Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thought Amnesty (12.7.08)

Thought Amnesty:

Was thinking about my favorite TV shows of the 70s? I know many yawl weren’t born. No particular order with the exception of #1. So here goes.

1] Monday Night Football – what can I say I am a child of Monday night football, loved that theme and saw the first game.

2] MASH - greatest satirical writing ever I think.

3] James at 16 – That was a cool azz show. Albeit set in Boston.

4] The odd Couple – another great song and really had the feel of the original movie

5] Dark Shadows – only soap opera I ever liked and it was about a vampire. Even though it started in 19966, it was on until 1971.

6] Kolchak Night Stalker – one scary dude but it was raw dawg monster fiction on the TV screen.

7] Paper Chase - about these cats in law school - very well written.

8] Kung Fu - what more can I say grasshopper.

9] Julia – Just like Dark Shadows, it started in 1968 but continued to 1971

10] The Mod Squad - they was just some cool kats

What says you. Good day


brran1 said...

What's good with all the Thought Amnesty Jones?

But to answer your question, I have a few TV shows I can always watch:

Extreme Engineering/Build It Bigger: Show on The Discovery Channel detailing the construction and/or design phase of a project such as the Burj Dubai or Boston's Big Dig.

Cash Cab
It Takes A Thief
Family Guy
Good Times

I know what you bout to say though folk. I'm going back to studying now.

memphiz said...

back in day i use to love

Threes Company
Brady Bunch
Sanford and Son
The Cosby Show

Anonymous said...

I loved all of those shows, except James at 16...I don't remember that one. My grandmother had me hooked on Dark Shadows.

I don't watch much TV now, but I will watch MASH, Kung Fu and The Odd Couple when I can catch them.

I love Monday Night Football...I remember when the hosts were Don Meredith and Howard Cosell. Damn I just made myself look old as hell! ;-)

Kellybelle said...

"Here's Lucy" with Lucille Ball. We had one of those TV/Hi-Fi joints and we were watching "Here's Lucy" when the tube blew. I cried because I thought the show went off the air. We got a colored TV the next week and I've never been the same.

And, um, "Carter Country".

LB said...

I liked to watch Kung Fu with my dad. But as I recall, it came on after Soul Train and my dad had to catch that asian woman dancing first.

I used to like:

I Love Lucy
Good Times
Andy Griffith (for the theme song alone)

thegirlacrosstheway said...

I was born in the late 70s but I've seen most of the shows replayed on TVLand or some other channel and my favorites are:

Are you being served? - My first look at comedy in the UK.

Night Gallery - Still love to watch on the Sci Fi channel

WKRP in Cincinnati - used to work with a guy who looked like Johnny Fever.

Barnaby Jones - was my grandmother's favorite. Used to watch every Sunday night...but how the hell did Barnaby's old a$$ never get shot when the gunman was always standing right in front of him???

Curious said...

I won't list my favorite shows beacuse I'll forget some of them today and the list will change tomorrow and both of those lists will be different from the one last month. But I will take the time to disagree with you about the Odd Couple.

How could you possibly say the film had the same feeling as the TV show? The movie had 2 grown ass men with grown ass differences forced together through unfortunate circumstances. The TV show had 2 men living together and dependent on each other for what seemed to be a hell of a long time and for no real apparent reason. I'm not saying it was a gay show, it was the 70's and I loved it during reruns in the 80's, but there were undertones in the TV show that didn't exist in the movie. And for me that made the movie much more better.

Dallas Black said...

I like MASH too! I was the only one in my team who liked it. I would steal away to watch it sometimes. I was born in 78 so I cant attest to the others.

rainywalker said...

Back then I watched television. I liked Mash the Paper Chase and Barnabus Collins [Vampire] on Dark Shadows.

Anonymous said...


Lovebabz said...

Loved TV...still do!

Late 70's into the early 80's

Carol Burnett
Bob Newhart Show
Mary Tyler Moore
The Galloping Gourmet
Mod Squad
The Avengers...Emma Peel was HOT!
Dinah Shore
Mike Douglas
Flip Wilson
Sanford & Son
The Jeffersons

Oh I could go on and on...LOL!

The Addams Family
Hill Street Blues
St. Elsewhere

Miriam said...

Oh Yeah! Kung Fu with David Carradine! missed that one.

Kofi said...

Those shows were a bit before my time but I do remember checking out a few of them on TVLand/Nick at Nite some years ago.

80s comedies were generally my fare, or PBS/public access... HBO Originals are also high-quality.

Linda said...

Like you said.... no-one around here was born in the 70's.. we're both 80's kids! ;)

And eventhough we don't have a television, one show we DO love to watch is 'everybody hates chris' ..

Don't you just love that FOR ONCE the father of the house isn't depictured as a complete lunatic who is incapable of doing anything? The last time we saw that kind of 'real dad on tv' was in the Cosby Show..

greetings from the netherlands!

Villager said...

LB - I wonder where that Asian chick from Soul Train is now?

