But if a brother comes back-you know how I feel about slinging!

Ma'at said...

Damn it, that is some insane shit. I think you're the one person I know that needs a book more than I do. I'm just truly happy that you and the kids are okay. I hope they keep his ass where he belongs for his sake, and so that I don't have to hear about you blowing a mofo away.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Man...I am just glad that you and your family are ok. I hope dude gets help because I don't want you putting one in his dome.

Ensayn1 said...

Brotha, Sorry to hear this happened to you. I know it was made worse cuz u had to think about your seeds. And still just as bad this was someone you trusted enough to let in your house with them. I am sure he must have suffered a mental break down, I cannot believe you would have endangered the fam if this was not someone you trusted in the first place.

Peace and Guidance. Let the healing begin T.

B said...

Thank God the children are okay! My goodness....I just--I have no words. I'm just glad you're okay.

LB said...

I hope that the worst has passed. Sorry to read that that happened. Proud of your restraint.

Kitty Cleopatra said...

That was insane! But the fact that you and your children are unharmed(for the most part)and safe is a blessing. More book material for have so many stories to tell.

Mimi said...

WTH?! That's crazy!

Man, you can't help ANYBODY out these days...SMDH

THE 78' MS. J said...

That is a shame sorry that happened to you but, glad you and your children are alright. It's the mark of the times and it's sad that you have to hold folks at arms length. Everyone can't and shouldn't be allowed into your home or around your children friends are no. Sometimes polite smiles hide malicious intentions and even illness. Hell pedophiles look like everyday people just ask Robert Kelly!

RunningMom said...

OMG! What is really going on.

I'm glad you and the kids are ok. Really. That's fucked up.

I'd be changing the locks just because.

Jackie E. said...

That is such a crazy story!! So sorry to hear that you went through something so awful! I had a bad experience with a couple good friends recently myself. I'm not sure if a physical attack is worse than an emotional one...hmmm! Anyway, hopefully you'll be able to move past this and that your children will be able to feel safe in their home once again. Blessings and peace.

laughing808 said...

I am so sorry to hear that your kids had to be witness something like this. I pray that GOD provides you and your kids with the strength and courage to move past this incident.

Aunt Jackie said...


He flipped the f*ck out with the kids in the house.

Well good thing you didn't kill him because that would have been even more traumatic.

I have only seen my mother have one physical altercation and it was enough to let me know that she should not be f*cked with.

Oddly enough these experiences can bring a family closer, family saftey is something that has been preached since day one in my family.

Old boy is giving the town a bad name!

Tafari said...

Wow, fucking wow! Happy to see that there was not major harm done. Good thing no one pulled a piece out!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm sorry. (hugs)

~a said...

So sorry this happened to you, but glad you and your children are well...

The Bear Maiden said...

Wow, Torrance. I'm so sorry this happened to you in your home.

Forgiveness is an interesting thing... and I'm no Christian and am all about "eye for an eye"... But in this case your friend is CLEARLY suffering from psychosis, probably schizophrenia which would explain his divorce, him shouting outloud, and what he was saying as he attacked you. My uncle's son is schizophrenic. It's an awful disease. Destroys lives. And in this case you can't really say "but it doesn't excuse certain behaviour" cuz these people really can't be controlled, except for with heavy duty meds that they don't often take.

But brother, you truly need to recognize the signs of severe mental illness, and know that no matter how much you love and care for someone, if they are suffering like that, it's beyond you to help them or house them. You need to leave them to the professionals.

As a parent, I would say it's probably best to be open with your kids, PLEASE talk to them about it, reassure them that this was out of the ordinary, WHY your (ex-)freind went off, and assure them that precautions will be taken.

And you... take time to heal, to grieve. Just cuz you're a man doesn't mean you have to be brave all the time.

Bless you, brother, and your family. Your son in particular. That's a brave, brave boy and you should be proud as hell.

Regina said...

No real words here...
Thank God your family is pushing through this ordeal, also glad you didn't kill that fool ... murder isn't worth it.
My mom was attacked in her home last year by the older sister of a foster child she was housing, yep I almost caught a case...
events like this do taint the feeling of safety in your own home.

Pajnstl said...

the best thing to come out of this is the kids werent harmed and you didny go to jail on a murder charge.

hope your lip doesnt take TOO long to go down.

Traycee said...

Oh Torrance...Im glad that you & your Son are Okay...

Hope you feel better soon


[Emeritus] said...

wow, im sorry all that happened. hope that lip gets better.

Mahoganydymond said...

wow I see now why you were upset. I hate that happened and I will pray that you and your children will held from this.

watchoutmomshome said...