RawDawg - From your list ... I enjoyed Kung Fu (wish that it was showing in syndication now). Julia may have been a little before my TV watching time, although I do remember Corey. What was the name of his neighbor (the little white boy with first and middle name?)

I work from home so I have some ol' school shows that I enjoy having in the background, including Magnum PI and Matlock.

I was surprised recently to learn that ER is going off the air after 15 years. That is a looong time for a television series. I enjoyed it back in the day...

peace, Villager

Villager said...

Hippie Chick - James At 16 was cool. I enjoyed that one as well back in the day...

peace, Villager

enigma4ever said...

wow...such a great list....and so many good ones from MOD Squad to MASH...and yeah, nothing was the same after Monday Night Football leaving...shows to add...The Simpsons....SNL....have had more impact than I think many can admit....from the dusty childhood memories...
Laugh In....the Smothers Brothers....Ed Sullivan....Mannix.....Waltons...Wild West....From Later...Magnum PI.....Sting Ray ....John this point if HOUSE left the scene I would be devastated....but not much else on that is "riveting" at this point....I end up watching too much basketball and football and cooking shows.....
( Iron Chef and Anthony Bourdain.....)

( BTW I too loved Dark Shadows....very very cool show...)

( TV does effect us...I can remember being was Valentines Day...snowing...and we got our first color TV....and the first show I ever saw in color was Sesame street....I never forgot that...)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

it takes a thief was classic

i loved that song from 3 company and Mr. Roper lol

Dark shawdows and MNF - a woman of my dreams

I loved they way Lucy would open - or was it Lucille Ball show

Im with u on andy Griffin Theme

thegirlacrosstheway said...

I like Barneby Jones and that show too

it was funny to me especially when they had poker nights

Dallas Black
MASH shows great taste to me jomes

Folkd slept on paper Chase - CBS was tight then

never heard of that one, what year?

great list Carrol B and Flip were some of my all time favs tooo


was some wholesome TV back then

so im dating myself - lol

so i know u still rock the sould train line lol

think it only came on for 2 yrs at most

I like Mannix too

Clay Lowe said...

the mod squad were definitely some cool cats. i used to love mission impossible too.

T.C. said...

I do actually remember MASH and watched that along with Threes Company, Sandford and Sun, the Jeffersons and all that good jazz...

here is the deal...i need some insight from the elder, check on my blog...peace

Anonymous said...

man... yall need to stop arguing on the radio show and let everyone get their piece off... geez lol

-the donalg

msladydeborah said...

1. All In The Family


3. Monday Night Football

4. Carol Burnett Show

5. Tony Orlando and Dawn

6. Hee Haw-Yes I am going there. I watched every Saturday evening.

7. Room 222

8. The Wide World of Sports

9. The F.B.I.

10. Baretta

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: What price did you take with Pacquaiao?

70's SHOWS

1) Monday Night Football
2) The Odd Couple
3) The Rockford Files
4) Mash
5) Fernwood/America-2-Night
6) Mannix
7) All In The Family
8) Room 222
9) The Mod Squad
10)Flip Wilson Show

That Lawyer Dude said...

I guess I am good with most of your list. I'd add All in the Family; Mary Tyler Moore; and of course Bob Newhart; which took sublime and made it hysterical. One of my Favs that failed to make your list was Chico and the Man. Freddie Prinze Sr. was a masterful comedian who died way too soon.

SNL of course and Letterman (Before he toned down for 11pm slot)And how can I forget my cops and Detectives Kojack (ck out the pilot aka The Marcus Nelson Murders based on a true story), McMillen & Wife, Columbo, McCloud and of course Barretta.

Finally Happy Days (before it "jumped the shark") and The LOVE Boat. Wow was that a walk down memory lane.

Angel said...

I wasn’t born you were right, but like thegirlcrosstheway I have seen reruns of some of these shows at one time or another.
Hope you are having a good day..

Tammy said...

I love the Odd Couple!!
I'm still loving the Cosby show, but my all time favorite is I Love Lucy!

toni said...

I'm old enough to remember the night that Night Stalker premiered! I was scared to death, but my mother loved it and we had to watch!

Ensayn1 said...

LOL I was in Boston last Tuesday and I thought about the show James At 16...I forgotten about the show until I hit BeanTown. That was a cool show.

Ensayn1 said...

Didn't Denzell Washington play on St. Elsewhere?

impulsive2diva said...

Mannix, I Spy, Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Green Hornet, The Fugitive, White Shadow, Room 222, All In the Family, Golden Girls and yes, The Mod Squad-Linc, Julie, and Pete wore some funky clothes. I can't forget Streets of San Francisco.

ViolentLove said...

Dag, i cant keep up with ya on here. You a steady poster, for sure.

So imma few posts behind and all, however, these shows now... haha

That Night Stalker ish scared me when i was real little, The idea for that show was before its time for real.

Anonymous said...

"What's good with all the Thought Amnesty Jones?"

Its the only thing No slapps doesn't comment on. LOL

Anonymous said...

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