You could file this one under 'no good deed goes unpunished', but that's too cynical. You modeled kind behavior for your kids, and they will have to interpret that along with the knowledge that someone took advantage (mentally ill or not)of your kindness. So sorry.

Veronica Wright said...


Sorry you had to go through that!!!

How did he get up in there!!?!?!

Exquisitely Black said...

It is difficult when you try to help someone and it ends up this way, I hope in the end it does not change your heart. It was in the right place. I'm thankful that you and your family are safe though. Glad your son had the right idea with the bat, you taught him well.

sorry been away, busy and heading to the motherland soon.

Randal Graves said...

Holy shit. Glad to hear you all are still among the living!

RealHustla said...

Boo Boo Kiss:

This is baby talk for let me kiss what hurts. You know, like when the baby comes to you to show you that she just hurt herself. You kiss it to make it alllll better, don't you?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yep me glad thay safe too

but i wanted to kill him and at same time didnt want to

i feel seriously injured - i cant eat

my experiences is why i write - folks would never belive them

Glen Antoine Palmer
thanks folk
ok thanks for the love

thanks. glad u proud cause i aint

Kitty Cleopatra
thanks babe and u do know me

yea folk forgive me

THE 78' MS. J s
thanks babe

we good and thanks he taking a loss or i am if i see him on my property again

Jackie E.
thanks hon, and the prayers are accepted. i hope they will move on too.

thanks for the prayers

Aunt Jackie
yea but u know how i felt bout folk. thanks hon

yea folk, my gat was in car and rest in closet - no time

thanks babe

me too happy nappy holidays and when u stopping by my shop

The Bear Maiden
thanks hon, i have forgiven but my anger still exist. and yes my son is the truth...all men desire their number one son to ride along side in battle

im gone be safe if i have to fight to the death

me too thanks folk

thanks baby

yea me too, ill hit u up when i can talk

thanks hon

i am not a mean man kindness is all i know but i will cut someones throat with the quickness when my kids involved.

Veronica Wright
was staying w me for last year after his divorce

Exquisitely Black
yea folk so true - b safe - where u heading and 4 how long?

Randal Graves
yea folk - im still angry cant sleep i have regressed when i want to be a better man

so u would do that for me? i mean u wanna kiss my lip and make it better?

SoulOnIce said...

I hate to hear this for you, my brother. Hopefully, the holidays will be much more promising for you and yours.

nikki said...

daaaaayum! sounds like your visitor definitely has some mental issues. glad u aiight, though.

CreoleInDC said...

DA HELL? I was just kidding when I asked who popped you in your mouth. Sheesh!

Truly sorry you guys had to go through this but I'm glad to know your brand of you is still intact!


Soulstress said...

Sorry this happened...glad u & ur fam are ok.

Anonymous said...

damn, what kind of a wake-up call is that?!

Thank God he didn't get to either of your kids first. Hopefully, they'll be able to feel safe again in their own home before too long.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

So what was said house guest mad about? Overcooked food? Pet allergies? Off their meds? You didn't say.

Well, at least they didn't have a gun or knife.

Ms. Shai said...

Woooo, mental illness. Ima have my work cut out for me.

Exquisitely Black said...

Sierra Leone definite, hopefully Dakar and Accra. Know you spent some time there, ever hit these spots?

LovexHate said...

Ouch. Hope you and your fam are feeling better.

Satori said...

T! you know i am ride or die.. I got you on this.. chat me! :)

Mizrepresent said...

Glad that you and the babies are okay. Sorry to hear about this incident, really. Hope he gets the help he needs.

T. Michelle Theus said...

Damn, Torrance. So sorry to hear about this man. It's awful. I hate that he attacked you in your sleep but I thank God that his first thought wasn't to attack the babies because I'm sure he would be dead and you would be in jail. *hugs*
I hope your friend gets the help he needs.

AJ said...

Sorry to hear you went thru this. Glad everyone is safe. Severe mental illness is no joke and hopefully he can get the help he needs.


NoRegrets said...

That is one fat lip. Man, that is nuts. Hope everyone is doing better.

Red Snapper said...


You wanna smoke a bowl with me???


Anonymiss said...

Hey Torrance,
I'm sorry to read that this happened to you. Especially in front of your kids.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh, man! I'm sorry to hear that you and your kids had to go through that. But I am glad that you all are okay and nobody was killed. You all are definitely in my prayers!

L said...


im sorry this happened but am glad you are still "here" and with your children.

peace, love & blessings to you and your fam.

Anonymous said...

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